Thursday, December 7, 2017

How To Manage Hair With Hair Extensions

Every girl's dream is to have that beautiful, shiny, and easy to manage hair, well, with the generation we have right now, men also become vain about their hair for hairstyles. Every time we see an advertisement for any hair products, we are being attracted to purchase those products they are promoting, thinking that someday we can wake up one morning with that same hair as they have. 

Aside from having a beautiful hair that we can have, achieving the right length and style is a must; to be presentable at all times, go with the fashion, and be in the in-group. 

To be that specific length we wanted will take time, but with the trend of wearing hair extensions and different hairstyles, it's an easy-peasy thing now. 

Check out some human hair bundles that you can get at a very affordable price. And, you can create styles and thickness of what you need.

cheap human hair bundles

                                      virgin brazilian hair weave

What I really like about hair bundles is that I can get the texture I want, this can be worn every day and even for occasions that require adding some style to it like this batch of a kinky straight weave, or you can rely on some cheap human hair bundles when you are on a budget, but still looking and aiming for a quality brand.

How to manage hair with hair extensions?

  • Always make sure that before adding and wearing you extension you shampooed your hair and also your extension. Clean hair and adding clean hair extensions will make you look fab.
  • Store hair extensions properly. Proper storage will make it last longer.
  • Use products that are safe for both natural hair and the extensions.
  • Always pick the nearest color of hair extension to your natural hair color, so that it will blend perfectly.
  • Wear your extensions like you are not wearing anything. Be confident, because it looks good on you.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Party In Style with BestHairBuy Clip In Hair Extensions

With all the Christmas parties left and right, family reunions, and gathering, picking up or thinking on what to wear is a little stressful. Along, with the outfits to wear, what kind of hair do or style that goes stylish and glamorous for such occasion. 

When I attend a party, I always consider the kind of hairstyle I need. Basically, I can do my own make-up and along with it is I can DIY style my hair accordingly to what occasion. I always think that hairstyle should always go along with the dress your wearing and showing off those beautiful locks is a plus factor in the total package. 

But, I must admit that sometimes, typical and the same hairstyle can look so boring. Well, to add volume, color, and style I can rely on having and consulting an add-on with the strands of a clip in hair extensions. 

I have seen this website about the coolest and fashionable clip in hair extensions from BestHairBuy. The site offers a pre-Christmas sale of less 15% when you purchase clip in hair, hair extensions, and hair accessories. Using a specific code upon checkout. 

That's not all, it also offers tons of exciting freebies like sharing your photo and earns you specific points with it, subscription coupon code, invite a friend program and also the affiliate system which can earn you commission with every sale. 

Want to know what are my favorite picks from their site, these styles match my hair color and of course my personality! 

What I love about this style is that the look of the curls looks so natural and it will compliment my skin tone also the length of my hair will fit perfectly. It will cover up the part where hair thinning becomes noticeable. This kind of hair extension can do all the magic! 

For daytime events and gathering and still, you want to stand out from the crowd, straight, shiny and casual hairstyle will go perfectly with this kind hairstyle. The natural look of human hair extension that no one will notice that you are wearing one. 

Lastly, I also love this kind of style, wavy, natural looking curled hair. Seamless with style and color. This is the kind of hairstyle that we typically see in the Hollywood scene, I can see Jennifer Lopez wearing this hairstyle. When we go the hair salon, aside from asking our hair stylist of what kind of hairstyle is best., but sometimes we set examples of the celebrities hairstyle that we wanted to achieve and have it done to us by professionals. 

Hairstyle and color depicts one's personality, do you agree?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Make Cooking A Breeze This Season With These Nifty Kitchen Hacks


Bust food prep stress with these smart cooking tips.

What’s more exciting than gifts and Christmas carols during the holidays? The food and parties, of course! With Christmas just around the corner, the need to rev up our kitchens becomes even more necessary so we can catch up with holiday cooking demands.

For homeowners, however, the holiday season can both be fun and challenging, especially when it comes to preparing for all those potlucks and family dinners. So how do we cope? In times like these, it is important to start by making tweaks to your overall process.

Read on below for some smart cooking that can make your life easier this season:

1. Keep water from boiling over the pot.

This nifty hack will save you watching over your pot like a hawk. The next time you need to boil water for your pasta, put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot to keep it from overflowing. The bubbles of the water will get in contact with the pot and keep it from spilling over.

An induction cooker, which offers controlled and customizable cooking functions, can help make your life easier, too. Midea’s Induction cooker, for example, has eight cooking functions customized for different cooking needs. Use the hotpot feature the next time you need to boil water. If the water in the pot dries up or the temperature is abnormally high, the induction cooker automatically switches off or starts protection function.

2. Roast a whole chicken evenly.
Roasts are big hits during the holidays, but they are admittedly a bit tasking to pull off. The next time you’re planning to roast a whole chicken, make sure to add ice cubes to it before popping it in the oven.

