Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Activities That Make Family Travel Engaging & Educational

Traveling takes time and a question a lot of people have for their kids are “how can I best utilize this time for my children?”. An excellent way to utilize the time is to engage your children in activities that are fun and educational. Instead of children numbing out on their iPads for hours, kids have an opportunity to grow without even knowing it through interactive games.

You might be in the car with the family, on a long bus ride, or even in the air. Finding ways to pass time without looking at a screen can become a challenge in today's society. However, studies show that some simple travel games that don’t involve screens can create stronger connections among friends or family.

You might already have some family favorite games you play as you travel, but there might be some that you haven’t tried yet that could be a hit for your family. Travel games typically take into account limited space and unlimited imagination.

Airplane Mini Box

The Airplane mini box comes with 30 laughable ideas for you and your family to try while traveling. This game supports kids in staying present and to come up with creative ways to tackle challenges. Another bonus about the Airplane Mini box is that it requires no packing and takes into account everything you’d find on a plane. The challenges on the tokens can keep you occupied for hours if you take your time and have everyone participate. This game can even be played during layovers, which is a time where younger kids (and sometimes adults) get restless.

Elsewhere Scratch-Off Map

The Elsewhere Scratch-Off Map is a travel activity that will keep your child engaged as they start to scratch off locations they’ve visited and learned about along the route. You can get creative with the Scratch-Off Map by scratching off a location you’re driving through or visiting. Each location comes with interesting fun fact cards so that you can learn a bit along the way. It’s an activity that can keep giving as you explore the united states! Between traveling you can keep it framed for guests to see, oh and it’s also extra durable to handle any kid messes like spills or potential tears. This is the kind of gift both young and old can enjoy as the map fills with color every trip you take as a family. You can currently back them here on Kickstarter along with their new world map!

The Ultimate Travel Journal

The Ultimate Travel Journal is a great item to grab if you have any children because it will support your child's memory retention as the travel. Journaling becomes a great treasure trove of recorded events that later in life people can look back and jog an old memory. It also supports children with a reflection on the day's events and any landmarks that stood out to them that they saw. The journal even adds in some games and activities to play while traveling which adds plenty of excitement while waiting in a vehicle.

Magnet Fun

This is a great tool to spark a child’s visual creativity by giving them the power to create scenic views. With Magnet Fun - Cars, Planes, and Trains your younger children will have a blast creating, or recreating images they’ve seen throughout the road trip. Children tend to find magnets super magical, and so do some adults, which will keep them fascinated while also being able to create some awesome scenic views.

Kids Travel Activity Tray

The Travel Activity Tray is a perfect addition to a child's arsenal of entertainment because it gives them an opportunity to learn organizational tools. Yes, you can hook in an iPad but it isn’t necessary. This tray can hold dozens of activities for a child so that the minute they get bored there are almost a dozen other games waiting for them. It’s going to be hard for a kid to get bored with the Travel Activity Tray, and you can even combine it with other travel games on this list. Let your child help you decide what the tray looks like so that they feel like it’s customized for them.

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