Friday, November 4, 2016

Scouting for Cheap Coats this Holiday Season

Planning an out of the country trip makes me excited specially getting the right outfit for the season. I grew up in a tropical country and the season only varies between sunny and rainy. Going to a place where winter season is coming near, I need to check on some coats to wear. Let's go online shopping for this one. 
After scouting for women's coats, cheap coats and winter coat over the internet I found these amazing pieces. My budget is around $20-25 only since I will be wearing it just for this trip. These are some of the pieces I am eyeing on.

Trendy Lapel Loose Fitting Plain Overcoats

Loose Fitting Lapel Dacron Plain Overcoat

They have the same price but the style will vary as the one on top looks so casual and fun. The bottom one looks so formal and stylish to look at. I like plain colors when it comes to jacket and coat because you can play with any color design for your inner outfit. 
Or yet I can get both and can use the first one as a rain coat later on.
These are just my initial choices for now and will look for more in the catalog pages of women's clothing and fashion clothing at  
I hope I can finish the order on time and enjoy the Holiday season in comfort and fashionable too! 

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