Thursday, October 22, 2015

Metrodeal Live Your City for Less x Wendy's Baconator Vouchers

How do we love deals specially when it is food related?
Raising hand here! ;)
I love food deals specially when it is from our favorite restaurant or even fast food chain around the city. 
This is my third and fourth consecutive time to purchase food deal voucher at Metrodeal and so far I did not have any problem with it. At first I was hesitant in purchasing but no pain no deal right? :D
My recent was this Wendy's Baconator deal.
The meal was Wendy's Baconator with 16 oz. Signature iced tea and Natural-cut fries for P199 instead of P313. I got P114 savings on each voucher. And again, what's the best part? I paid my order vouchers using my paypal credits which I earned from my trusted earn money online sites. 
I got free food!

Ordered 6 Metrodeal vouchers for Wendy's. 
I chose Wendy's Harbor Point Mall for the branch.
I purchased right away because the voucher can be use that day too.
The redeemable dates are from October 12-31st. 

From time to time I visit and check out their latest deals.
Register and create an account and they will send you emails with the latest deals they offer. 

My second Wendy's food voucher purchase at Wendy's Harbor Point Mall. 
I presented six copies of print out voucher from my account in Metrodeal and presented it to the store. The manager at Wendy's is always accommodating accepting vouchers, they don't ask for anything else aside from an identification card. 

The food was great, my kids enjoyed the burger and also my brother and parents.
And, with the discount I got I couldn't ask for more.
It's Free! 

*** Update.
Purchase two more vouchers and on queue for use before October 31st.:)

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