Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Online Shopping for Kitchen Appliances: Always Find the Best Deals For You

We are in a challenging economic situation, and regardless of what we require, the majority of us are looking for the best deals possible. This includes shopping for kitchen equipment such as air fryers, induction cooktops, coffee makers, toasters, and blenders, as well as other convenience products and, more importantly, smart kitchen gadgets that are both efficient and energy-efficient. None of these items are inexpensive, especially for those on a tight budget, but if you know where to look online, you can find some fantastic deals on everything you need to complete your kitchen.

When you purchase kitchen equipment online, you can save anywhere from 30% to 50%, and sometimes even up to 75%! You just must have the patience to scout and compare prices wisely. Do not buy the first thing you see when shopping. To ensure that you are obtaining the best deals, comparison shop. And obtaining the best deals doesn't always imply getting the best pricing.

When it comes to shipping and delivery costs. Remember that you will have to pay for shipping and handling, so read the shipping policies of each store carefully. So, look for an online store that charges a low delivery rate for your product to arrive. Online stores occasionally provide vouchers and store discounts, so keep an eye out for those as well. All discounts and special offers that you can use on your order will be the best!

Check out all of the payment options available to you; online payments are almost certainly available. Make sure the website you're shopping from has plenty of security protections to protect you from identity theft if you're making cashless online payments. If you're hesitant about using a credit card or making an internet purchase, search for cash-on-delivery, or COD.

I recently visited the AllHome Official Store after seeing it posted on Facebook, and I was ecstatic to find all of the amazing deals! Right at the outset of the 'BER months season, they started promoting discounts. What's great about this is that you can purchase online as well as go to your local AllHome Store and shop there! You have access to anything you require for your home, both online and in their stores. The AllHome Bataan branch is the closest AllHome Store to my area, which is an hour away by car.

I like how their website is very simple to use and how easy it is to find things because everything is organized by category. 

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Plumbing 
  • Tools
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Housekeeping
  • Storage and Organization
  • Building Materials
  • Lighting 

I was looking for an induction cooker for gifting and I saw that they have this on their Buy1-Take1 deals! 

Product Description

3 hours timer

Overheat protection

6 cooking functions

Temperature: 60°C-240°C

Automatic pan recognition

Automatic shut-off

60% saves time

85% efficiency minimal heat loss

50% saves energy

Voltage: 230V a.c. 60Hz

I'm looking forward to giving this Garett Induction Cooker to my family as a Christmas present. I sincerely hope they enjoy it as much as I do! 

They also offer Gift Delivery, you can order items on their site and they can deliver it anywhere in the Philippines! Giving gifts to family and friends away from you is possible with AllHome!

Whether you purchase online or in person, be sure you obtain what you need, at a reasonable price, and in a way that will make your life easier. 

Have fun shopping!

Monday, December 20, 2021

Purple iPhone 12 Unboxing | SETUP + ACCESSORIES

This is our most expensive post to date on the channel, with the Purple iPhone 12 128GB and other accessories purchased. Despite the fact that the new iPhone 13 series had already been released, we finally got our hands on a purple iPhone. 

Consider how cute and dainty the purple color of this one is in comparison to the usual black and silver. 

Enjoy watching as we get to know our new phone!

"There’s no phone like iPhone."

iPhone 12 pushes everything forward with superfast 5G.1 A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. A new dual-camera system. And a beautiful Super Retina XDR display, so you can see everything in vivid detail.
Photo from: PowerMAC Center 

What's included in the box: iPhone 12, Lightning to USB Cable. ( Accessories are sold separately)

    The display has rounded corners. When measured as a rectangle, the screen is 6.06 inches diagonally. Actual viewable area is less.

    Claim based on iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield front compared with previous-generation iPhone.

    iPhone 12 is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes). Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions. Resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone; refer to the user guide for cleaning and drying instructions. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Filipino Bloggers Network holds 10th Annual Thanksgiving Party

It was a decade ago when the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active Philippine-Based community of bloggers and influencers in the country, held its first-ever Thanksgiving Party in a hotel in Quezon City.

This coming December 12, FBN will hold its 10th Annual Thanksgiving Party virtually to reacquaint with fellow members around the country and reminisce 120 months of challenges and cheers; 3,650 days of networking; countless stories and priceless memories.

Although the gathering will still be online just like last year, FBN members anticipate the annual get-together as an opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old pals they have not seen for a while, not to mention the chance of winning some exciting prizes from the games and raffle draws. Representatives of different PR groups and brands will also grace the event to personally thank members of the online community who have supported them in the past years.

