Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Choosing Photography Prints for your Home or Office

Once you have chosen your furniture sets, picked your wall color/s and the walls are painted, it's time to begin decorating your bare walls with eye-catching photography prints for the home or office.

The first thing to think about when decorating your walls is the space you are looking to fill. For example, an office space would have a very different feel to that of your lounge. In your lounge it’s likely you would want it to feel more personal, relaxed and homely; whereas an office space is likely to be more clean, inspirational and motivational.

Today, there are a lot of things that can be added to your wall space such as; vinyl stickers, murals, and wall hangings. The beauty of such accessories can be used in any way to produce a unique design. Modern wall graphics can also change the look of a room easily, however, they are more likely and often used in office spaces than in homes.

Aside from these mentioned decorative arts, photo prints can also be used as wall decor and are a popular choice as they are affordable in price and they stand the test of time. Good quality photo prints that are sealed and secured in a frame look good on your wall for longer as they are more protected from everyday life and general wear and tear. Unlike wallpapers and stickers which can spoil the wall paint or begin to un-peel, photo prints can be easily replaced as your taste changes. Sunrise landscape photography, attractive urban scenes or rustic back road photography can add a certain uniqueness to the walls of your home or office space.

How to choose which prints to use in your home or office?

Your personal taste.
What do you usually like about photos? Do you like cityscapes? How about urban scenes? Perhaps landscapes or sunsets get the most of your attention. Whatever it is, your personal taste will dictate it. After all, the photos will speak for themselves. The kind of photos you display on your walls defines your interest and personality.

The photos don't need to be extravagant.
Even the simplest photos can be appreciated. You don't need to look for photo prints which are so extravagant in colors. The simplest shots can already convey a lot of messages once perfectly captured.

Choose inspiring photos.
Photos can become valuable once they're able to inspire people. Choose photo prints that are like this. Choose photos which have the ability to motivate anyone who comes across the wall of your office or home and looks at your wall displays.

Colour and size are very important.

Obviously, if you’ve got a big bare wall, you can go for larger photo prints or a set of patterned photo prints. On the other hand, if you only have a small wall to decorate, you can maximize its space by only using one to two photo prints. In terms of color, choose a photo with colors that are different from your wall color. This is to ensure that your photos and the wall will complement each other and not fight for the attention or limelight.

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