Put the cubes on the breast part of the chicken, which is also the fastest part that gets cooked. Icing this portion will help cook the part slower to match the required cooking time of other chicken parts so you get a nice, even roast all over.

Roasting or baking goodies can be practical. Try Midea’s Gas Range, which is optimized for LPG savings in the kitchen. For only 4php per 30 minutes of baking, you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of Gas while preparing your holiday treat. This gas range also comes with a Fry feature, spending only 1php per 15 minutes of frying. It is perfect for the holiday season as it can accommodate the heavy-duty cooking with its large oven capacity. The Midea gas range is the best kitchen partner for Filipino cooking, especially during the holidays.

3. Fry well.

We’ve all had that desire to get our frying done by putting all of our meat pieces on our frying pans to save time. If you want tender, juicy meat, however, make sure to cook in batches with enough space between your meat.

It’s important to watch the stove temperature closely too. If the pan turns too hot, it will make the food lose its moisture and even cause oil to pop.

Midea’s induction cooker has a special fry function that can help guide you for starters, with customizable temperature if you want to adjust it. Moreover, you’ll never be afraid of frying anything again with its flameless feature that prevents common stovetop accidents like burns, fire, and gas leakages.

4. Cook sides of food evenly without flipping.

The next time you need to bake something, make your food cook evenly by popping your cooking sheet when you’re preheating your oven. This trick will heat up the surface of your cooking sheet, helping the food cook well without having to pull them out just to flip them.

5. Get crispy, deep-fried food every time.

For crispy, deep-fried treats, the trick is to make sure your oil is hot enough. You can determine this by dipping a chopstick into the oil—if there are bubbles around it, it is the right temperature. Make sure that the food is dry, too (pat it dry with a towel before frying) to keep oil from splattering once you dip into the pan.

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Midea’s Induction Cooker makes sure you get an affordable frying experience with its energy feature. For only 1php for every four minutes of frying, you can enjoy deep fried food this season without worrying about your power bill.

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In addition to these tricks, you can improve your cooking experience with the right kitchen partners. Midea’s kitchen appliances are designed with the busy homemaker in mind, making them the perfect choice for the holidays.


About Midea

Midea, one of the world's largest manufacturers of appliances, covers a complete range of products from electric kettles, washing machines, gas ranges, microwaves to large commercial air-conditioning systems. Thriving in over 150 countries, Midea has now arrived in the Philippines! Midea is also a part of Forbes Fortune 500 companies with a market cap of $31.5 Billion as of May 2017.

In partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), Midea's global strength in the appliance industry infused with CIC's Integrity, Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction give the world-class brand a better understanding of the Filipino's needs.


How To Choose The Best Logo For Your Brand

A business design such as the brand logo plays a major role in advertising your business, whether big or a startup company. 

A company's logo signifies the uniqueness and wholeness of its' brand. It can be a standalone promotion, that gives the audience that clear picture of what you are promoting and selling, along goes the brand's tagline, etc. A company needs to identify competitors, target market, and clients and how do you stand out with others.

How to choose the best logo for your brand? What are the items to consider in picking the best logo?

Choosing the best color

Color is the initial aspect of the brand. This is how the marketing people need to come up with to get the attention of their prospective clients.The consumer will perceive the color and correlates it to the brand. In choosing the color of the logo, the brand needs to their product that will place it on the market. In an individual sense of being, the color signifies the personality and mood. 
Sometimes, it goes the other way around. A brand will pick a certain color based on the meaning of it. For example, Red represents power, energy, and desire; Yellow as they give meaning to it as hope, happiness, and joy; Green for the environment, season and luck and can go on with the list of colors and their meanings. 

Right font for you

Identifying the right font can be tricky, one can go as playful with the font, casual and even to a more elegantly font type for a brand logo. This item needs to go along with the color that was mentioned above. Personally, I prefer simple and readable font type because it is easily readable and my audience doesn't need to decipher what is written. 

I am running a website for my blog and my logo design is made out of a collage of food pictures I have over the years. 

Bits-en-pieces is my blog name and it represents with tidbits of what I have in my life. But, having that for a few years now I am thinking of making a new one, giving it a new face and a new look. I might consider removing the images in the collage and stick with a simple and sophisticated text of my blog name. 

I am thinking of getting a professional service from a graphic designer or even get some useful tips online and create my own DIY logo design. There are a lot of graphic designers who offer such services like logo designs, brand designs, colors and such. I used a resource called How to Make a Logo and found it to help a lot with the decision-making process. A good example of an online logo maker is at Logojoy!

One thing is for sure, your brand or company's logo speaks solely to the public, so make it simple, concise and fun to look at and unique.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Utah A Place You Can Consider Home This Christmas

It's the first day of December, here comes all the holiday ideas, planning, and the happy cheer we all wish for. I don't know about you but when the ber-months sets in, that joyful feeling of Christmas goes along with it. 

