Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pork Sinigang using Del Monte Tomato Sauce

Before I got off work yesterday I planned on what to cook for dinner, and since it was a bit cold and gloomy Sinigang is the best dish we can have last night and also it is our old time favorite dish.

I bought a kilo of Pork Kasim( back portion of the pig).
1kilo of Pork Kasim cut into cubes, boiled in rice water wash until tender with the onion cut in
quarters P170.00
1 large piece of radish P21.00
10 pieces okra P5.50
KangKong stalks and leaves P9.50
1 large red onion P6.00
4 pieces finger chilis P6.00
1 pack Knorr Sinigang mix with gabi (taro) P18.50
1/2 cup Del Monte tomato sauce P10.00
salt and pepper to taste.

When the pork cube slices become tender dumped in the radish, next is okra, the chili, and cover. Lastly, pour in the sinigang powder mix and the tomato sauce then the salt and pepper. Then last is the kangkong stalks and leaves and cover, remove from heat and viola dinner is ready. Paired with steaming white rice with pandan.
Total expenses: P250.00 good for 8person.

A new twist from the traditional way of cooking, experimenting is cool especially when you can get something healthy out of it. My kids enjoyed it even more and knowing they get the rich and benefit of lycopene... I am a happy Mommy.

Try using Del Monte tomato sauce in every cooking dishes.

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  1. i love how the tomato sauce combined in the sinigang soup.