Monday, July 10, 2017

Lookna - Level up your marketing game today

Search engine advertising is said to be the number one marketing trend this year and marketing experts agree that this trend will continue beyond 2017.
In fact, Google - the number one search engine- has continuously improved their platform to accommodate search engine advertisers. Notice how search queries result in providing business entities on the top of Google’s pages? Yes, marketing businesses and brands are taking a giant step forward by using search engine platforms to target local markets.
However, there are cons to search engine marketing and especially Google paid ads and the number one downside to paid advertising is the risk of click fraud. This happens when an advertiser is charged per click-through although algorithms are in place to combat this if you want peace of mind you could look around for some sort of AdWords management service to help protect your investment.
Click fraud is when a business competitor creates a team designated to click on the competition’s link without the intention of taking action once taken on their website. The idea is to deplete the competition’s advertising budget and ultimately, to lessen the chances of reaching a wider audience base.
Other fraudulent activities include the advertisement of non-verified businesses that scam or rip-off unsuspecting customers. An example of how such scams happen is when a phishing website poses as an online shop and capture sensitive information entered by the client. Credit card details, social security number, and other such information are used in illegal and unauthorized activities and this is more commonly known as identity theft.
So how do you avoid getting scammed?
Whether you are an advertiser or a search engine user, it is important to find a hyperlocal search engine that is reliable, secure and legit.
One of these is

Lookna’s platform is created with the best interest of both advertiser and searcher in mind.
For advertisers, Lookna’s security features are seamless. All data entered in upon sign up are encrypted and stored in a database inaccessible to third-party partners. Moreover, the system boasts of fair ads distribution because it doesn’t charge its advertisers per click through. In fact, Lookna is offering its advertising services for free in the meantime and when it’s time to charge fees, subscribers will be informed ahead of time to provide them the option to continue with their subscription or to cease. Once fees are finalized, Lookna assures subscribers/advertisers that the package plans are affordable and are at a fixed monthly price. Again, Lookna will never charge its advertisers per click through to avoid click fraud.
For searchers, Lookna devised a verification method that all signups must complete to get listed on the website. This process ensures that all businesses and service providers advertised on the website are indeed legit. If a searcher is looking for a party planner through Lookna, rest assured that all party planner businesses that will come up on the page are real people providing party planning services and not just some scammer looking for someone to victimize.
Lookna’s system is a win-win for both searcher and advertiser and we’re happy to see small-scale businesses getting a fair chance at gaining online visibility for a minimal to zero cost.

If you are a startup or a small scale business looking for an option to level up your marketing game this year, Lookna is the best option for you. The hyperlocal search engine tool is available in 200 countries worldwide and is looking forward to becoming available all over the globe in the coming months.

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