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year? Would you indulge a week at home, laid-back, relax and peaceful? Or, would you rather spend it outside the country, visit friends and family abroad? There are a lot of options and ways to spend this merriment season, all you got to do is to plan, now before all flights are booked and hotels are full-packed already. 

No doubt that Christmas here in the Asia, specifically in the Philippines is the best celebrated. Due to the extended family, virtues, and traditions on how this glorious event is being held. And, it can be celebrated the whole month of December. 

But, given a chance to spend it outside the country, I would love to go to the United States. I can visit family and friends who are located in the different state, I would and eagerly love to explore Utah! You would ask, why Utah? Here are some facts and information for you to know more about what is at stake when you visit the amazing place of Utah. 

Utah! Where Ideas Connect. 

Utah vacations, why not? Utah a state in the west of the United States, considered as the best state to live in, from it's economic, lifestyle and health-related measures. It is known as a great geographical tourism place, a variety when it comes to nature, a dry desert which forms the perfect sand dunes which is one on my bucket lists to do this year! 

Utah’s hot spring and summer months (Apr-Sep) are a popular time for exploring the cities and national parks. Ski season runs Dec–Mar. Local events include the Sundance Film Festival in Park City (Jan-Feb) and the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City (Jun-Oct).

Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, a laid-back city which is sunny almost the whole week. Explore the city in a background of folksy with the richness of culture and heritage of the olden times being depicted with the surrounding architectures, theater, food and most of all the wonderful people of Utah.

Utah's climate is the perfect one for me, considering and coming from a tropical country, I can enjoy both climates, the breezy-winter season and the dry to an arid climate. Although minimal in the amount of fewer than five inches, vacationers can also experience snowfall, this is also of the reasons why this place hits the perfect place to go on vacation. I can bring light to heavy clothes and enjoy variations of weather. 

Sports and Recreations, The Great Outdoors, with four world-class ski resorts in less than hour away from Salt Lake International Airport. A lineup of canyons great for hiking, biking, climbing, and camping. My ideal activities to spend the holidays. Amazing nature wonders will surprise me with this breath-taking adventure that awaits me! 

Aerial tours, river rafting, ATV/offroad, snowboarding, canyoneering, fishing, museum visits, kayak, and snowmobiling.

Another venue that entices me to visit Utah particularly is the well-known geologic formations. Listing down below are the natural and amazing landscape, that was and still being formed by nature.

  • Arches National Park (Moab)
  • Bryce Canyon National Park (Bryce Canyon National Park)
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park(Monument Valley)
  • Corona Arch (Moab)
  • Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)
  • Cedar Breaks National Monument (Cedar City)
  • Island in the Sky (Canyonlands National Park)
  • Double Arch (Arches National Park)
  • Mesa Arch (Canyonlands National Park)
  • Wall Street (Bryce Canyon National Park)
  • Valley of the Gods (Mexican Hat)
  • Landscape Arch (Arches National Park)
  • Natural Bridges National Monument (Blanding)
  • Fiery Furnace (Arches National Park)
  • Wilson's Arch (Moab)
  • Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
  • Windows (Arches National Park)
  • Timpanogos Cave National Monument(American Fork)
  • Emerald Pools (Zion National Park)
  • The Wave at Coyote Buttes (Big Water)
  • Rainbow Point (Bryce Canyon National Park)
  • Thor's Hammer (Bryce Canyon National Park)
  • The Needles (Canyonlands National Park)
  • Checkerboard Mesa (Zion National Park)
  • Double O Arch (Arches National Park)
  • Sand Dune Arch (Arches National Park)
  • Gemini Bridges (Moab)
  • Peekaboo Gulch (Escalante)
  • Paria Rimrocks Toadstool Hoodoos (Big Water)
  • Queen Victoria (Bryce Canyon National Park)
Economy, Utah's booming economy boils down to its contributory factors such as mining, cattle herding, petroleum-based and oil products, as well as salt production. With this, oil companies emerge as it competes worldwide. 

Population (Age and Gender), the total population of Utah as a state is somehow and almost divided equally between men and women. 

Religion, Mormons or the LDS Church envelopes mainly the state's population. 
I do have friends here in my location which carries the same religion which I am familiar with. I always believe that one population should be ruled under the principle of the law of government and the law of religious beliefs. It goes hand in hand together as they promote unity in whatever aspect there is. 

Given all the ideas and information about the amazing Utah, I have added some of the things I needed and want to achieve during a specific stay. 

Bear Lake State Park makes me want to go this weekend already and enjoy the lavish and marvelous blue lake. The color reflection that makes the water looks almost blue in color is the limestone deposits. I can see myself camping out in this place and take beautiful photographs that are perfect for social media sharing. The amazing sunrise and sunset that I can capture using a timelapse feature would be breath-taking! 

This may not be the typical Christmas vacation for everyone, there is always a reason to do something different; enjoy nature, explore possibilities of life as we discover places that surround us. We just need to make time, save money and make it a reality.

How about you, will you consider going to place, spend a special occasion like Christmas away from home? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend.