Friday, November 24, 2017

I'm Thankful For Today and Every day of My Life

Life is not always as perfect as we wish for, but we can make our life meaningful and worthwhile every day no matter what circumstances we have. As we give thanks in general and to honor Thanksgiving Day, I made my own list. 

-I am thankful for my family, I don't have the perfect one but I still have the sense of belongingness when things get tough. 

-I am thankful for my kids, two different personalities, traits, and attitudes. I know the stage of being a teenager is tough and when your kids stepped out of the house, the struggle of peer pressure they need to face...all part of life.

-I am thankful for the relationship I have right now, less disagreement, less disappointment and spending each day easy. 

-I am thankful for friends who I can turn to and willing to share a hand, laughter, and tears. Life wouldn't be complete without friends in your life. People can come and go, friends will stick with you as a magnet.

-I am thankful for opportunities that come along the way. It helped and continuously help me to strive and learn more. It opens a door for me to share my own experiences in life and for that, I am being rewarded at the same time.

-I am thankful for wonderful, outpouring blessings I got this year, things I did not expect came in different forms and different degrees of happiness. Things that made life a little exciting and easy.

-I am thankful for each morning, I get to witness the sun peeking out everytime it rises each morning and capturing the majestic nature's wonder.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the #sunrise #timelapses I made. <3


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