Friday, June 15, 2018

Proper food storage in the fridge won't make your family sick

Many of us have the impression that storing our foods in the refrigerator will keep them fresh and safe. But, not having your appliance set at the right temperature can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow and flourish, which can result in an unsafe environment for food storage for you and your kids.

Improper food storage and sanitation can lead to a high risk of foodborne illnesses, especially this rainy season. Among these diseases is listeriosis, a serious infection caused by eating food with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeriosis can be dangerous to pregnant women, newborns, children, and elderly, and can result to fever, muscle aches, or even gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea.

As such, refrigerating a food contaminated with Listeria can cause it to spread to other food products inside the refrigerator that may be making your child prone to sickness.

The good news, however, is that there are various ways we can do to reduce the risk of listeriosis at home by raising an awareness on proper refrigerator care to help improve the quality of food that you and your kids eat.

Consume use-by date food products immediately

Use-by date refers to the final day by which perishable goods should be consumed. After the recommended date, food quality is likely to go down and the food safety is lessened.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that food products are eaten before their use by date and not after.

You may realize that use-by date products spoil easily. Thus, it is crucial for you to follow storage instructions. However, take note that you should follow the use by dates on unopened ready-to-eat food products and not store food packages after they have been opened. Storing opened food products in the refrigerator can increase the risk of Listeria to grow.

Clean your refrigerator regularly

It is important to wipe food spills immediately to keep Listeria from growing and spreading to other foods. You can clean the inside walls and shelves with hot water and a mild liquid dishwashing detergent then rinse it thoroughly.

Likewise, make sure to throw old and spoiled foods that may cause growth and spread of bacteria. Try moving older foods in the front part of your fridge to make it more visible so that it can be consumed before it gets spoiled.

Keep raw meat, poultry, or fish, which may contain several bacteria, from cooked meals. Also, make sure that raw meats are at the bottom part of the shelf to avoid it from dripping. However, it is still better to have them sealed in a tight container.

Properly sanitizing your refrigerator can avoid different types of bacteria like Coliforms, Vibrio, salmonella, e-Coli, Botulinum, and Pseudomonas—all of which harmful to the human health—from growing on foods such as raw meat, milk, fish, and more.

Keep your refrigerator at the right temperature

Having your refrigerator at the proper temperature can avoid or slow the growth of Listeria. To check if your refrigerator is at the right temperature, put an appliance thermometer inside and make the necessary adjustment in the temperature control. Makes sure that your refrigerator register at 40°F (4°C) or below and your freezer at 0°F (-18°C).

Refrigerating below the recommended 4℃ will significantly slow the growth of bacteria. But as the temperature rises, the bacteria can grow at a faster rate, which can result in spoilage, wastage, and food poisoning.

Your refrigerator plays an important role in keeping your food safe and free from any bacteria that can result in foodborne illnesses. In fact, operating at the wrong temperature can leave room for the bacteria to get the nutrients and temperature it needs to grow inside your refrigerator.

While refrigerators can be a breeding ground for foodborne illnesses, Beko Refrigerator’s Active Ioniser neutralizes the bacteria that cause effluvia to create an antibacterial effect to keep the refrigerator from harmful pathogens such as Listeria. Also, Its Blue Light Technology allows for a continuous process of photosynthesis, allowing fresh produce to maintain their natural flavors and nutritional value for up to 30 days.

On top of that, the Beko Refrigerator’s new age of NeoFrost Technology keeps the humidity of their refrigerator at an optimum level of up to 90 percent in the cooler for longer freshness. It also makes for a more stable and faster cooling for both the cooler and the freezer compartments at A+ energy efficiency level. Moreover, its independent cooling systems also help in preventing odor transfer in between the compartments to keep the quality of the air inside at maximum levels.

To know more about Beko and Beko Philippines, like the Beko Philippines fan page (@BekoPH) or visit the website at


Beko is the global home appliances brand of the Arçelik Group and belongs to the Koç Holding – one of the largest conglomerate in Europe, ranking among the first 250 on the Fortune Global 500 list. Beko set out in 1955 – with one washing machine. And with one goal: Bringing smart products to everyone.

Today, we are the second largest brand within the European white goods sector. It’s because we are always driven by the constant desire to innovate for a better life. Thanks to this approach, we have become one of the leading home appliances companies in the world. And within the last five years, we have been rising as the fastest growing white goods brand in Europe – with 25.000 employees, 14 global production sites and products sold in more than 130 countries.