FBN currently has around 2,000 members across the country and abroad and continues to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers to interact with other members, even those based overseas. Moderating the discussions and posting opportunities from several brands are co-admins Divine Reyes and Richard Mamuyac and Lariza Garcia.

This year’s celebration is supported by the following generous sponsors: 

Friday, December 10, 2021

Cleanfuel Celebrates Yuletide Season with Paskong Panalo e-Raffle Promo


Cleanfuel is celebrating the Christmas season with its Paskong Panalo ng Cleanfuel e-Raffle Promo starting November 17, 2021.

Cleanfuel VIP card holders have a chance to win a one-year supply of fuel, a motocross training course at Cleanfuel Motocross Park, mountain bikes, full-faced helmets and air purifiers.
For every Php 500 spent on fuel products, such as AutoLPG, Diesel, Clean 91, and Premium 95 or any Motul engine oil products, Cleanfuel VIP members may earn one (1) e-raffle entry. For customers who are non-VIP card holder, Cleanfuel encourages the customers to apply to have a validated raffle entry.

After purchasing, Cleanfuel VIP card members can automatically scan the QR Code (Paskong Panalo wobbler design) attached at every Cleanfuel dispenser that will lead them to Cleanfuel’s Paskong Panalo Sign Up Page ( to fill out the necessary information needed. Once completed, the VIP card member will receive an SMS notification stating that their entry has been approved.

The Paskong Panalo ng Cleanfuel promo is applicable to cash, credit card, or any e-payment transactions.

The promo runs until January 26, 2021 and the electronic raffle draw will be held at Cleanfuel Head Office in the presence of a DTI representative scheduled on January 28, 2022. Winners of the raffle draw will be notified via SMS or email that is registered to the system of Cleanfuel.
Raffle winners may redeem their prize within sixty (60) days upon receiving the notification of their prize. Winners must physically visit the head office of Cleanfuel at Marcos Highway, Sitio Daan Cainta, Dela Paz, Pasig City to claim the prize and must present a valid ID, a Cleanfuel VIP card, and a screenshot of the SMS Notification.

The promo is not valid in conjunction with other Cleanfuel promotions or discount offers.
“As the Christmas season approaches, we want to show our gratitude by bringing joy to our valued customers through the Paskong Panalo ng Cleanfuel e-Raffle Promo.

We are thanking you for your continuous support to Cleanfuel. We are also encouraging our customers to become our VIP member to enjoy rewards and these raffle prizes,” said Atty. Jesus Suntay, president and CEO of Cleanfuel.
Paskong Panalo ng Cleanfuel e-Raffle Promo is registered with DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 130937 Series of 2021.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

How to Renew Your PRC License Online without CPD Credits 2021

At this time of pandemic, you can renew your PRC license with partial or no Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits or units, just like I did! 

After three years, my professional license will expire this year, in 2021. And, because of a lack of finances and time before I was hired, I haven't attended any CPD courses since then. As the virus spread, all government offices closed their doors, but online transactions remained open. 

Despite the fact that there were options to apply for online renewal of such a license, I was unable to proceed owing to travel restrictions until I opted to schedule an appointment for the PRC ID pick-up on December 1, 2021 on October 16, 2021.

Check out the vlog here and see my experience renewing my PRC professional license at this time of pandemic! 

Visit to learn more about LERIS| Professional Regulation Commission.

1. Make an account and fill out all of the required information about your education and other vital details from your PRC license. 
2. You must also upload a photo that corresponds to the requirements; this photo will be utilized and affixed to the PRC card when it is renewed. There are instructions on how to upload photos and what types of photos to use. If the photo does not meet the requirements, the system will reject it.

NOTE: PRC license renewals without full CPD or incomplete units will only be accepted until December 2021.

3. Check the available booking schedule for a specific PRC Satellite office near you; certain areas and regions in the Philippines offer door-to-door PRC card delivery; in my case, the nearest PRC satellite office is Robinson's Starmills in Pampanga, which is a two-hour bus ride away.

4. Pay your corresponding renewal fees; for Nursing its P450 for another three years via Paymaya payment + P8 Paymaya processing fee. 

5. Download and print your scheduled date and time of visit and present it on the date of your visit, do not forget to bring your old PRC license card as they will ask for it for validation. 

