Thursday, October 26, 2017

Safeguard your Car with Malayan's Automaster

It's never too late to safeguard your possession especially your car, think of it.

Mode of transportation is the vital source of our everyday life, although here in the Philippines the major problem we are facing when it comes to transportation is the traffic congestion in the Metro. Laws are being implemented to secure and manage a smooth flow of traffic. Amidst, the problem in traffic, safety of our vehicle is being compromised as well. The rampant cases of automobile thefts; alongside the weather conditions which lead to natural disasters and calamities. Make us think that today, right now is the best day to secure car insurance and car insurance policy.

I would definitely consider in getting one since we may never know how and when our necessity can be safe and secured. Malayan Automaster covers all the worries I have in mind, all the benefits I look for, for my car to be insured. I am just amazed how one company can cover all the worries of a new car owner like me.

Planning for a short trip or even a week long vacation this coming holiday season, do not forget to list down your necessities and things to do before hitting the road. Do not overpack, bring some prepared meals especially when you are travelling with kids, keep your general accident contact number ready in case needed for back-up, and enjoy the journey of travelling.

Want to know how extensive and full the coverage of Automaster? Take a look at what I have found out. Protection from own damage or automobile loss; Acts of God protection such as typhoon, flood, hurricane, an earthquake; riots, strikes, and civil commotion; third-party liability; and also; to the least that I never knew that is can be covered too, accessories protection and repairs from accredited shops.

Payments are made easy and secure through credit card and debit card payment, this makes me even more happy to know, this will saves me time to go to the bank or any accredited payment hubs. I can pay online! #InsuretobeSure

To know more about Malayan's Automaster, check out their social media and be informed with updates, on Facebook, and on Instagram

Enjoy a worry-free travel with the family this coming holiday season.

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