Ever Bilena Buy Two Get One Promo Weekend

My special picked from last weekend Ever Bilena buy two get one promo over at Watsons branch in SM City Olongapo. I saw Ever Bilena's feed announcement last Friday so I included this store for my mall visit, and I'm glad I did.

I am so happy with the products I got from the promo. They are the new lines of matte items from the brand, with the help of the sales lady I was able to decide what to purchase and what to get for free.

2- Ever Bilena Matte two way cake powder in Fair Oriental shade.
1- Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauvey shade.
Since I restocked up my make-up essentials I decided to go for a compact powder. This EB new product release for a compact two way cake powder. Each compact cost Php150 ($3+) and the other compact was my free item from the promo. The lipstick cost Php165 ($3.67). I paid Php315 for two items and Php150 worth for the FREE item.

Ever Bilena matte lipstick was my least of choice that time, I don't want to add more on my lipstick stock since I just opened up two Maybelline Rebel last time. But my impulse and the shade when I saw it lured me to get one. 

When I reached home I took photos of the items and did not used it not until the next day. The compact case and the lipstick case are matte in texture too.

I got to have a close-up photo of this beauty. ;)
I was able to use them last weekend three times since the time I brought them home. And, today theywere my main product of use. 

Wearing the Ever Bilena two way cake over BB cream plus the eye make-up and blush. This is my usual everyday make-up I wear for work. 
Last part of my make-up session was the Ever Bilena Matte Mauvey shade lipstick to seal the make-up routine. 

The lipstick shade and texture is so light. It glides beautifully and evenly without leaving any dryness feel and look. Unlike other matte lipsticks I used before this one doesn't leave any visible crack on the lips. I applied twice coat to reveal the beautiful color of Mauvey. It is in the shade of nude and it really goes well for a day, everyday make-up look.

You can also check the time lapse video on my Instagram wearing this matte beauties. Ever Bilena Matte Fair Oriental + Matte Lipstick Mauvey
Overall, I am glad I picked the matte line.
What do you think?