But no matter where our success stories begin, each and every one of them starts with our inspiration to keep on changing for the better. And the reason why we are always trying for the better is people. They have been shaping our vision, setting our course and helping us to navigate to our goals. Their actions, enthusiasm, and spirit are, in truth, what has been inspiring us today as in yesterday, for more than 60 years.

This belief is our common ground. And together, we can turn this new chapter into another long-term Beko success story – to create smarter ideas and better solutions, now and in the future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Top Exercises to Shred that Extra Fat

More often than not, most people hitting the gym are looking to get rid of excess fat. A healthy diet is critical in complementing your training routine. Workout supplements from Acheter Steroid can also help you achieve better results. Other than improving your overall look, burning calories has a host of other benefits which cannot be overstated.

Health Benefits
Health, of course, tops the list of advantages. Burning extra calories decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it improves mobility, which naturally translates to increased flexibility, hence reducing joint pain. Lastly, it keeps your blood sugar levels in check, thus lessening the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Lifestyle Benefits
Burning calories enables you to enjoy your life even more. Having an appealing physique boosts your confidence and self-esteem and regular exercise helps you to sleep better.

Working out also calms you down, reducing stress levels, especially if you are in a difficult situation. Less stress equals a better mood, making you feel more energetic.

Some of the top exercises that will enable you to burn excess calories faster are:


Research has proven that high-intensity swimming can burn up to 680 calories an hour. Furthermore, it involves all the major muscle groups, thus improving body balance, strengthening muscles and boosting your heart rate. Try various styles like breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly to make the session more entertaining. Apart from that, swimming in a colder pool is said to increase the rate at which your body burns calories since your body burns more calories to stay warm.

Performing Martial Arts

Learning different martial arts such as taekwondo and karate will also help to burn calories faster. Other than that, performing martial arts helps the body gain speed, power and improves mental concentration. Research proves that taekwondo burns approximately 700 calories in an hour.


Jumping with a rope can burn approximately 1000 calories in an hour, and it is a perfect workout for the entire body. Both kids and adults can do it, anytime and anywhere, and the only equipment required is a skipping rope.


Also known as fast pace running, this is a high-intensity cardio exercise. Completing a 100 or 200-meter sprint requires a lot of energy, making the body burn excess calories. In addition, sprinting improves your cardiovascular system by speeding up your heart rate.

High-Intensity Aerobics

High-intensity aerobics such as dancing, hopping and jumping jacks challenge your body muscles to contract and expand in a fast and well-controlled manner. You can challenge yourself by incorporating weights such as a dumbbell while maintaining the high-intensity level. Do this in intervals, each lasting for 20 to 30 minutes, then take a break.


Biking at a vigorous pace makes you feel a burning sensation in your lungs and increases your heart rate. Cycling in mountainous and hilly terrain helps your body to burn even more calories; research suggests up to 680 calories an hour.

How to get Discount and Shop on Lazada through PERA SWIPE?

When you hear about the word shopping, we always think and wish for a discount. The traditional way of shopping in a physical store or the modern way of doing shopping online, for whatever goods you have in mind. Yes, a majority of the products are being sold online. From groceries, clothing, baby and home products, and even food from your favorite restaurants!

In today's generation shopping for items you and your family needs can be as convenient as waiting for it to arrive on your doorsteps. What is even cooler, fun and practical to do is, when you can get your items almost for free! 

PERA SWIPE can be your platform to get points as rewards to earn and convert the points to game credits, gift certificates, and mobile loads! 
"You Swipe, We Pay"!

I have been a PERA SWIPE user since it all started last year and I am a part of this successful venture. PERA SWIPE is celebrating its 1st PERAnniversary
In line with this celebration, they updated the PERA SWIPE app to version 2.3, easier to earn points and get discount codes I can use to shop at Lazada, the largest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia! 

How to get Discount and Shop on Lazada through PERA SWIPE? 

1. New user- Download the app on Google Play Store (
    Existing users- Update to V2.3 on Google Play Store 
2. Register and Sign-up- use my referral code akosimagzdc and get 555pts instantly!
3. Download the Lazada app. Make sure your email address on both apps is the same. 
4. When you unlock your phone and you see the Lazada ad,

Swipe LEFT to claim your 10% voucher code that will be sent to you via SMS. You will be redirected to Lazada app and you are now ready to go shopping!

I saved the discount code that was SMS to me.

I searched for the name of the product that I was looking for. 

The brand prompted first on the list, I instantly add to cart and proceeded to the next page by entering the voucher code received via SMS. The 10% discounted was automatically deducted to the price of the product without pressing any button!

