Wednesday, August 28, 2013

National Bookstore BestBuy Card Holder

Finally, I have this awesome card organizer from National Bookstore Best Buys!
Over the past months, I was meaning to get this card organizer which I can put in all my cards such as the ATM's, SSS, my PRC license card, and few Reward points cards. 
I have been using different wallets for all my cards, including some cash and receipts which I keep every time I buy, especially receipts I needed for the promos and contest (of course!hehe) 

Yesterday, Tay dropped by at National Bookstore and got me this 20 pages back-to-back plastic card holder with synthetic leather embossed leaves holder.

It is like a notebook with a metal pin at the front cover to indicate the front leaf of the holder.
The embossed leaf design goes in perfectly with the color of the material. 

I initially organized my cards which I often use, they occupied half of the pages and I still have 10 pages more free of space. 
Now I won't be having a hard time checking, looking and sometimes thought of losing a certain card when I am in line at the cashier for payment. 
Everything is organized.
I could not give you guys the price for this one because it was a gift of love! ;)
(I'll update when I get the chance haha!)

Time for you to organize your cards too. :)

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