Saturday, March 17, 2018

How To Improve Your Home On A Budget

Our home is a place of comfort and leisure. It is where we can find our simple basic needs to satisfy our everyday life.

A home is defined by family members, it's allocation for specifics such as how many rooms are needed, how big or small the area for a certain place or corner where fixtures or an appliance needed to go. All these are being done when one is starting a family. When a family is settled, enjoying each and every corner of the house, leaving and creating memories with the family members. Kids will grow up and eventually make their own way to create their own homes. Improvements are needed to maintain a durable and workable surrounding of the house, that is fit perfectly for everyone's need. Also, another factor to take note is the change of weather, where some fixtures and installed panels are being worn out due to change of temperature, and other natural elements. It is also a major point when going house-hunting. 

For me, there will be always that one corner in your home that you eye and wish for some improvement. 

Coming home from a busy day at work, having a good bath in a clean and fresh smelling bathroom can relieve you with all the stressors from the outside surroundings. I know some of you will agree with me on this. But, sometimes I feel enclosed in the bathroom because of all the bathroom essential products displayed in the small cabinets installed on the wall. If I were to ask one room that I would like some improving this would be it, the bathroom

I have listed some items below as your guide before you reached the point of deciding...yes I need something new and some things to be changed in that room. To inspire you in deciding on what to get and your possible project soon, click here, it serves as my guide for me stick to the style I want...a minimalist and modern style.

How to improve your home when you are on a budget?

1. Identify the area that needs improvement.
    - don't overwhelm yourself in doing a major renovation, do it one step at a time.

2. Classify the need.
    - Do you need to change the kids' bunkbeds to single beds because they are way older now?

3. Plan and allocate your budget.
    - the very core when you start thinking of renovating and improving.

4. Consider doing DIY. 

  • painting shelves, or a cabinet going beyond the opposite color.
  • change cabinet handles and knobs
  • segregate potted plants, recycle old woods and ply boards then paint it. 
  • change light bulbs
  • transform that plain coffee table to a more personalized coffee table. 
  • change throw pillow covers. 
  • add flowers
  • add candles in different areas of the house
5. Ask help for manpower when creating that space you need. 
    - to lessen your additional expenses, ask the family member or a friend help you.

Those are some ideas you can consider to start with. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

4 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle From Harsh UV Rays

Feeling the sunshine on a warm, bright day is a pleasant feeling. Climbing into a sizzling hot car is not. Everyone has learned from experience that the sun and vehicles do not make a good combination. It’s inevitable that the two will mix, however, so what can you do to reduce the effects of the sun on your car? Try out these four tips to protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays.

1. Use Car and Truck Covers

Most people associate full covers with wintertime to prevent having to remove snow from vehicles. While that may be one popular use, it’s not the only one. You can also use outdoor car and truck covers in sunny seasons to prevent the interior and exterior of your car from experiencing fading and heating. Remember that you can use them on the vehicles you drive every day, not just the ones you only take out for special occasions.

2. Get a Sun Shade

Don’t want or need a full car or truck cover? Then all you need is a personalized car sun shade. However, instead of getting a generic type, opt for a personalized one for the best fit. Your car will stay cool inside and avoid damage from UV rays. For convertibles, shades that cover the top and windshields are available.

3. Tint the Windows

Tinting your windows is another way to keep out the heat and stop the glare of the sun. Just be sure to become familiar with your state’s laws on tinting before getting the job done. A cheaper and easier option is to placing cling shades in the windows.

4. Park in the Shade

Whether you’ve forgotten your sun shade or want extra protection, park your car in the shade. For long-term parking, put on a cover so you don’t have to clean dirt, debris, and bird droppings off your paint job.

Keeping your car safe from the sun’s harsh light is easy with the help of California Car Cover. You can find covers, shades, and more on the company’s website.

Celebrities Share Top BOOGI Picks That’s Perfect for their Lifestyle

Social media is abuzz with celebrities, designers, and other personalities posting with interestingly innovative pieces under the design-forward European furnishings concept store in Makati, BOOGI. It appears that there’s a growing market consciousness for purposeful products that enable improved productivity through smart design solutions.

Family and friends shared their selections at the BIG BOOGI SALE – from the huge family of artists that are the Pangilinans and Valencianos, to designer Bambi MaƱosa, chef and artist Claude Tayag, and respected journalist Ces Drilon.

QUOTE: “Lighting is so important to me, I feel that when I’m sad, I need a certain kind of lighting. When I’m happy, I need the lighting sort of facing me”

Team Pangilinan crowns the list. The celebrity family is known to pursue different passions and activities, known ambassadors of productive lifestyles.

