Saturday, October 7, 2017

A remembrance candle at your wedding - a heartfelt tribute

Weddings are truly one of life's moments' events where two people dedicate the rest of their lives to each other. So it's no surprise that most couples go all out on making it a truly momentous occasion. So a great deal of effort and money is spent selecting the perfect venue and how it is decorated as well as the million other details from dresses to flowers to photographers and transport.

As important as all of these things are, by far the most crucial factor in making a wedding day special is the presence of friends and loved ones to share it with.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes not possible for a loved one to be present on a special day either due to simply being physically unable to attend or as a result of sadly no longer being with us. In such cases, it is a nice touch to include something with which to remember loved ones who are not able to be with you on your special day.

A flickering flame of remembrance
One fitting way to do this is to include a personalised remembrance candle either as part of the ceremony or at the reception venue or at both. The idea behind such absence candles is to use them to commemorate those who could not be present. However, there is an also another reason and it's that having a lit candle provides a feeling of closeness and presence through the movement of a flickering flame. Quite simply they are beautiful poignant ways to provide a sense of connection.

If you are interested in incorporating an absence or remembrance candle into your special day you will find a number of beautiful designs at from which to choose. If you would something completely bespoke like a particular verse add to your candle or to include a photo then please feel free to get in touch via email by using the contact us form on the website

Something to check:
Although churches commonly light candles as part of religious ceremonies it is usually not an issue to have a lit remembrances candle as part of the ceremony. Reception venues, on the other hand, are more likely to have a no naked flame policy so please ensure you make the event organisers aware of your requirements for the need of a lit absence candle. Most venues will accommodate you albeit some may request that the lit candle is housed in a glass container.

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