5. When you are done with picking out items and ready for checkout, encode the LAZADA 10% discount voucher code (up to P300 max discount), with no minimum amount of purchase.

I picked this product because I know how my father loves this scent and I couldn't imagine I can get this item in Lazada on sale! I got savings from Lazada's marked down sale, added this 10% discount because of PERA SWIPE and then another 5% rebate waiting to be loaded in my Lazada e-wallet, wow! 

I proceeded to checkout and selected my preferred payment method. All in all, I spent less than 10 minutes of my time shopping through Lazada with the discount code given to me. Since I can get a new code again this coming Monday, I will swipe and swipe the PERA SWIPE app and earn points, get a new discount code so I can shop again next week, for the whole month of June!

So, what are you waiting for? It's never too late to get something for your dearest Papa, Tatay, or Daddy with PERA Swipe and Lazada. 

Check out some points below regarding this amazing for all of us below! 

Take note:
1. The discount transaction will only work if the LAZADA app is opened through PERA SWIPE lock screen, follow the steps for a successful transaction.
2. This promo is exclusive for purchases made using the LAZADA app.
3. 10% LAZADA discount voucher code from PERA SWIPE is valid for 7 days only.
4. Each user can request one voucher per week. A new voucher can be requested every Monday.

Get 5% cash back on ALL LAZADA PURCHASES

1. Purchase any products from Lazada in June 2018. No minimum/maximum purchase required)
2. Make sure your registered email in Lazada and PERA SWIPE is the same. You can change your e-mail address in the settings of your PERA SWIPE app.
3. Purchase must be done using the Lazada app after it opens by swiping left on the PERA SWIPE lock screen.
4. Your Lazada E-Wallet must be activated on or before July 1, 2018.
5. The 5% cash back will be credited to your Lazada E-Wallet on or before July 17, 2018. (Notified via SMS)

* Not applicable for canceled/refunded transactions.
* Make sure your email address on PERA SWIPE and Lazada are the same. You won’t get 5% cash back if the email addresses do not match.

Happy shopping! 


Monday, June 11, 2018

What to do when you are still not over with summer?

It is hard to let go of things you enjoy doing especially when you love the season you are into. Living in a tropical country that has two seasons in a year; sunny and rainy, you can honestly say that transitioning to one season to another is quite difficult at times. 

Summer just ended and it has been raining for almost a week now. We are so thankful for the past season as it gave us cool and fun memories. Rainy season just started a week ago, it's been raining constantly. 

Although I love the rainy season especially when we can stay home and enjoy time lounging and basically doing nothing, I still miss the sunny season!

When I was out at the mall yesterday, a salesman offered me this Glade 3-in-1 automatic spray holder. 

It caught my interest because of the scent and the spray holder shape and color. 

I asked the salesman to test the sprayer and this is what it looks like inside. The container looks like a concrete vase with an etched design that compliments the look as a decor, it flips open into two where you can place the spray canister inside. It has two available scents; Ocean-escape and Lavender

I first choice is the ocean escape scent because I still can't let go of the summer-feel. This will surely make our room in the house feels sunny and summer at the same time. 

My second scent was the lavender but when they tried and was able to smell the scent  I changed my mind in getting this scent. It was too overpowering! I will surely regret having this as a scent inside one of the rooms in the house. So, I decided to get two units with the same scent. 

Assembling this sprayer is as easy as 1,2,3, there's a guide at the side of the box container. You snug the refill canister inside just above the battery (2AA) compartment making sure the spray nozzle is facing front. There the adjustable button which you can set time (9,18, and, 36mins) when you wanted to activate the sprayer, also the power-off button. There is also a boost button at the back of the case. 

The box contains one vase like container and one refill can for P399.75. I purchased two and immediately place one in my daughter's and one in the bathroom. I liked the scent I chose, it smells summer and ocean at the same time. My way to stay in the summer season. It claimed that it can last up to 60 days, that I find out. 

Having a clean and fresh smelling home is an added feature to home improvement, it can add value to your property and mostly an enjoyable time spent at home that smells nice. 

Let me know your thoughts about this product when you purchase one. :) 

Friday, June 8, 2018

6 Health Benefits of Whole Grains

We’ve all heard it before: whole grains are good for you. But how, exactly, can they benefit your health? Here’s a quick background on whole grains and just a few of the many reasons why you should be eating more of this wholesome food every day.

