Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Berry

Hi, guys! How is your week going? I hope the start of the week came just right as what you expected. 
So, today I am posting this unbiased and none professional review of this lip color from a friend who gave me last night. All my thoughts on this product are based on my first-hand impression this morning. 
But first, kindly excuse my so puffy eye...it looks ridiculous in the photos. 

I have been hearing and reading a lot about this brand of lip color Colourpop all over social media. And, yeah this Mama was curious so that's why when I got one last night, 'was excited and happy! Simple things a woman can be excited and happy at the same time is by having new makeup or a lipstick.

After I put on my eye and cheek makeup time to apply the lip color.
From the box itself with the simple text of the brand Colourpop to the silver embossed words of "ultra matte lip" in capital letters, white box with red-pink color on both ends. One end has a sticker label identifying the shade color and "made with 💟 in the USA" on the other end.

What's inside is the lip color tube, with a silver-twistable cap with tip applicator in the end. the body of the tube is transparent where you can visibly see the color and basically can figure out first-hand on what to expect. The content inside looks creamy and glide the applicator tip several times just to lessen the cream that was on the tip before applying. It has a very minimal scent to nothing upon smelling it.
I used up the cream that was on the top since it was so pigmented when applied. It really has a creamy base and it took only seconds to define that ultra matte description o the brand.
It was a bit too dark for a day/office wear so I needed to lessen the color by dabbing a tissue over my lips. It has a drying effect on my lips and upon watching Youtube videos they suggested to moisturize your lips first just to prevent this drying effect. And, especially this is an ultra-matte in the finish it was expected but for time user like me, it will come in surprisingly. 

Also, the color in the tube is a little far different from the time I applied it. It was a bit darker when applied. I made a kiss-proof and it left a little color smudge after I had coffee and a muffin for breakfast. I'm going to try not to reapply this for the next 6 hours to check if it will last. 

The color looks great and it defines the lips and will more practice one can perfect applying the color. I prefer this wearing this color in full application for a night out. A little lighter in shade like a pinkish-brown to lighter nude will definitely be a go for day wear.

I'm glad I was able to try this brand and for around Php400 you can get a tube online...make sure you get the original stuff.
How you find my Colourpop photo above? Any suggestions or what to share any experiences using this brand of lip color. Check out the comment section below and I'll be happy to read it. :)

Thanks Ja for the gift! <3 


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