Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Shop at GoodsPH?

Do you consider yourself a smart shopper or a compulsive shopper? 
When I was younger I consider going to the mall to window shop as my "fun time", I love browsing through sections of every store inside the mall. I can stay there for hours and check on items that fancy my want. And, then I ended by with bags of bags of items that I later realized some weren't that useful. That is the compulsive side of me which I outgrew. Now, that I am a mother and value money I make it a point that every shopping trip would be as worthwhile and useful. 

Then, the age of online shopping is crawling its way to every person who can access the web- which the majority of the people are into. 

Online shopping in the Philippines is making its way to every household in the community. I for one became an online shopping customer for years now, and I have tried several trusted online shops. There is one site I bumped into lately and looks like a good candidate that I can include on my list. 

I am into baking lately and cupcake making is what I find so easy to do, I mastering my signature recipe and what a way to present my made cupcakes is to place it on a cupcake stand. And this one looks very nice 

I also need some disposable piping bags, icing decorating tip for cupcakes and some extra decorating tools and this offer looks good for what I need. 

Getting items online will save me time going to the physical stores. 
GoodsPh offers limited but very useful items to anyone who's in need of certain products. They offer products for health, home, women's, men's, kids and even consumer electronic needs- all from well know brands local and international. 

GoodsPh also has a refer-a-friend & earn program which you can enjoy by inviting your friends and earn points. I will be doing this and share this with my friends who love online shopping. They offer cash on delivery or COD when paying. A many to mention the mode of transaction for payment which is also a plus to customers.
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As a first time customer, I can use my FREE P250 worth shopping voucher with this first purchase which I am very excited about.
To all Metro Manila customers, you are lucky because you can order your items with no minimum purchase + free shipping!

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So why shop at GoodsPh? 
Goods PH saves you time and money in just a few clicks.

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