Monday, December 15, 2014

Age and Fertility

A woman is said to be on her prime when it comes to fertility during her twenties. Each woman has a specific number of eggs that are released each month during her menstrual period. Her body also releases good quality eggs first. This is why most women can get pregnant in their twenties without much trouble. However, as the woman gets older, her fertility starts to decline. This is the main reason why older women are having difficulty trying to conceive. Aside from that, the baby is more prone to chromosome abnormalities with women pregnant at an older age.

Some women, especially celebrities, want to fulfill their goals and have a good career first before getting pregnant so they choose to have their eggs frozen so they have great quality eggs when they decide to get pregnant. This doesn’t mean that woman in her older age can no longer get pregnant, it is still possible. It’s just that a woman’s chance to get pregnant naturally decreases compared to younger women. says that women over the age of 35 who are trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months with no success may seek help from their doctor.

I was 23 when I got pregnant with my first born and after six years my second pregnancy came and both of those pregnancy were smooth and easy with the help of my Obstetrician.
Check out the site and get helpful tips if there would be any plans of conceiving in the future. Learn and be healthy.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bags and Bags of Clover Chips!

These bunch of goodies arrived to day and it was personally delivered to me by one of the staff (Mr.Malvin) of Leslie Corporation. 

15 big bags of assorted Clover Chips
P1000 TGIF gift check (Boni High branch)

This was from Clover Chips Facebook page contest . 
I gave a bag to each of my co-workers and we were like kids... happy kids with lots of goodies. 
Thank you so much Clover Chips for the prize. <3

Friday, November 14, 2014

BitsEnPieces Birthday Giveaway!

Did you know that it's only 40 days 'til Christmas? 
And, also did you know that I will be turning 40 next month, yep the BIG 40! :)  
12-13-14 is the numbers I am excited for, and
To celebrate my birthday I am launching this birthday giveaway to all my friends :). 
Hope you guys can join and celebrate with me. 

1- Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner
1- Lip Color in red (swatched once)
1- Watsons lip balm
1-Titania foot scrub
6- sachets Shu Uemura Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil
P100 Robinsons gift certificate
Mind Museum key chain
SM Science Center pouch bag

P100 SM bookstore discount coupon.

Just a few steps to earn entries and most of you know how it goes, Rafflecopter will choose the winner for me (read more on the T&C). Please do not unfollow social media accounts even after the giveaway ends, thanks. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for joining and Good Luck!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thank you Manila Water Foundation

Last October 24 I participated in Manila Water Foundation Facebook page about  their campaign about the Global Handwashing Day. 

I took a photo of my daughter prior to that and put it up as our entry and luckily we won. 
Our entry 

The prize came in today and I am happy with all the contents in it. 

3 Scholastics books for my daughter
pen, pencil and bag plus with spring notebook
1-canvas bag 
1-foldable fan 
1- Eveready flashlight with batteries and recyclable bag container
1-big bottle Vaseline shampoo
1- bar Block and White body soap.
1- Dove body lotion
1-Dove hair conditioner
1- bar Dove body soap
1- Ponds luminous cream
1- Ponds Age defying day dream

Thank you so much Manila Water Foundation.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Got another samples from SampleRoom

Have you tried getting samples for free? I do. At SampleRoom you can check out items there and you can get it for FREE. 

This is my latest haul (6th batch of purchase) from SampleRoom which I ordered last Monday and came in yesterday.

1- 180 ml Cream Silk Daily Conditioner Damage Control
2- 6ml sachet of Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream
1- 15ml Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Cream 

This will be my first time to use these products although we are very much familiar of the brand Cream Silk this variety is new to me. I am excited to use it so as with Himalaya products. 

I only paid for the shipping at P140.00 via PayPal payment ( which I earned from my online surveys) so literally everything was free... luvit! 
Or, you can pay thru bank depo or GCash payment.

I can also refer you to the site, just post your email below on comment section and you can try it. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Win an iPad Mini Giveaway!

Reblogging a contest giveaway where you could have a chance to win an iPad Mini.
Check out the blog  here.
iPad Mini

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Elf Nude & Matte finish top coat

A perfect way to start my week is to have my nails done. I colored my nails nude and finished it with @elfcosmeticsph matte finisher nail polish for the top coat. It looked to clean and classy with nude nail polish, I so like it! Natural colors can go with any colors and outfit of the day. It will make yoyr nails and hand looks clean and presentable. 
What is your nail colors for the week? 

Farewell Robin Williams!

