Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome September! #ForgetMeNot
Forget-me-not, September birth flower
***photo from Wikipedia

Welcome September!
Time flies so fast that we are now on the ninth month of the year. Can you believe that the past eight months just passed by like that. For me those month were amazing. It was full of surprises, a handful of ups and downs too. Plus, everything was a blessing. 
As we now enter the "ber"months which most of us are excited specially here in the Philippines, were the tradition of Christmas spirit begins at this time. Last night when I was in the mall, one bookstore were displaying Christmas trees and some Christmas ornaments on sale. Everyone was noticing it and everyone was smiling. Don't we all love that Christmas spirit? 
Aside from it September is my Mother's birth month, my grandfather's birth month and the month he passed away too. This month marks a celebration and giving thanks for the lives of the people we have and we've shared in the past. 
What is September for you?