Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The BIG Move!

For the past several weeks I got busy with planning, preparing and BOXING our things for the BIG move that happened last Saturday. 

We stayed for more than four years from this 2-story apartment to this 2nd-floor bungalow type apartment within the City. We went to the opposite direction from where we used to live. The old place keeps on adding up to issues that I personally can't bear. I felt like the "home" was not a home anymore because it was becoming my stress factor already. 

I planned to stay there for one more year until my daughter finishes grade school, but due to some reasons, I decided for us to move and look for a better and comfortable place to live. 

House hunting was so stressful too. Trying to match our monthly budget to the house and apartments we liked and offered was kind of depressing at one point. Until we rode our bikes and landed to this place. A newer, quieter and elevated which was my biggest concern because of the City's flood problem issue which we were very much affected. Looked for trucking service a couple of days before the day of the move, a good thing for Facebook pages I found one! 
            The truck that I rented for the service for Php1,300.
                        photo grabbed from JTS Lipat Bahay Olongapo 

It took us a week of boxing all our stuff that needs to go with us and took me 3/4 of the stuff I need to give up. I was overwhelmed when I saw our things piled up. I never and couldn't imagine that we owned and had so many things at home. My kids gave up they toys and dolls, clothes and shoes and the rest that they won't be using anymore. I gave up more than half of my things, mainly clothes that I had when I was three or four sizes down...well, my hopes were so high when it comes to managing my weight. I also gave up bags, accessories, new shoes, and sandals, perfumes, and colognes that were open and tested and did not use after, also some kitchen tools and appliances.
Why have all that? The new place we got is a little bit smaller than the old one especially the bedrooms where we used to have built-in closets. I know we can manage this thing later on... the positive me always sets-in when it comes to this situation. :)

Saturday last week was the BIG day for us. We started early in the morning of that day and we finished transferring our boxes, appliances, and furniture in three-hours. The new place became crowded when the last box was placed. I was glad that everything was moved and transferred properly. Nothing was broken or damaged. I did not take any pictures of the move because my mind was so focused on my plan (sorry for this). 

It has been three days already and still unboxing things and setting it on corners that can fit. 
There were some adjustments and also some replacements of services that we looked for the next day. Such as delivery service for water supply for drinking, LPG service delivers, locating the nearest garbage bin disposal and made a set of key duplicates for all of us. Everything was managed according to what I perceived and imagine.

Yesterday, when I got home from work I was able to take some pictures of the house and some selfies too with my daughter. The house looks bright especially in the morning and the neighborhood is generally calm. A big shout-out to my youngest brother who helped us for several days until the day of moving, also to Ed and his son and to JTS trucking service who came an hour early to pick us up. 
We still have to figure out some things needed for the house and it will be ready for our friends and guests to visit soon! 

We have a bar set that the landlady used to own and we decided to borrow it for the meantime since I have bottles of wine and liquor from years back that needed a place to stay. We set-up the bar last Sunday and it looked perfect in my eyes. I need more glasses! 

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