Teen heartthrob Donny shows that despite his hectic schedule, family bonding is the priority.

Enter the family schedule orchestrator - she keeps the family in rhythmic flow and makes sure things are organized. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan hams it up with her favorite – the classic Filing Cabinet from British brand Bisley.

Sisters Ella and Hannah show off the duo of talent they are, as they express diverse interests with their choices. Activewear designer, Ella, shows she has a green thumb and plans to start her own indoor herb garden.  Hannah shows that she got it from her momma as she exhibits her fancy for colorful multi-drawers from Bisley.

Padre de pamilya Anthony Pangilinan shares his joy of finding a height adjustable desk that helps optimize his energy and encourages good posture and more dynamic movement as he does desk work.

Get on board in the movement to get purposeful design pieces that spark joy. The BIG BOOGI SALE is on!   Stocks are limited.  Visit BOOGI showrooms in Makati at 830 Arnaiz Avenue and at the3/F of LRI Design Plaza in Nicanor Garcia for these innovative designer items. To know more about the products, follow BOOGI on Instagram and Facebook at boogiph. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

As a working Mom, I always schedule my time for everything, work, kids, home, and time for myself. There is always the obsessive-compulsive side of me when it comes to home cleaning. When the kids are still babies, ways of cleaning the house is far different than now that they are a little older. But, there are still areas in the house that needs my attention, in which I can only do it perfectly, well almost perfect that it can pass my standards.

Here are some points to look out when, where and what to look out when cleaning.

Don’t you want the space where you sleep to be as clean and serene as your best dreams? Regular cleaning will help cut down on the dust mites, sweat, debris, allergens and even fungi that can build up from the constant contact with slumbering bodies.

It makes sense that the items closest to your sleeping self would need cleaning the most often. Make sure to wash sheets once a week in hot water and dry on a hot cycle.


Even though they’re protected by pillowcases, you’ll still want to clean your pillows a few times a year about every three to six months – to prevent the build-up of things we’d rather not think about while trying to sleep. Throw them one (if king-sized) or two (if regular-sized) at a time into the washer on the gentle cycle with liquid detergent, run the rinse cycle twice, and dry on low with two clean tennis balls.

This big item doesn’t have to be a big job, especially when you only need to do it every six months. Simply vacuum the top, using an upholstery attachment, and remove any stains with a cold, lightly-dampened cloth, using a little upholstery shampoo if you want. Rotate it head-to-toe for even wear, and you’re all set! Also, remember that a quality mattress cover or pad can protect it from dust mites and other allergens.

We use them every day without thinking too much about them, but the appliances in our lives need and deserve regular cleaning, especially the ones that come into contact with our food or that we trust to clean everything else in our homes!

We love a good self-cleaning oven, but not all of them have that setting. If yours doesn’t, you’ll want to schedule a cleanse every six months. Take out the oven racks and soak in hot water and liquid detergent, and spray the oven – both the inside and the door – with oven cleaner. Put some newspapers under the door to catch any drips, and let everything sit overnight.

Meanwhile, run any removable knobs through the dishwasher. The next morning, wipe everything clean with warm water and a rag and scrub any non-removable knobs with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Voila! Make sure to wait a few days before cooking a big meal, as the smells of chemicals and food can combine rather unpleasantly.

Don’t you want the appliance that cleans your dishes to be spotless? Luckily, it’s an easy once-a-month task. Just put an upright cup of vinegar on the empty top rack and run a full cycle on hot.

Washer and Dryer
We trust our washers and dryers to purify our germiest things, but it turns out some of our linens are actually turning these machines into breeding grounds for things like salmonella and E. coli. Horrifying! What to do? Whenever you clean underwear, kitchen towels, or anything you would put in the “whites” category, clean with hot water and bleach to sanitize both your laundry and your machine.


You might not think of your computer as being particularly germ-infested, but anything touched by human hands as much as the keyboard is touched is bound to be a prime spot for bacteria. As needed, disconnect the keyboard and the mouse and wipe down with a clean rag and rubbing alcohol, using a cotton ball to get into the deep crevices.

Let the light in by cleaning your windows twice a year, inside and out. Make your own cleaner by mixing five drops of liquid dish detergent and one teaspoon rubbing alcohol in two gallons of water.

Use a sponge to clean the whole window, followed by a lint-free cloth or coffee filter across a 1-inch strip at the top of the window. Squeegee in smooth, slightly-overlapping strokes. Make your strokes horizontal on one side and vertical on the other to quickly find and correct any streaks.

