Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Add Extra Protection for your Face, Hair and Skin

When you start to age your skin will show unwanted marks and line, and to some the worst scenario can be skin breakage that can lead to infection. 
There was a part of my life when my face was covered with pimples and led to acne and this was during my adult life. I became depressed with my skin condition that time. Really our face skin can make a great impact on how we live our every day life.

I turned 42 last December and evidently my skin shows aging... the thing we all women are scared of. When I was younger my fear of turning 30 made me nervous but when I surpassed that number and years gone by, all I can think of is to maintain how I look, on how to present my self when I am out in public. I love and like enhancing my look by wearing make-up specially when I go for work. My skin takes a breather when I am at home and no plans of going out. Taking care of your skin can be handful. I know some can go to the extent that they spend the whole day in their bedroom infront of the vanity mirror or even go to skin specialist...if you can afford please do so. 

For me, I like to check on new products in the market or even skin products that I received or given to me as gifts and try it out. I always give faith to the brand and as long as it doesn't give my skin a negative reaction or sensitivity I will stick to it until the last drop. 

So for my added protection and aid for my skin and hair these are the products I am currently using. A couple of it are very new to me and I will give justice to the brand for a quick insight. 

Etude House Happy Time Cleanser Aloe Vera
I remember when I was a kid we have this large pots of aloe vera my Nanay (grandmother) grew. And, she always encouraged us to use the aloe vera to grow hair and it is also to aide natural shine to hair strands. So I am very much aware of what aloe vera looks like specially the scent. So when I opened the tub I remember my childhood.
Happy time cleanser can be use for make-up removal by massaging the cream all-over your face. Wipe it out with cotton balls or even a soft clothe. Rinse face after every use.
This can be use as an added help to remove make-up, I noticed that Pond's facial wash can't remove all that stubborn color from make-up specially on the eyes. But with this cleanser it works fine. You just need to be careful when applying near the eyes since it can get your eye red and watery. The cream is white in color and cold and smells amazing.
This was given to me by Ate Amy as a gift along with the Etude House #7 Every Month Cleaning Foam which I posted a review about my experience.

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water
Every now and then I tried to switch hair care brands and Pantene is always included in it. Having a long hair and maintaining the length for sometime now literally consume time. So every after shower before leaving the house I use this with two pumps of the product and apply it all over my damped hair from top to the tips, and make a bun until I reach the office to have it fixed. It can create a smooth and easy to manage hair specially mine. It has a mild scent too. The plastic bottle has a pump so you can regulate the amount you need. From the name of the product brand "Miracle Water" you can get the idea of what you can benefit from it. Some side-down of this product is the price. It is pricey to regular consumers who can't afford an extra hair-care brand along with their daily. This is my last bottle and I might not push to buy a new one for the price reason. I hope Pantene can do something about this and let the consumer enjoy the product in a little cheaper price. 

Neutrogena Age-Shield Face Oil-free Lotion
Is it just me or some of you hate sun screen? Not for the effective use of it but why does screen lotion lotion feels so sticky. Taken that we are in a humid country but sun screen can really puts you from confident feel to feeling haggard. But, we all need sunscreen for reasons! Protecting out entire skin from harmful sun rays that can cause aging and even worse is skin cancer. I am using this every time I don't need to wear make-up like going to the market on weekend morning or when I ride my bike passed the safe time to go under the sun. As what the product claims being an oil-free lotion it is still feels sticky, and makes my skin sweaty too. But, I still use it...thinking of the main purpose of protecting my skin to harmful sun rays. 
I got this tube at Royal DF shop a couple of months ago and it was on sale for less the 30%, that is why I bought it. 

So there you have it, my latest addition to my skin, hair and face products to aid and help protect my skin from aging. 
How about you, any new products you have been using lately and wanted to share experience? Drop any at the comment section below and I am excited to read it.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy the rest of the week! :)