This morning my son told me that Robin Williams is dead, my son is 16 years old and he grew up watching Robin Williams movies when he was a little kid. Hook, Patch Adams, Mrs.Doubtfire and the rest which really marked memories in us. No matter what the cause if is death was he will surely be missed.
"Laughter really is contagious." Farewell Robin Williams! Thank you for making me and kids smile. #RIPRobinWilliams , 63.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

Here is the blog story of my Going Yesss, Yaman with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!

Among the four items I'd like to sell my favorite is this leather green strap with light blue rhinestones. I have this for more than 15 years now and this was the first jewelry accessory I bought from my first pay check when I started working from 7 years of being a stay home Mom. I remember how I love to wear this almost everyday and until now the starp looks new and no stones missing. This is how careful and how I treasure my things specially when I love it so much.

I got this Tomato black strap for Her watch last year from a contest. It has a matching for Him watch which I gave to my Father. This is a battery operated watch which has an embosed print on the leather strap in very good condition. I remember how happy I was when I saw the announcement of the blogger that I won her contest giveaway that time. My very first prize watch from an online contest. 

I love watches, I cannot go out without wearing one. I find myself complete when I wear a watch, that's why it became my hobby and somewhat a reward for myself once in a while. This dress Esprit gold strap watch I got three years ago which I bought on sale during a Christmas bazaar. The money I used to buy this was from the 13th month pay I got. On many occasions I have worn this elegant Esprit gold strap watch always a perfect pair. 

Another Esprit watch which I adore so much. Leather strap Esprit automatic watch is my last on the list. This can be worn any time of the day, the classy look and the elegance in one. Since it has an automatic movement the hassle of running out of battery life is zero. You just need to adjust the time and date if not use within a short period of time. Many occasions and memorable moments this watch witnessed and still creating memories with it. 

Can you figure out how I adore watched, I have several pieces more kept inthe vault for future use and probably with hand it down to my daughter. 
Time is really the essence of our daily life and there goes the  saying "Time is Gold"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I got my Zalora goodies!

Thank you ZALORA Philippines for the fast shipping of my order! Took them only 48hrs upon my order. If you want to order at Zalora, use my discount voucher ZBAPH21 to get your 15% off your total.  #SpringFling #nike #dove#zaloraph

The best thing about it is I got it Free from my survey sites earnings using PayPal payment.

My box from Zalora Philippines with my sticker name on it.
Items I ordered 48 hours ago. 
Spring Fling black ballet flats with gold accents.
Nike soccer socks in red 
Dove body wash 400ml
Dove pink bars -3 pieces

Total purchased P1,039 and I got the shipping free for FREE. 

Have you shop at Zalora Philippines? Try it and don't forget to use my Zalora discount voucher of 15%.

Thanks again, Zalora! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Miniloc Island- El Nido, Palawan getaway!

More than a couple of months now since we had the most amazing summer getaway in years. We packed our bags for a 3D2N stay at Miniloc Island in El Nido, Palawan and everything was for FREE! It was a prize that I have won from Shop Ayala Malls shopping raffle from last year 2013 and after several months of waiting and booking we made it to summer. 
It was our first time to travel and my first time to fly and board an airplane. This blog post will be about photos os our journey to the island where everything is green and serene. 
Enjoy browsing! 

Will be posting more photos as I gather some of it. Thank you Shop Ayala Malls for the amazing summer getaway. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I want to win LG L40 or L70 and here's how I unlocked the summer fun! #L...

Summer 2014 was awesome! Had an amazing experience with our 3D2N trip to Miniloc Resort, El Nido, Palawan. And everything was for free. 
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My brandnew Samsung Digital Inverter Top Freezer

Last weekend blessing poured in once again, after months of planning and trying to save up to buy a new refrigerator... our plans came to reality. We had enough money to buy a new fridge since the item we are trying to sell was sold that day and came up with enough to buy this.

Samsung 8.3 cu.ft Digital Inverter Top Freezer Refrigerator.

Cooling Feature

  • No Frost
  • Multi Flow available
  • Refrigerator Feature

    • 1 Chill Compartment
    • Shelves x 2ea (1ea Slide out)
    • Glass of Shelves
    • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer: 1ea
    • Spill-Proof Shelves x 1ea
    • Door Pocket x 4ea
    • Type of Door Pocket: Transparent
    • Egg Container available
    • LED Interior Light
    • Deodorizer available
    • 1 MoistFresh Zone with Vegetable Box
We got this unit at Abenson's Harbor Point Mall with an original price of P20,999. 

