Saturday, January 4, 2014

Regent Mochi - Japanese Style Glutinous Rice Cakes

I have been so curious about this product since the first time I saw it on one of my FB friend's timeline. I was able to buy a couple of bags from the grocery shopping at SM Supermarket. 

A bag of Regent Mochi assorted and one bag of Ube flavored Mochi.

This one is from the assorted bag which contains 10 pieces of this single mochi in different flavors. This one is buko pandan flavor. 
The inside of the mochi has this sweet bean paste just enough to taste it. Each bag of assorted mochi sells for P57.50 and the Ube mochi which comes in 6pieces per bag cost at P67.00.
My kids loves the flavor of the white and pineapple mochi, i'd go for the ube mochi.

Mochi resembles the taste and texture of the Chinese butchi which you can order in every Chinese deli. For the price, it is a little expensive compared to the freshly cooked butchi but readily available if you crave for the same taste. 

Will I buy next time? Yep, for the taste and how  convenient the packaging plus the kids liked it. 
Have you tried this product? Your verdict?  

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