Whole versus Refined Grains
Grains are the seeds of grasses like oats, rice, and wheat, although some seeds of non-grass plants are also classified as a grain, like buckwheat and quinoa. Whole grains have all three parts of the kernel intact: the bran (the outer shell), the endosperm (the meaty middle layer), and the germ (the embryo, which grows into a new plant). They can be mechanically processed through rolling or cracking, for example, but as long as the bran and germ retain their original proportions, they are still whole grains.

Refined grains, on the other hand, only retain the endosperm after processing. This removes most of the nutritional value of the grain -- including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants -- which are all contained in the germ and the bran.

The What and How of Eating Whole Grains
The most popular kinds of whole grain based on global consumption are corn (also called maize), rice, oats, and wheat. Other kinds of whole grain include barley, millet, rye, and sorghum. There are also different sub-types or varieties; some of them include brown, red, and black for rice and farro and freekeh for wheat. Mixtures of whole grains have also created new products like triticale, which is a combination of wheat and rye.

You can consume whole grains in a variety of ways. Whole grain bread, cereals, and pasta are common examples. You can also cook them as is or incorporate them into various recipes. Popcorn, you may be surprised to know, is also a kind of whole grain; just avoid the microwaveable brands as those are laden with unhealthy fats. More recently, refreshing and delicious grain milk made from rice and oats have also emerged as healthy alternatives to dairy.

The Health Benefits of Whole Grains
Key nutrients found in whole grains include dietary fiber, B vitamins, protein, minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc, and various antioxidants and plant compounds that work together to protect the body and prevent disease. With all of these nutritive components packed into a small speck, it’s easy to see why health experts recommend eating one to three servings of whole grains daily.

Here’s how all of these nutrients from whole grains do your body good:

  • They promote better digestion. The fiber content of whole grains helps regularize bowel movement and ward off digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, and inflammation of the colon. Whole grains also promote the “good bacteria” in the large intestine, which helps with better digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • They help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Studies have shown that whole grains can help lower triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure, and prevent the body from absorbing LDL or “bad” cholesterol. All of these are important factors in reducing the risk of developing heart disease and other vascular problems. 
  • They can help you lose weight. Whole grains are important components of weight-loss diets because they are fiber-rich and thus make people feel fuller for longer, preventing overeating. Researchers also found that people who eat more whole grains have better BMIs and less belly fat, which decreases your risk of diabetes, colorectal cancer, and even sleep issues
  • They aid in metabolism. The bran of whole grains is a good source of the B vitamins thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B3), all of which are crucial in the proper metabolism of fats and nutrients. Thiamin is also important in the production of new cells. Whole grains are also a good source of vitamin B9 or folic acid, which helps in the formation of red blood cells and is a critical nutrient that helps prevent birth defects in babies.
  • They lower cancer risks. Various studies show promising results regarding the potential of whole grains to reduce cancer risk, particularly colorectal cancer. Most of this stems from the fiber content of whole grains. However, whole grains also contain other components like phytic acid that helps suppress the growth of cancer cells.
  • They help reduce inflammations. There is some evidence that suggests whole grains can help reduce inflammations, a root cause of many chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis. Whole grains are also being studied for their potential to lower C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, which has been linked not just to inflammatory diseases, but also to type 2 diabetes and autoimmune conditions.

These are just a few of the positive effects of whole grains on your health. They may not be a viable option for everyone, like those who have celiac disease, for example, but by and large, whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

How to keep Brazilian Hair Healthy when Using Hair Iron

How to style and give your virgin hair bundles that wow look? 
We always wanted to achieve that smooth, soft, fluffy and shiny feel to our look when it comes to hairstyle whether it is naturally grown hair or hair weaves like the Brazilian hair weave types. Nowadays, for easy and convenient steps to achieve this, we rely on hair tools like hair iron, where we can get that instant natural looking curls. It is even advised by hair professionals when you go to the salon. But, unfortunately, this kind of hair tool can bring damage to your hair and hair weaves. 

Want to know some tips to keep virgin hair bundles from possible damage using daily hair ironing?