Window Screens
It wouldn’t make much sense to clean the windows without cleaning the screens too, now would it? Once a year, scrub them down either in your yard or in your bathtub. If you’re lucky enough to have some good green space, spray the screens with a garden hose, followed by a gentle scrub with a one-part ammonia, three-parts water solution. Rinse and let dry in the sun. If you’re going the tub route, lay down a drop cloth or old blanket and put the screens under the shower head, cleaning with window cleaner and letting them air-dry.

Of course, you’re vacuuming regularly and spot-cleaning as needed, but try to deep-clean your carpets once a year. Opt for the steam-cleaning route after vacuuming off surface dirt, spritzing the cleaning solution directly onto the carpet with a spray bottle and using only clean water in the extractor in the steam-cleaner.

The place where you clean yourself should be pristine. Obviously, you’re cleaning your bathroom regularly, so do a deep clean on tile grout about once a year

Wood Furniture

Keep your wood furniture glowing with a once-a-year polish. Wipe down your furniture with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one, then apply wax with the natural botanical carnauba in a circular manner. Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove with a dry cloth in the direction of the wood grain until the cloth slides.

Get cleaning! It’s not as bad as you think! BUT… if you chose to leave the dirty work in the hands of the professionals, look no further then Eco Clean Madison! They will leave your house with a sparkle!
Whether you clean the dirtiest part of the house, always put a smile to it and enjoy what you are doing, after all, you will find peace when you go home to a clean and fresh smelling house. 

How to Create a Living Space That Is Both Bright and Airy

The condition of interior spaces can have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Rooms that are kept dark and stuffy all the time don’t only look sad and dreary, they can actually be bad for your health as well. Indoor pollutants like tobacco smoke, household pesticides, radon, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and lead can circulate around your indoor air with you being none the wiser. Exposure to such pollutants can manifest in what is known as sick building syndrome, which is a medical condition that causes people to feel unwell for no apparent reasons.
If you would like to have a home that is light, bright, and airy, it’s time to make some changes. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider.

De-Clutter the Space
One of the easiest ways to make your living room feel less stuffy is to minimize the amount of clutter within that space. Make an inventory of the things that you can throw or give away, and keep only the things that actually bring you happiness and add value to your life. Trust us, minimalism can make a huge difference in the way indoor spaces look and feel.

Install Sheer Curtains Instead of Heavy Drapes
If your living room is already dark because your windows are not large enough or because the room’s configuration itself can’t take full advantage of natural lighting, don’t make it even darker by choosing the wrong window treatments. Consider buying sheer curtains instead so you can make the most of whatever amount of daylight streams in from the outside. Of course, you can still layer the sheer curtains with heavy drapes, but only use them in the evening to enhance your privacy.
The best thing about sheer curtains is that they come in a variety of styles. Whether patterned, embroidered, or solid-colored, sheer curtains are a great compromise for when you need both daylight and privacy during the day.

Build Large Openings
If you have the budget to remodel your home, it would be best to build large openings that will optimize the amount of light and air that enter your home. Large windows and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors maximize the amount of light while also allowing air to circulate in your living room when they are opened. If your living room doesn’t have an upper floor above, you might also want to consider building a skylight, which should let more daylight into your home.

Repaint Your Walls in Cheerful Colors
Sometimes, simply giving your living room a new coat of paint can already make a huge difference. Choose bright, cheerful colors that enhance the glow of daylight indoors. All-white is always a great choice, although pastel colors and bright colors like sunny yellow, turquoise, lavender, and light pink also work wonders.

Choose Furnishings and Accessories Made of Light Materials
Choosing the right materials for your living room’s furnishings and accessories can also have a big impact on the overall feel of the room. Consider wicker furniture made from natural materials like rattan, reed, bamboo, willow, seagrass, or those constructed from synthetics like vinyl. If you have existing furniture that is upholstered in heavy materials like leather, you can purchase furniture covers made from cotton or linen to make them feel a little airier.

Minimize Your Accessories
One of the basic tenets of minimalism—to keep only items that bring value to your life—can also be applied to the way you choose accessories for your living room. Keeping your knickknacks to a minimum can make any indoor space feel brighter and roomier, so choose only items that you want to see on a daily basis or those that you would be proud to show your guests and visitors. Consider hanging framed art pieces that you really love, or displaying small cultural items that you have collected from your travels around the world. Great accessories can also be as simple as a few pieces of pottery or beautiful candelabras with bright-colored candles.   

You don’t have to feel limited by the current architecture of your home if you want to make your living space look and feel lighter and more cheerful. Simply follow the steps above, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a light, bright, and airy living space.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How to Apply Nanofixit Invisible Screen Protector in just 3 Easy-Steps

Who knew that you can protect your mobile phone screens just by wiping, applying and drying?

Remember, the smartphones we got as prizes from the last Ad Summit event we attended last week? I started using one of the smartphones we got and of course, having a new phone or any gadget perse, we always tend to do some extra caring and protection to it. 

There was this gift we got last Christmas and it has been sitting in the box for months now, at first, I thought of it as an added clutter in the stock box but the good thing for a new phone...I was able to find it useful, in fact very useful indeed!

Nanofixit invisible screen protection pack, I googled the product first before me diving into a do-it-yourself, and eventually me leading to making this video (check out the full video in the screen above this post, it will direct you to my Youtube) :).

I was surprised when I opened the box and saw three small packets with numbers 1-3 indicated in each pack.
  • Step1- alcohol pad
  • Step2- liquid screen protector
  • Step3- microfiber cloth
My initial concern when I was checking out the Nanofixit box is, will it fit the screen of my new phone. I was used to using plastic peel-off screen protector that you can buy, having the exact mobile phone screen size and dimension and also the specific slots for the speaker and earpiece location. 

This Nanofixit invisible screen protector will make you not to worry about those details I mentioned above. 

After doing the simple and easy three steps...I also did the scratch test, I was a little hesitant in doing this, but what to lose, right? 
I scratched the screen after applying the liquid using a key, it works did not make any scratch marks!

Btw, I consumed the liquid excess and applied it to my iPad and the back of the phone, so thrifty, haha! 

Have you tried this Nanofixit invisible screen protector on any of your gadget's screen? How was it so far? Let me hear your thoughts about this product. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bits-en-pieces: Live the GetGo lifestyle, enjoy exciting rewards!

How can you live your life to the fullest? With GetGo, the lifestyle rewards program of Cebu Pacific, you can get the most out of everyday living and experience the best of what life can offer. It enables you to pursue your dreams and achieve your bucket list while unlocking wonderful surprises such as free flights.

GetGo makes daily spending more rewarding as it lets you earn rewards points that can be used to avail of free flights to Cebu Pacific’s local and international destinations.

With its members’ different interests and passions, GetGo and its lifestyle partners are set to give everyone more exciting chances to start a life of wonder and fly to new adventures.

Get going to see the wonders of the world when you fly and earn with GetGo’s travel partners. 

The travel junkie
Traveling is indeed one of life’s simple pleasures. It opens up a world of enormous possibilities, offering fresh experiences and electrifying expeditions.

Now, free-spirited individuals and wide-eyed wanderers can discover more places with GetGo’s travel partners. Score great hotel accommodations at exciting deals when you book with Agoda, Kaligo, or Book amazing activities and see beautiful attractions with Klook. Climb the highest peak in the country and appreciate sights from above when you hike with Trail Adventours. You can also enjoy local road trips to surprise destinations with Experience Philippines. Each trip with these travel partners or every P88 spend with Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit Card by UnionBank earns you GetGo points that you can use for your next adventures.

Take your bestie out on a shopping date and earn points for free flights when you shop with GetGo’s lifestyle partners. 

The shopping enthusiast
Keeping up with the latest trends by going on trips to malls or checking online stores have become more than just a hobby for shopping enthusiasts. It has become an outlet for expression, creativity, and individuality.

Outgoing trendsetters and individuals can purchase products from various brands at an affordable price at Lazada. You can also go on a retail therapy at Robinsons Department Stores and search through aisles of voguish clothes and shoes. Use Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit Card by UnionBank where every P88 spend is equal to 1 GetGo point or any partner credit card to get the newest fashion items and collect points which you can convert for complimentary flights to your dream destinations.

GetGo and its partners make everyday expenses more rewarding with points that can take you and the family on a trip locally or abroad.

The working mom
Valuing practicality, mothers are careful when it comes to daily expenditures but GetGo makes grocery shopping more rewarding with its retail partners. Purchase quality buys and enjoys fresh selections at reasonable prices at Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Selections, and Robinsons Easymart. Moms can also plan budget staycations at GetGo’s hotel partners. Summit Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, Taal Vista Hotel, Pico Sands Hotel, Radisson Blu Cebu, Park Inn by Radisson Clark, and Park Inn by Radisson Davao offer affordable accommodations where the whole family can unwind during the weekend.

Live an active and outgoing lifestyle powered by GetGo and its partners and you can get points to convert for free flights with the family. 

