Friday, August 30, 2013

I won in Security Bank Online Photo Contest Week 4!

Joining online photo contest is such a reward especially when your entry is picked and judged to be the winner. 
Taking photographs is one of my hobbies, I take photos of almost anything and everything I see. 
A few years back I was able to capture a photo of me and my kids one sunset afternoon at Subic Bay Boardwalk. 
It was a planned Friday afternoon, packed my tripod, some snack, a blanket, and my Canon point and shoot camera. 
We picked a spot and waited for the sun to set. 
I set the camera on a timer in multiple shots and we hurriedly run forward. We had like more than 10 pictures until I finally decided to pick this one and did some minor editing.
Adjusted the saturation level for a good burst of color. 

Sunset by the Bay
Taken 3-4 years ago.

Came this online photo contest by Security Bank Online Banking about what would want to avail if you had Cash Rewards of P5000? I instantly flipped over my archived photos and saw this one. I submitted it and put a short caption. 

the winning announcement made by SB Online Banking. 

My entry was picked as the Week4 winner. :)
I received an email yesterday and a text message verifying my identity and now just waiting for the prize of P5000 (five thousand pesos)... Anytime soon. *happy grin* 
Blessings come at the most unexpected times. 
Photo contest still runs until October you guys can still join, send as many entries as you want and also you can join with or without an account with their bank. :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bounty Fresh Honey Garlic Ready to Fry Chicken

Bounty Fresh Honey Garlic Chicken
 SM Supermarket

I have been seeing this product at the meat section of SM Supermarket and bought a pack last weekend. A pack weighs about a kilo and a quarter, it is tightly sealed in a vacuum plastic wrap with the product label. 
At back instruction on how to cook, it is the best cook in a turbo broiler but I prefer deep fry cooking. 
When I open the sealed packaging there was still marinated sauce inside it. 
I deep fry the chicken from a high heat to a low heat until the inside will fully be cooked. Cooked it for about 30-45 minutes until the skin was brown and crunchy. 
The finished product, the meat was tender and can taste the garlic flavor. It can serve 5-6 person. 

A pack cost P150.00

Have you tried Bounty Fresh Marinated Chicken?

National Bookstore BestBuy Card Holder

Finally, I have this awesome card organizer from National Bookstore Best Buys!
Over the past months, I was meaning to get this card organizer which I can put in all my cards such as the ATM's, SSS, my PRC license card, and few Reward points cards. 
I have been using different wallets for all my cards, including some cash and receipts which I keep every time I buy, especially receipts I needed for the promos and contest (of course!hehe) 

Yesterday, Tay dropped by at National Bookstore and got me this 20 pages back-to-back plastic card holder with synthetic leather embossed leaves holder.

It is like a notebook with a metal pin at the front cover to indicate the front leaf of the holder.
The embossed leaf design goes in perfectly with the color of the material. 

I initially organized my cards which I often use, they occupied half of the pages and I still have 10 pages more free of space. 
Now I won't be having a hard time checking, looking and sometimes thought of losing a certain card when I am in line at the cashier for payment. 
Everything is organized.
I could not give you guys the price for this one because it was a gift of love! ;)
(I'll update when I get the chance haha!)

Time for you to organize your cards too. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tonkatsu Terazawa eGC worth P1000 Giveaway

Hi all! 
How are you guys on this Friday afternoon? 
I hope everyone is safe and dry from the crazy weather we just had. 
Another TGIF, I remember Friday last week I and my daughter was in the emergency room waiting for our hospital room. 
She is now fine and well rested and ready for school next week! 
A week-long of No School, and yet we are up for another scheduled Holiday for Monday, August 26, 2013 (National Heroes Day). 

So today I am putting up another Giveaway! 
yep, another one. 

It's a food Giveaway this time (not a sponsored giveaway). We have this eGC sitting around the mailbox and since we are far from the venue to claim it we decided to give it away. 

Tonkatsu Terazawa eGC worth P1000 is up for grabs. 
Just follow the tasks over the Rafflecopter widget which will start today August 23, 2013, and will end September 1, 2013. 
eGC will expire September 15, 2013, so you have two weeks to visit the store and claim the food gift certificate. 
A little request to whoever wins, kindly post a photo of you with your food from Tonkatsu and post it on BitsEnPieces Facebook page. :)

***Terms & Conditions 
This is not a sponsored giveaway! eGC will be emailed to the winner along with the instructions on how to claim it. Winner must send me a scanned copy of (1) valid ID through email. eGC will expire September15,2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Goodluck guys! :)