Thursday, August 24, 2017

Provide a Safe and Hazard-Free Environment with Soft Surfaces!

Safety whether from offices, buildings and schools are the primary rules to consider. One way to protect a safety walkway going in and out of the rooms is safe flooring. 

Just recently, one of the students here in school where I work missed a step going down the stairs that caused him to bumped his head in the beam before landing the floor. He suffered small contusion with a swollen bumped at the back of his head. We rushed him to the nearest hospital and when he was conscious enough to relay to us on what happened he told us that his shoes slipped and missed a step. We also watched the closed-circuit tv to get a detailed scenario. After a series of examination and laboratories all went negative to any major medical problems, thankfully! 

Accident-related due to facilities is the number one concern of the many. From installing accident hazard signages and repetitive dissemination information the proper installation of materials is the most important of it all.

Here are some School Specific Hazards to watch for:
  • Electrical wirings
  • Air conditioning units and ducts
  • Chemical accidents in laboratories
  • Fire
  • Stairs
  • Worn out materials for facilities and classrooms

There are a lot of materials in the market that can be used for flooring, but consulting a professional and qualified team who knows what and the right materials to use should be considered. Always check for no-grip, no-slip, and the durability to last long and prevent time from wearing.

As I looked further for products and materials online I saw this MUGA cheap sports surfacing materials that would be perfect for the repair of the sports covered area. 
I am surprised that there are a lot of types when it comes to surface area for installation depending on what type of facility. How versatile materials that are used depending on the weather conditions. You can also customize colors accordingly. 
I will refer this to the facility and safety officer of the school for further consideration. 

All Purpose Outdoor MUGA Court Surfacing


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