6. Arrive early at the satellite office so you may observe and assess the surroundings, as well as how packed or sparse the space will be. Remember, because to the present Covid virus, social distancing and health precautions are required. 

When I inquired if I might forward the form I had with me, I was accommodated 30 minutes sooner than my appointed time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What Kinds of Disposable Gloves Are Used in Healthcare

Disposable gloves have become the key component for healthcare workers. The use of disposable gloves in protecting hands from infecting diseases during healthcare works easily and effectively. Because of the various purposes under various conditions in every setting, gloves have evolved into many different types, and understanding these types thoroughly will achieve better safety and use for both patients and healthcare workers.

In healthcare, three types of gloves are commonly used: examination, surgical, and utility or heavy-duty household gloves.

1. Gloves use for examination

Workers wear these gloves when performing routine tasks that require them to come into contact with mucous membranes and skin. These gloves are typically made of vinyl, a synthetic material that is inexpensive and easy to produce. While vinyl is inelastic (does not stretch as well as latex), the gloves are often made to be loose-fitting and easily removed. In some cases, higher-quality examination gloves made of latex or nitrile are required; these can be purchased at medical supply stores in most cities. Keep in mind that all examination gloves are extremely thin and should not be recycled back for reuse.

2. Gloves for surgery 

During some infectious medical procedures and surgical procedures, these gloves should be worn. Workers use them for all procedures, including contact with deep-seated tissue beneath the skin. Latex rubber is the best material for surgical gloves because it has a natural elasticity, sensitivity, and durability, as well as a comfortable feel. However, it is more expensive than vinyl and has a serious latex allergy problem, so a new synthetic rubber-like material known as "nitrile" has been developed mow. Its properties are similar to those of latex. Nitrile gloves have a lower risk of causing allergic reactions. Surgical gloves, unlike examination gloves, can be reused; however, this will most likely be on a case-by-case basis. This type of glove must be carefully checked for tears or cuts during the manufacturing process to avoid contamination during the use process.

3. Household utility or heavy-duty gloves 

They should be worn when handling and operating medical equipment, instruments, or other machines; cleaning contaminated waste; and disinfecting all contaminated equipment. They can be used, for example, when handling used instruments and equipment that may have come into contact with blood or bodily fluids, as well as when handling medical waste and linens. Utility Latex Exam Gloves are made of thick rubber as a result of this. As a result of this, these gloves are much less sensitive, have good durability, and provide maximum protection as a barrier. While these gloves are often less flexible and may cause discomfort to workers.

How to Style and Care for Virgin Weave Hair and How to Keep It Safe

Virgin hair weaves are especially popular among women who enjoy changing up their hairstyles on a regular basis. The essentials for short-haired women's go-to method of sporting instantly long, luscious hair. In addition to providing styling benefits, weaves protect natural hair from harsh dyeing chemicals and damaging extreme heat. As a result, these have become a widely popular option throughout the country, worn by celebrities and ordinary citizens alike.

Many women prefer Malaysian hair weave because it allows them to blend in with their natural hair. It has a natural, healthy low luster, as opposed to synthetic hair's clearly artificial sheen. Because it is made of real hair, the weave can be washed, conditioned, and styled just like natural hair. Furthermore, virgin quality weaves, such as those provided by hair vendors  are stronger. This is due primarily to their retained cuticles, layers of overlapping cells that safeguard and provide your hair shaft its radiance.

Even high-quality virgin hair weave, however, cannot be fully utilized if it is not properly suited to natural hair. When hair is pulled too tightly, it can be painful, which is a common complaint when applying the weave. Expert stylists advise women to have their weaves loosened or removed if they experience any discomfort, as this can lead to traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the hair on your scalp is pulled tighter. When your body detects an attack, it sends inflammatory cells to the affected area, where scarring attempts to heal it. Scarring suppresses hair growth, resulting in baldness. You can browse more Lace Front Wigs products to find something that suits your style and preferences.

Weaves are perfectly safe to wear when applied professionally. Nonetheless, natural hair bundles require a rest. Weaves should only be worn for a few days, and the scalp should be left alone for a few days before refitting the weaves so the hair can rest in its natural state. Overdoing weaves or wearing them for longer periods of time than recommended can certainly harm natural hair.

Weaves provide women with much-needed styling versatility. Concurrently, weaves help natural hair grow out healthy by shielding it from the rigors of styling. When the weaves are removed, a woman can enjoy her lush new hair with proper care.