Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#PHHHOTO App Instant Moving Pictures

I recently discovered this photo application I downloaded on AppStore called Phhhoto App. 
#Phhhoto  is a photo application where you can make moving pictures. It is fun, cute, awesome and sometimes disturbing too lol!
If you love taking selfies take it to the next level and create your moving selfie photos in a more fun and creative way. You can take random pictures using this application too, remember taking photos are limitless. Explore your creativity with your imagination. Take pictures! 

Phhhoto app is a free app where you can create and account and share it with the rest of #Phhhoto members. You can hashtag your Phhhoto using #wow and be recognized by users. 
You can adjust the brightness and dim before taking a picture, you can use the flip camera for selfie and group picture, set the timer, grid and also the they have featured filter which you can try. 
You can also share your #Phhhoto on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by linking it once done editing. 
A copy of the moving picture and a photo shoot of it will be stored in your device at your gallery folder which you can use for profile picture photos etc.
A screencap using the #Phhhoto app

Try this app and have fun!
Download #Phhhoto here. Choose from App Store or Google App Store. Have fun! 



I did some selfie using the application and it looks good and funny. 

My recent #PHHHOTO selfie can be found here. @magzdc on Instagram

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