The outgoing dad
Millennial fathers can take the family on spontaneous weekend road trips fueled by Petron. Technology has also given rise to an innovative payment alternative through Dragonpay which offers direct disbursement solutions to easily fulfill the growing interest in cars, health, technology, and sports. With GetGo and its lifestyle partners, fathers can receive points to fly for free with the whole family. Likewise, dads can sustain an active and affluent way of living with GetGo’s credit card partners like Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit Card by UnionBank where he can earn points for every P30 worth of transactions.

So start enabling the life you want with GetGo. Not yet a member? Visit for more information on how to join and enjoy a life of infinite rewards that can fly you to places.

Stay updated on the program and latest promos by visiting the website and by liking GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

More ROIs Unveiled at Day Two of Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018

The second day of Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018 revealed more ROIs that aim to inspire and empower advertisers and marketers to create ad and marketing campaigns that move people.  

Katryna Mojica, chief executive officer of Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong, started the day with a talk on "Return on Initiative,” by looking into the intricacies of agency leadership in varied cultural settings.

She talked about her experiences working—from the Philippines to Vietnam, Indonesia, and currently Hong Kong—and her learnings about working in culturally diverse environments along the way.

"I always feel that leadership in an organization is creating an environment where people can do their best work,” she said.

As a global Pinoy boss, Mojica also talked about Filipinos' intuitive capacity for adaptability, which she described as both strength and weakness, in the sense that this could prevent Filipinos from speaking up and engaging in constructive dialogue.

“Return on Initiative is about maximizing Filipino talent," she said. But Mojica used the talk as an opportunity to talk about the position of Filipinos in the industry.

She urged people to get these dialogues going, to start creating an environment where Filipinos could strike a harmonious balance between “our ability to adapt and empathize with others” with the courage to speak up and clearly communicate both agreement and disagreement in the workplace, and to come up with a healthy friction that would help everyone's talents to flourish.

"Let's build a tolerance for dissonance, let's build an appetite for disruption,” she said.

For his part, Josy Paul, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO India, gave a moving discussion on "Return on Inspiration." He said, "Don't create ads, create acts.”

In his talk, he shared his unique viewpoint on advertising, which treated campaigns as less of parading the values of the brand, and more of using the brand message as a platform to incite action and spark movements.

Through advertising movements such as Ariel's #ShareTheLoad and Whisper's Touch the Pickle, Paul showed how far simple messages and calls to action could go in terms of initiating people into the important conversation.
Through memorable passages such as "Content is King, Context is King Kong", Paul emphasized the importance of recognizing the issue; the problem; and the cause that needs to be communicated, to see what's happening in society in order to respond in a way that makes things a little better, maybe not by changing the situation, but getting people to talk and later, create action on it.

"Our return is response from a society that is waiting for things to happen," he said.

In measuring the impact of these ads, third speaker digital guru, Girish Menon, underscored how data and measurement can become keys to effective digital marketing, because as, he said, “Digital advertising is plagued by risk, fraud, and lack of transparency… And around the world, advertisers are waking up.”

But he reiterated that digital is still the most measurable medium in advertising.

To maximize its impact, Menon, who is currently the vice president for client development for m[PLATFORM] APAC, said, “Improved use of data and measurement will help digital marketing deliver more impact… buy audiences and not websites; focus on brand health, engagement, and conversion metrics, rather than cheap clicks and impressions; to invest in independent ad serving and verification, and to develop a data-driven messaging strategy.”

Blockbuster Online Content

Francis Flores, the global brand chief marketing officer for Jollibee Foods Corporation, shared the stories behind their viral ad campaigns, stating that such is an example of Return on Intuition.

“Don’t be afraid to use your intuition. Your agency will love you for using your creative freedom,” he said.
Flores explained, “Intuition is having the confidence to make bold decisions without solely relying on market data.”
As for the secret to Jollibee’s blockbuster ads, “Powerful brand stories with powerful truths that are well told,” he shared.

By powerful truths, he meant powerful insights or the “hugot.” These powerful insights should be well told to ensure blockbuster viral campaigns that generate high brand buzz, he said.

Lastly, Wil Dasovich, vlogger/ YouTube content creator, talked about Return on Influence. 

"I always wanted to be an entertainer, but I wanted value-added entertainment; I wanted entertainment that people could learn from," he quipped.

Alongside fellow content creator Jako de Leon, Dasovich also talked about the combination of value, authenticity, and story-telling, which results in personal and organic stories that make audiences place their trust in an influencer.

Together with the Vlog Squad—consisting of Haley Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Jako de Leon, Daniel Marsh, Bret Maverick, and Josh Yozura—Dasovich shared their motto as content creators: “We can rise together if we help each other.”