After unboxing the unit we plugged it in for an hour and observed that the body was expelling heat, not the usual temperature I know from our old fridge. 
According to the service center, that is normal with the no-frost fridge. The condenser we use to see at the back of the fridge is now coiled within the body of the unit, thus unfamiliar heat temperature can be felt. 
Samy as my daughter calls it has been running for two days now and I have noticed that the thermostat is already working. 
I am quite happy with the unit and model we got though I wanted the more bigger one that can occupy the whole kitchen area haha! 

How about you? What is your latest appliance haul for the house? 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Avon Ultra Color Absolute lipstick

Avon Ultra Color Absolute lipstick in Creamy Melon

I bought this yesterday and I love how sheer and the scent is yummy. 
It is a creamy base lipstick that glides when applied, I used two coats of this to get the nice shade I want. 
I tested right away and see  photo below.

my mirror selfie using Avon Color in Creamy melon shade. 
Sale price P259 and got it for P194.25 comes with a free pouch. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thank you Doublemint Philippines!

My Canon 1100D with kit lens from Doublemint Philippines.

A couple of days ago I received my prize courtesy of my friend Ruth who claimed it for me in Manila. She was one of the winners too, her prize was a Toshiba laptop.  
This was my prize from their Facebook promo #FreshStarters  which thousands of fans joined in. 
Out of thousands my comment stood out from the rest and the admin picked it. 
Just so happy when blessings comes unexpectedly and knows what to give.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Free trial supply of Estee Lauder Micro Essence

Get a free trial supply of this Estee Lauder Micro Essence simply by just registering in the link attached. 

"Every woman wants to radiate from within. To get that youthful angelic glow, try our Micro Essence for mighty results!"

Click here: to register for your trial supply & reveal your youthful angelic glow!

I was hoping I could get one but the store to claim is limited to some areas only.

If you guys are near those stores listed go get your trial supply now... While it's FREE! ;)


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boy Bawang Puto Seko- ( rice cookies )

Yes! You read it right.. Boy bawang product name has a new variety of snack that I discovered last weekend. Bought a pack for my daughter's snack and she refused to bring it to school. I guess the name Puto Seko is not a hit for her. 
Boy Bawang Puto seko (30 grams) and cost around P6.00 in the grocery. 

The twist of having puto seko ( rice cookies ) in a foil pack plus in chocolate flavor is really new to me. I was used to having that puto seko wrapped in a white japanese paper and sold in our school canteen. ( travelling back to time). 

I am surprise how light and how each cookie melts while you munch it and how the sweetness is just right. I will check it next time if they have a bigger bag because i liked it. 

I tell you check this one out on your next grocery shopping. ;)

SM Tweet Day Sale - Win Shopping GC's

It's another 3 Day Sale happening at SM Stores in just a few days and to celebrate this occasion SM launched again another promo just like they had last year. 
It's the Tweet-Day Sale Promo were followers from Twitter can win gift certificates worth P5,000 and not just one but 10 winners will be drawn. This is our time to join the fun and pray for luck (haha!). 
Mechanics below:


1. Follow @thesmstore ( on Twitter 
2. Tweet " Win @thesmstore North Edsa Tweet-Day Sale! " with hashtag #smtweetdayNE
3. Attach promo poster when you tweet.
4. Ten (10) Winners of P5,000 each will be announced on January 30, 2014, 12:00 noon.
5. Claiming of Shopping Certificates will be on January 31, 10:00am at The SM North Edsa Prestige Lounge.
6. Validity of Shopping Certificates is from Jan 31 to Feb 2, 2014 only.
7. Shopping Certificates are valid only at the SM Store North Edsa. 8. Promo runs until January 30, 2014 only so tweet now!

Send those tweets now guys and may the odds be on our favor! ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Got my White Linen perfume prize from Estee Lauder Philippines

Last December 2013 my name was announced at Estee Lauder Philippines as the winner of their FFOTW (featured fragrance of the week), my prize was a full size bottle of Estee Lauder White Linen. 
How did I win? I only posted a short story comment from the photo on their wall featuring their #FFOTW White Linen. 
I remember that scent during childhood days, how that smells reminds me of people in my life and how  I remember them. The days of a weekend breezy and calm days of my childhood life. It was like going back and riding my own back to the past capsule. 
That short story won the heart of the ELP... And yay, After a few exchange of text message from Ms.Erika regarding the claiming and shipment of my prize I got it yesterday via Air21 courier service. 

