Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Married At First Sight, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Expecting Baby After Miscarriage

baby announcement married at first sight

Their chance at a rainbow baby! “Married At First Sight” couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner is expecting a second time. The news is bittersweet, after the couple suffered a miscarriage back in July, and was devastated by the loss of their baby boy. However, last week, the couple posted an adorable photo on social media, telling fans that they were expecting. Doug and Jamie have always been very public and open to their fans, and this time was no different. The couple explained that even though Jamie is only around ten weeks along, they couldn't wait to share their bittersweet news with their fans.

The post shared some details of the painful loss of their first baby, who they had named Johnathan. They also shared how extremely excited they are to welcome their rainbow baby, and how glad they are that their first baby will always be watching over their second. The photo the couple posted was super cute, with Jamie having a rainbow painted on her tummy, and Doug holding a sign that said “Hand Picked For Earth By My Brother In Heaven”. So sweet! In an ironic twist, Jamie revealed that she found out about her pregnancy on the date that she was originally due to deliver the baby that she lost. We are so excited for Jamie and Doug and will be following Jamie's progress throughout her pregnancy over the next few months.

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