Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Updating the List of My Favorite US TV Series

Thankful that even I have no time to sit on the couch and turn on the television I still have the resources to get my self-updated with the new US tv series online. I am a fan of television series from sci-fi, love story, thriller and crime to my most favorite actress and actors. Today, I am adding a few of my current favorite television series that opened a new season. 

Grey's Anatomy 2016: Season 13 - Full (1/4)
Grey's Anatomy (Season 13 Episode 4)
I wouldn't miss this for the world! 
I have invested a lot on this since day one I've known it. I can truly relate on some of the characters and sometimes wishing and thinking that I can live a life or done living that life before. The suspense and drama, the smile and laughter, the love and breakups were always anticipated every time. 

The Strain 2016: Season 3 - Full (1/10)
The Strain (Season 3 Episode 8)
If you like gory, vampire outbreak and ways to cure and diminish the strain, this one is for you. At first, I was a bit skeptical with the episodes from season one and some in the second season. There were times that episodes can bore you but they keep on making the viewers excited. You can catch-up for the two season passed. 

How to Get Away with Murder  2016: Season 3 - Full (1/15)
How to Get Away with Murder (Season 3 Episode 4)
Crime, murder. passion and loyalty are the keys to this suspense, thriller series. 
I love how intense Annalise Keating in every scene perfectly played by Viola Davis. I like the mystery of the twist and turn and how each character was connected leaving me the question of who and where in every episode. An episode will definitely end with the beginning of the next one making me want to know more. The last episode answered a question who was the other person inside the burning house that was recovered alive.

This Is Us 2016:Season 1 - Full (1/5)
This Is Us (Season 1 Episode 3)
The story of husband and wife who was pregnant with triplets, upon delivery one of the baby died. Two survived Kate and Kevin, while still on the hospital an abandoned baby Randall was in the same hospital leading to adopting the baby. The story is played in the present and flashbacks and how they are living the today as grown-ups. 
I like how light, emotional and very simple the story of each of the characters are. 

Designated Survivor 2016: Season 1 - Full (1/13)
Designated Survivor (Season 1 Episode 4)
Tom Kirkman a lower-level cabinet member the designated survivor who was appointed as the new US President succeeding the terror attack that killed the president and most of the cabinet. The struggle of political acknowledgment from the other politicians making each decision critical. I am liking this series because of the drama and the suspense it unfolds in every episode. I hope they can sustain the story and make the audience wants to see more in the coming episodes.

Bull 2016: Season 1 - Full (1/4) 
Bull (Season 1 Episode 3)
Dr.Jason Bull founder of Trial Analysis Corporation, who specializes in the trial employ psychology, human intuition and high-tech data to understand jurors, lawyers, witnesses, and defendants, and construct effective narratives to help their clients win. I like how they study jurors and winning trial cases of their clients. 

Divorce 2016 : Season 1 - Full (1/10)
Divorce (Season 1 Episode 2)
I love Sarah Jessica Parker who wouldn't? We all hope that Sex in the City never stops airing and we can still get those dreamy, classy, fashionable and love story fever every week. But, when the famous series ended SJP returns with another one. This one tackles a wife-husband relationship, I know that this situation happens in real life. The situation that when you wanted to get out and looking for reasons to justify that want. Eventually turning around and you are caught and served. 
Today, episode two aired and this one is on my schedule. This series was a reason for me making this blog post. Thank you SJP for inspiring me to write this. :)

More of my favorites who are still on season break.

Image result for the walking dead
The Walking Dead

Home Land

Image result for the last ship
The Last Ship

Image result for mistresses

How about you, are you a fan of any television series? Share your thoughts and comments on my list below. :) 

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