Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Shade Comparison

Girls can have enough of lipstick tubes and shades!
We love opening a tube of lipstick from our favorite brands in the market. Weeks ago I was tempted to open not just one tube but two from my make-up stockpile. 
These Maybelline Rebel tubes were from an online prize which I won months ago (find it here)
I won a total of 11 shades in one prize, some shades were sent in double so I decided to give them away to family and friends. And I was left with several more tubes.
Swatched single coat of the two shade
Double shade color

REB04 above and REB09 below.
Maybelline Bouquet REB04 is a little orangey-pink shade, it has a dark-pigmented color, a little striking too. It can be worn at daytime since it can be matched in any daywear outfit.

Maybelline Bouquet REB09 below shade is a little darker than REB04, It is in the shade of red which can be very striking and best worn at night time. I prefer darker shades when going out at night. It gives that warmer and sophisticated look when worn at night. It is so pigmented that the color stays for hours.

I love both of the shades... it's playful and dramatic at the same Between the two, which shade would you prefer? 

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