Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When Facebook and Instagram went Down!

Around 2:30 pm of January 27, 2015 Tuesday Facebook and Instagram went down of service  and people in some of the Social Media sites gone panicked! Are you one of them? lol Well, this is what happen when most of our lives revolves around the internet. It's like taking away a pacifier to a child. As of this writing it is still down as you can see in most of the Twitter post. 
I hope the sites can be restore in a few minutes and people can go back to their regular programming. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Slow cooked Beef Brisket Stew

Slow cooked beef hrisket stew with chick pea 

This is what I prepared for dinner tonight, the simplest way to cook beef. 
All I did what combined all the ingredients I had and the ones I bought from the supermarket yesterday.
I cam share to you my recipe and you might want to try it. 

1/2 kilo beef brisket trimmed and sliced in cubes.
3tbsp of tomato paste
1tsp minced black peper
3cloves garlic minces
2 whole red tomatoes sliced
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp iodized salt
1pack chick peas drained
1whole red and green bell pepper
2stalks of spring onion including the stalk
toasted sesame seeds to garnish

Slow cook all the ingredients inside a pressure cooker except the bell pepper and chick peas for about  an hour, add a cup of water before covering. 
Then turn off the heat to low after an hour let it simmer to slow cook to make the stock concentrate for a more flavorful broth. 
Add the peas and bell pepper and ready to serve. 

It was tasty and beef was just right. 
How about you ? What was your for for tonight? 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Interview so cute!

A couple of days ago I saw this feed about the interview of 
Jimmy Fallon with Nicole Kidman on his show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 
Both of them told stories about their first meet-up years ago, and just that day on the interview 
Jimmy Fallon knew that Nicole liked him. 
Jimmy totally blew his chance with Nicole that made him blushed and embarrassed the whole interview. Well I was smiling the whole time I was watching the clip and made me watch different episodes of TTSSJF.

Some of you might have seen it but still here is the clip of the interview ( Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon ). Enjoy! ;) 

My Daughter M's Sandpaper Art

The other day my daughter M called me from school and asked me to get her items for her art work for the next day. Pieces of sandpaper and set wax crayons and searched for the samples in the internet about African art were the things needed. 

She brought home an extra art she made specially for me. :) 

Rainbow flower heart, Mommy's full blown orange hair, bag, and shoes and all the girly stuff she knows I love. 
Thank you M! 
Definitely for keeps.
So cute right? 

Monday, January 5, 2015

And We Are Back + Congratulations to my Birthday Giveaway Winner!

After a couple of weeks on vacation and the festivity of the Holiday season ended... we are back! 
It was a difficult Monday morning for me and my kids and I know to some of you guys, the late night sleep and waking up late in the morning just ended. But I am very much thankful that we were able to spent time with the family and friends. How did you celebrate you Holidays? Dami bang gifts na nareceive? :)

Also, my birthday giveaway ended weeks ago but I have been busy with lots of things and I had no time picking up the winner on-time (sorry!).
To start the Monday right here the announcement for my birthday giveaway.
I will be sending you an email for the shipping of your prize.

Congratulations! :)

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*** another winner was picked due to non-compliance.