Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Am A Filipino, and I Voted for my President!

Yesterday marked another Philippine history, was Filipinos practiced their Right to Suffrage.

May 9, 2016, became a meaningful day to all Filipinos worldwide. President, Vice-President, Senatorial down to the local positions of every town and city were elected. 

I was one of the volunteers from our workplace in partnership in the field of IT with GMA-7, PPCRV, and Rappler for the 2016 PH Elections.

After the final brief on our assignment, I went to my voting precinct to cast my vote. Around 5:30 am, the situation in East Tapinac Elementary School was calm. Few people were in-line according to their assigned polling center. 

I was the first-four who waited for the polling center to open. Members of the BEI and PPCRV and local poll watchers started assembling the PCOS machine around 5:50 am. 
From there, voter's seats, pens, and Comelec sealed paper envelopes were placed in each seat. 
After the set-up of the PCOS machine, we were queued to enter the polling place. 

A member of the election team checked each voters name in the master list she has on the side of the table, upon checking she identified the each gender of the voters that passes. Next, was a Comelec officer has another master file printed with the name on the side was a black and white photo of the voter, that was printed from the Comelec registration along with the e-signature that was made during the registration too. From there the voter will be asked to sign in the box along the specimen signature from the registration months ago.
The voter was given the voters form, from which the voter will find a seat to make his vote by shading the circle beside the name of the candidates.

When I was casting my vote for the Presidency, I prayed in silence with my decision. I hope I made the right choice and bless him. 

It took me 5 minutes to mark and then proceeded to the election staff which is in charge of the PCOS machine. I feed my ballot into the machine and within a minute with a prompt message of the candidates I voted the machine accepted the ballot. An election receipt was printed and cut and was given to me to re-check then I folded and dropped the receipt in the box with Comelec seal. A person in-charge for assuring the voter was done with the process, dropped an indelible ink in my index finger for marking and I left the room.

Overall, it took me 10 minutes.. it was fast because the environment was peaceful and people left their home early to avoid overcrowding which that can happen during the afternoon. 

I left my voting center and went to my assigned voting center for the volunteer work. The election ended at exactly 5 pm. Here in the city of Olongapo, it was a peaceful election. 

We now wait for the counts to come-in and in a couple of days, we might know the new elected candidates who won. 

Did you vote yesterday? How was your experience? 
Hit me up a comment down below, thanks!