                    Selfie with my bottle of Estee Lauder White Linen perfume. 
You can check out Estee Lauder Philppines Facebook page to join their #FFOTW contest and may the odds be with you and be fab.
Thank you ELP! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank You Lotte Xylitol Wish Upon A Smile Promo

Late November of 2013 I came across a blog post wherein she reviewed some gum with Xylitol from Lotte. I saw this brand in the candy section of SM supermarket but never had the chance to buy it. In the blog post she mentioned there about the promo Lotte will be holding over at their Facebook page. It is a photo contest of Mommy and kid in it showing their best smile and Mommy or Dad can wish for a gift for his or her kid this Christmas. Wishing of gifts depends upon the weekly theme posted. 

Since day1 I started posting our photo with the best smile and gift wish i had for my daughter. Luckily, I won the first week consolation prize and this was sent to me as my prize. 
Tubes and packs of assorted flavors of Lotte Xylitol gums plus P500 ($12) gift certificate. 

It wasn't just me who was happy about the prize but my kids too! I was able to use the GC to buy some items in the grocery last Christmas season. Lotte Xylitol really made us SMILE! :D
Thank you! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

M&M's Chocolate Varieties

How much do you love chocolates? From the simple chocolate bits and bars to the most luscious variety of chocolate, I confess my love for chocolates! 
Chocolate can cure my negative vibes and can always lift up my mood when I am not feeling as great as a Sunday morning breeze. 

Over the holidays which was totally celebrated with family and food, we got some bags of M&M's... Yep so common is the chocolate brand right? What got me excited was the variety of M&M's. 
First up, 

M&M's mint! 
This is a minty variety of M&M's each piece is a bit larger than the regular size pieces of plain M&M's (sorry forgot to take picture of the inside) :)
The assorted shade of green coat is where the excitement of minty taste flavor can be discovered with the usual chocolate taste of M&M's inside. 
This got much the approval from all of us.

Second bag,

M&M's Raspberry with dark chocolate. 
The nicest color! Assorted raspberry shade coated dark M&M's chocolate was a hit!
We love how the raspberry flavor plus the dark chocolate combined. Though the dark chocolate was mild and subtle to taste. I was expecting a more dark chocolate flavor from the first dib but it wasn't. 

Last and final bag,

M&M's White chocolate candy corn bag
We opened this one yesterday, the yellow and orange color can bright up your senses but the flavor inside was not too exciting. Since it was a white chocolate for a M&M brand this is something new for us. Assortment of orange, white and yellow candy coated white chocolate which is the same color as the cady corn treat can be seen inside with almost the size of the regular M&M peanuts pieces. The white chocolate is not that good as the usual brown chocolate we are use to. After a few pieces the bag was kept in a ziplock (guess for later consumption hehe). 

Over all having the most likes from us... M&M's raspberry in dark chocolate holds the first place, next is the M&M's mint then last is the candy corn variety.

Have you tried these varieties yet? Do we have the same taste?

***My views is solely personal, no compensation was made. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Regent Mochi - Japanese Style Glutinous Rice Cakes

I have been so curious about this product since the first time I saw it on one of my FB friend's timeline. I was able to buy a couple of bags from the grocery shopping at SM Supermarket. 

A bag of Regent Mochi assorted and one bag of Ube flavored Mochi.

This one is from the assorted bag which contains 10 pieces of this single mochi in different flavors. This one is buko pandan flavor. 
The inside of the mochi has this sweet bean paste just enough to taste it. Each bag of assorted mochi sells for P57.50 and the Ube mochi which comes in 6pieces per bag cost at P67.00.
My kids loves the flavor of the white and pineapple mochi, i'd go for the ube mochi.

Mochi resembles the taste and texture of the Chinese butchi which you can order in every Chinese deli. For the price, it is a little expensive compared to the freshly cooked butchi but readily available if you crave for the same taste. 

Will I buy next time? Yep, for the taste and how  convenient the packaging plus the kids liked it. 
Have you tried this product? Your verdict?  

MOM 24/7 2014 Planner

Yesterday I got a text from Manong guard that a package was waiting for me here at the office. My Mom planner from The Mommy Journey  which was my prize from her blog giveaway several weeks ago came at the right time. 

My lovely Mom 24/7 planner with psychedelic print.

I was so excited to browse all the pages of the planner and checked on the birthdates of my family members on which day it fall to. 

Another nice thing about this planner is has this several discount coupons which a Mommy can avail and purchse item with discounts. 
I have a co-worker that is preggo right now and gave her some coupons which she can use to buy at SM malls or even at Harbor Point mall. 

My girl started to doodle art on some of the pages 💖

I am just happy right now with my Mom planner... Thank you Ms.Christine of The Mommy Journey!
Happy New Year to all.