Saturday, January 21, 2017

What Do Women Want On Valentines Day?

When my daughter asked me a few days ago, Mom since Valentines day falls on the 14th and payday doesn't come the next day does it means we don't celebrate Valentines day?
I was kind of surprised when she asked me that question, make sense in a way that she was being realistic and practical. I laughed for a bit and explained to her that Valentines day can be celebrated in the most simplest way and does not require to wait for payday. 
I guess that is how kids perceive Valentines nowadays. 

As I elaborate to her the sense of celebrating Valentines day as a kid can understand it, I am confident that she understood it very well. A part of her question made me think again. 

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Valentines day is a day of LOVE, whatever kind or type of love that someone can give to others. To all the women out there, here is a simple question for you.

What do women want on Valentines Day?

Here is a simple survey consists of eight questions that can help you choose and make Valentines day a simple and memorable one. The survey is provided to us by RattanDirect.

After answering the survey I know now what I want. :)