Shopping for a good and quality branded hair iron- to buy a good iron for your Brazilian hair weave, always consider the material of hair iron plates or wand is made out from. Always check for even and distributed heat from the rod. Good hair plates should be made of ceramics, jade, tourmaline or titanium. Irons plates made from this materials heat evenly and distribute the heat to your virgin hair bundle from inside to the outside thereby causing less damage. Hot iron rods should have an adjustable knob features, to adjust the temperature according to hair texture and length 

Essential products to protect hot plate hair damage- To start your daily routine heat treatment, make sure the virgin hair bundle is perfectly dry if not you can use a blow dryer to complete the drying for a faster styling technique. When this is done, apply heat protecting products and spray before you start. This makes the virgin hair bundle more viable and easy to iron. Set the iron to the lowest heat and iron in small sections varying from the style you wanted to achieve. Adding hair products to maintain the style such as hair spray, hair mousse, or even hairspray.

Maintenance of Brazilian hair weave is a MUST: there is no better way to keep your Brazilian hair weave healthy by maintaining it, moisturize and conditioning will always do. A leave-on hair conditioner can be used as well. When damage appears like hair split ends regular trimming can be a good point of action. 
Check out some hair online shop like Brazilian mink hair vendors which you can compare and decide to get one. Enjoy a new and unique hairstyle that can give and define your presence and uniqueness. 

Tips to Protect your Gold Wedding Rings from Damage

Gold is considered the very expensive commodity. During the early times, gold can be a means of trading, it can be the source of payment for goods and services. Today, gold is used for an exchange of currency. Gold which is considered as a precious metal and having characteristics of being permeable or flexible according to one's desired form. 

This precious metal can also be damaged by chemicals, residue, oils, and physical damage causing dents.  

When I was little I keep hearing when my mother, grandma and the rest of the female family members when they talk about jewelry like gold and such, they keep on insisting that gold is the best investment of all. This was instilled in me and now I can say that I am certified in love with gold in general, whether it's pieces of jewelry and other gold items I can have. I find gold as a classy and sophisticated piece of jewelry that can be matched in anything.

Gold as a wedding ring symbolizes the union between the married couple, that is why they say that to take off your wedding ring carries bad luck. But, what if you are exposed to chemicals and other harsh products that can damage your precious gold pieces? 

 A very nice
 set of the wedding band from Morganite Engagement Ring, if I have the option to purchase a wedding band again I might consider these ones. 

I personally like applying hand creams and lotions multiple times a day, at work or at home most especially when I do house chores as such washing the dishes. 

I normally take off rings I am wearing to avoid dents and exposing it to chemicals and oil stains, this can prevent damage to the wedding band and a good protection of stones set on the ring. 

How to Store Your Wedding Bands

Store your gold pieces separated from each other, if you have a jewelry box with compartments placed them individually. This will prevent scratches and dents which gold is known for. Also, you can protect your diamonds or other stones in it. 
You can also individually wrap your gold rings using a soft cotton cloth or a soft tissue paper. Make sure the rings are dry and clean before storing.
You can have your pieces be maintained by a professional jewelry cleaner when the time comes. 

Typical yellow gold wedding bands are the traditional color when you speak of gold. Today, a beautiful rose gold matching wedding bands are the trendy color that falls to color fashion.

Although gold requires a lot of maintenance do not fret, consider it as a way to preserve the quality condition, thus by making your pieces more valuable in the years to come, just like your marriage. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tips to Take Care of your Hair Extensions

To have an amazing look along with a dramatic change, great length hair extensions have all the features. They will give you that incredible style and length within an hour rather from the several weeks, months or even years for you to decide what kind of hairstyle you like, or the "what's in" in the fashion scene when it comes to trendy hairstyle.

Hair extensions happen to be the safe way of creating longer locks for a short time or it can even go for a longer period as long as it is well-taken cared of. The techniques of the application can vary and could incorporate a weave, glue, or perhaps clip method. Once it is combined with your natural locks it will create a natural look, apply a perfect and suitable makeup color that is suitable for the hairstyle.

One primary reason why people choose extensions is that hair extension is not permanent. They come be removed just as simple as you applied them. You are able to change color, length, and elegance anytime you would like.

How to look after hair extensions?
Great length extensions could be looked after in the same fundamental manner that you'd take care of your normal hair. However, the main difference in care is vital towards the existence of the extension.

When washing hair, shampoo as if you would. Run the shampoo with the extensions lightly and make certain that you simply rinse carefully. Not receiving all the soap out might cause the extension to get much drier than usual. Apply your favorite brand of hair conditioner generously towards the very tips from the hair and rinse lightly. This is useful to keep it moist.

Brush and style your hair normally and pay attention to the tangles that could develop, because the extensions are extremely dry they frequently develop matted balls. Should you come across a knot don't pull onto it. When the tangles become excessive you might want to consider and purchase an extension brush.

Getting great extensions is definitely an awesome method of making a modification of your appearance. If this interests you consider searching for the variety of hair vendors online that can help you decide on getting one. 

Vivo continues to usher the industry to the future with its forward-looking tech

When young global smartphone brand Vivo entered the mobile industry, the market was dominated by two or three names. But in a matter of years, Vivo changed the game.   

Vivo has been determined to break barriers and introduce technology that ushered the industry into the future. After all, it was Vivo that introduced a 20-megapixel dual front camera in V5 Plus and a 24MP front camera in V7, V7+, and V9.

Vivo V5 Radiant Beauty
The V5 is the first smartphone with a 20MP camera.

Vivo V5 Plus Magical Selfies Vivo V5s Smartphone Softlight Camera
The V5 was then followed by the release of the V5Plus (left) and V5s (right), both with 20MP selfie camera. The V5Plus, meanwhile, has a 20MP+8MP dual rear camera.
Aside from the selfie camera, Vivo also paid attention to the users’ need for a bigger screen. Earlier this year, Vivo released the ultimate iteration of a concept smartphone, the APEX™ FullView™, which nearly has a 100% screen-to-body display. The V9, Vivo’s newest flagship, is getting closer to goal with its 90% screen-to-body ratio.

Vivo is also the first to introduce the in-display fingerprint scanner that gives users another method to unlock their smartphones.

Vivo then introduced the first smartphones with 24MP front camera, the V7+ (left) and V7 (right).

Vivo then released the upgrade to its cameras, the V9 with a 24MP AI Selfie Camera and 16MP+5MP dual rear camera.

It is still a wonder what Vivo will do next. For instance, it wowed the tech world with its bezel-less APEX concept smartphone because of its pop-up selfie camera to achieve the 100% screen-to-body ratio.

Helping the brand unlock the next best thing in the mobile industry are 2,200 dedicated research and development personnel in several R&D centers worldwide—in San Diego, United States and in China, specifically in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Beijing.

With all its development, it is no doubt that the young smartphone brand is already leading the pack to the future.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

Friday, May 25, 2018

LOOK: Vivo V9 stuns in elegant Velvet Red

Calling red as a head-turner is an understatement. No color has the same impact as red. Red represents a myriad of emotions and occasions from both ends of the spectrum. But global smartphone brand Vivo owns the color by highlighting its elegance that transcends trends.

Vivo has released its flagship smartphone, the V9, in Velvet Red.


The Vivo V9 in Velvet Red has the same power as its previously released Pearl Black and Gold colors. It has a 24-megapixel AI selfie camera, 16MP+5MP dual rear camera, and a 6.3-inch FullView™ Display with a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio—only in a more eye-catching finish.


With its standout color, the Vivo V9 in Velvet Red is as good as any glitzy fashion accessory. Pair it up with a monochromatic outfit, the smartphone can add a pop of color to your look. It will also go best with your outfits in green, blue, yellow, orange, and earthy hues. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can wear any color you wish with your Velvet Red in hand.  


Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Hazel Bascon explained that the Velvet Red represents the youthful vibe of the global smartphone brand.

“Red is for the bold, for the adventurous, for the youthful, for the fashion-forward, for the energetic. Our ardent users are mostly young, hip, and spirited and the Vivo V9 in Velvet Red is a fitting nod to them,” she said.



The Vivo V9 Velvet Red is also retailed at Php17,990 at authorized shops nationwide.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dancing: Perhaps The Best Mediation Strategy

Comprehensive Health

Part of good physical health involves good mental health. Certainly, eating right and exercising are key to physical optimization; but if there isn’t any “soul” to the activity, health may yet decline. Stress is the reason why. If your DNA were a shoelace, the tape at the end would be made of telomerase. Stress wears down telomerase, just like time wears out the tape from a shoelace until it unravels.

The best way to reduce aging is to reduce the steady diminishment of telomerase from your DNA—at least that’s the current thinking. Stress reduction is key in maintaining telomerase. Good eating and physical exercise that is exceptionally stressful can yet lead to poor health—consider the retired soldier suffering from PTSD. Though he may have made it habitual to eat right and exercise regularly, the stress of his previous position eclipses many of the health benefits in terms of collateral fallout from mental injury.

However, if he can find a way to turn around the negative mental aspect of things, then he can reduce stress. To this end, physical activities that have more than exercise as their primary goal are very recommendable. What’s most ideal is finding a physical activity which in-and-of-itself has a purpose that is totally separate from physical excellence; like dancing.

Consider the ballerina. Her style and beauty are made paramount through physical excellence, but physical excellence isn’t required for the artistry of the dance. In an upward spiral, the more a person dances, the more physically excellent they become, making the final result more affecting. In all these things, there is a mental quotient to the movement which has much in common with meditation.

The Different State Of Mind

When you’re dancing, you’re following steps and choreography previously defined, or you’re using moves you’ve learned in the past in a freestyle manner to create something new—or even attempting new steps as you go. Whatever you do, your mind is operating at a level of consciousness that has interesting qualities. There is such a thing as muscle memory, and the mind can yet wander while the body moves in time to previously memorized motions.

There is a misconception pertaining to meditation; namely that it always involves emptying one’s mind completely. This actually isn’t the case. Certainly, some meditation advocates this; but it’s also possible to meditate on a specific topic, thinking about it until some breakthrough results or some emotional state is reached.

With dance, meditation usually involves the final performance. It may involve remaining in sequence with other dancers. It may involve simply achieving a specific state of inspired feeling throughout the movement. It may involve “surfing” or “flowing” along segues in present time. Remember, dance isn’t just for ladies performing graceful steps designed to evoke a weightless aesthetic. In terms of break-dancing and many modern moves, the male component of dance has its own special flavor and counterpart to the female. In Salsa and the like, this is certainly true.

Transcendent Performance

Something else to keep in mind in regard to dance is that throughout the performance of the art, the overarching future-attained goal of a fulfilling performance or completion of a given step is always somewhere in the dancer’s mind. To a certain degree, thinking becomes separated from action, even though that action is being controlled by thought.

In a way, this is naturally transcendent. The seasoned dancer gets to a point where consciousness is removed from present experience, taking a back-seat to “muscle memory”, and beginning to either drift or focus; depending on the dancer’s concentration. If the reality of this meditative state of mind is incorporated into the performance, it can help maximize impact.

Especially for troupes of performance, a wise strategy to attain maximized meditative clarity and performance profoundness involves proper costuming. Whether wardrobe predicates idiosyncratic, individualized outfits, or those that are uniform, the literal putting on of clothes designed for a performance can help focus the mind.

Alexandra Costumes specializes in costumes for dancers, providing clients: “…access to…one of kind costumes at a discounted price. Our performance wear features comfortable fitting, vibrant colors, unique designs, and trendy styles that make…performance stand out on any stage.

Land Among The Stars

There is an old saying about aiming for the moon and getting the stars thrown in, or aiming for the moon, then falling among the stars even should the primary lunar target be missed. With exercise, this approach makes sense. One should aim for high goals, even if they seem unattainable.

If you’re aiming for something higher than you think you can achieve, you’ll achieve something higher than you likely would have been able to. But if you’re aiming directly at a certain goal, you’ll have a harder time hitting it. With dancing, this mindset is built-in through the meditation made possible through muscle memory and repetition.

Dancing isn’t the only kind of physical activity where such a comprehensive healthy outcome may result. Many teach kids sports in school in order to effect the same kind of overall health. With sports, the goal is a victory through skill, not physical excellence—physical excellence comes about as a result of practice but isn’t the goal of a sport. The same is true with dance.

With dance, it isn’t physical health that is sought, it is athletic aesthetic in movement, synchronicity, choreography, and overall performance. As a result of seeking these things, physical excellence gets thrown in. Ultimately, being involved in dance can additionally round out the mind, reducing stress and further initiating healthy development. So meditating on these things while dancing, or other aspects of life that require some deep thought, can provide some of the best results otherwise only attainable through more commonly known meditative means.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How to Look Fashionable with Eyeglasses

Fashion speaks one's personality, you can never compare one's personality to another. It is a unique identity that a person can be identified with. To wear what is comfortable for you is what fashion is all about. Accessories can add up to your fashion get-up, as it also signifies culture, tradition, health concern, and beliefs.  

Nowadays, eyeglasses- whether prescription eyeglasses frames or just accessory that can be associated with fashion. I remember during earlier years when I was in high school, wearing eyeglasses can be daunting and it can limit your activities like joining school activities that require no wearing of eyeglasses, so as a teenager and eager to do things with friends and classmates it became a hindrance.

Today, eyeglasses can be worn aesthetically and medically at the same time. You can have your pair of eyeglasses as trendy and fashionable as you wanted. The variety of designs, materials, and, brands can give you that decision on what you want for a specific occasion. You can have sporty eyeglasses for sports purposes, prescription cateye eyeglasses for an office outfit accessory or even a half rim glasses frames for more sophisticated and fashionable look. 

For female office attire, you can style with a pair of sleek dark pants, and white or cream colored long sleeves ensemble, you can add up a jacket for a more formal look. For accessories, you can wear gold earrings, watch, and, bangles. For shoes, a black one to two inches heeled shoes that is comfortable when you walk around can be a nice match. For office bag, leather bag whether black or earth colored with no print will add more chicness to this style. 

When you are about to leave the office and want to hit the gym, a perfect sized gym bag along with your pair of gym shoes, sweatpants, gym clothes that are made with Lycra material which doesn't absorb sweat (always bring an extra pair). And, do not forget your eyeglasses when in the gym or outside sports activities. It can protect your eyes and prevent it from additional visual damage. 
Things to remember when wearing eyeglasses: 

  1. Make sure you have the right eyeglasses prescription. 
  2. Always visit your eye doctor for a check-up.
  3. Proper care for your eyes when wearing specific prescribe glasses.
  4. Clean your glasses.
  5. Add your glasses as an accessory for a more fashionable look.
  6. Always wear your outfit as comfortable as possible. 
  7. Be unique! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My First Payment from Google AdSense!

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. - Wikipedia 
In this post, I will share with you my journey to the first payment I received from Google AdSense.

I started blogging around 2010, it was never a serious thing for me. I was hesitant to put myself, stories, and experiences out in public, alongside with the reasons of not being accepted in the blogging community. Frankly speaking, the drives that pushed me to post my first entry up was to generate income. Back then blogging was the newest online platform where you can speak of anything you wanted to say, I have also read that through blogging you can earn. The practical side of me stepped-in and told myself that I will learn the how to's of blogging. 

I posted my first entry, taught myself how to navigate Blogger, continuously editing the look of my page according to what I wanted my readers to see. It was a continuous process. It wasn't easy especially when you are starting and learning the online world. I built my social media channels, I purchased my domain name under Namecheap and it is now running for more than two years, I applied for Google AdSense- this was my primary goal at first, I didn't know that my journey to getting accepted to Google AdSense platform will be that easy.  

My first GA application was November 2010, I was denied due to website content. I was never expecting it to be approved that time, I knew that my website under the subdomain of Blogger lacks everything. I just wanted to know what and how the application looks like. 

After five years of generating traffic, updating the posts as much I can, be visible on social media channels and gain friends online which helped me along the way in building my presence and my website. It was August 2015 when my Google approved and placed ads on bits-en-pieces. While it was generating ads already, I requested to Google the delivery of the PIN (Personal Identification Number), this is what I need for my mailing address I placed on my AdSense to get verified, which on their instructions will be delivered through the mail. I have reached the requests limit that took me around six-nine months. I never received that PIN. 
Another alternative way to get verified is to scan or attach an image of any billing document that states the same address in Google AdSense to your house address. I did that and received the verification after a couple of days. 

It was November 2016 that I started to get reports of my earnings, after 18 months to date, I received my first payment from Google AdSense!

Last month, around the end of April, my account reached the minimum threshold of $100 to receive payment. I did some research about the process of payment, and as expected, payment was generated 21st of the succeeding month. This morning when I checked my Google AdSense account and it prompted a generated amounting to US$103.72 on hold. I was expecting the verified amount until the 26th, but a few hours later I received an email that I can now claim my payment. 
To check the status of your earnings: 

  • login to your Google AdSense account - <Home>
  • check <Balance>, click <View Payments> 
  • under Transaction, click <View Transactions>
  • appears the <Detailed Transaction View>, it can be selected according to your needed details. 

For this current month, Google sent me a clickable link with details in securing my payment. 
I went to the nearest Western Union which was my preferred payment mode, along with the details such as:

  1. Sender's name-
    Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
    70 Pasir Panjang Road, #03-71, Mapletree Business City, Singapore 117371
  2. Western Union MTCN
  3. My name
  4. Amount of payment 
  5. Other details (types of identification needed for the payee to bring).

It took only ten minutes for Western Union to process my transaction. From US$103.72 WU deducted 0.31usd for the documentary stamp and converted the payment to Philippine peso. US$103.41 x Php51.63 (exchange rate), I took home Php5,339.38.

After eight years of my first knowledge about Google AdSense, I got my first payment! :) I am a happy camper with Google AdSense! 

Some reminders about Google AdSense earning platform. DO NOT violate Google AdSense rules by clicking your own advertisement and by asking people to click on your ads, abide by Google AdSense policy.