Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rechoo Synthetic Wigs Available Online

The search for quality, reasonable, unlimited colors and designs for pieces of hair extensions and wigs are everywhere online. 
I have posted a few online stores and services that cater to the needs of hair accessories and it never ends! One store that looks promising to me by looking at their website is Rechoo synthetic wigs. Based on the first impression by looking at it they offer lots of colors and lengths which I liked. I spent more time browsing on each of their catalogs and still, the varieties and choices are so many! This is how a store should be, more option to choose depending on the client's need.

From the synthetic lace front wigs section, they offer quite a number of hairstyles and colors to choose from. Bob, gray, pink, ombre, African, blonde, black, purple, blue, red. 

Wavy synthetic wigs section options are curly, wavy, yaki, straight, short and long.
Clip-in hair extensions and Advice and How to's section can be found too.

One very interesting blog article that answers my curiosity on how to curl synthetic lace front wigs that they posted. My notion about wigs before was it cannot be curled or straighten using a hair iron because it might damage the strands due to excessive heat. 

Here is what I read about it. 
There are ways to maintain the versatile look of your synthetic wigs by using the perfect and designed tool for it. 


  1. Manikin head (or your head)
  2. Synthetic lace front wig
  3. Rollers or Foam wraps
  4. Clips or clamps
  5. Large bowls or bathroom sink
  6. Pins or rubber bands
  7. Boiling water
  8. Big combs and brushes
  9. Flexi Rods
  10. Towels

  • Wear the wig on your head or the manikin head.
  • Separate the hairs with a brush from the end to the top.
  • Then you section off the hair in rollers or foam wraps.
  • Next, pull two or three of the rolled hair, brush and wrapped around a Flexi rod from end to top.
  • Do this to every rolled hair, twist and lock the Flexi rods.
  • Boil water afterward and wait till it's boiled. 
  • Pour into a large bowl or bathroom tub and throw the wig into it.
  • Leave in for about 20 minutes. 
  • Afterward, bring out and mop off the water with a towel, or dry on the manikin for natural air drying. 
Take note of these important tips though.
If you want firm curls, allow the hair to get dry before you comb it.
If you want loose curls, use your finger to separate the hair while it's still warm.
Always try this out with an old wig first.
Other heating tools include heat rollers, flax iron, curling iron or even a steam setter. For the best results though, I'll advise hot water and the Flexi iron.

Although it looks so many steps to follow and tools needed, using these tools can make your synthetic wig last longer and look great to wear.

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