Thursday, January 7, 2016

BeautyMNL Holiday Free Shipping with No Minimum Amount

Again, BeautyMNL exceeded my expectations when it comes to prompt product delivery and also how well they took care of the product box packaging from their warehouse to my address doorsteps. 

Over the holiday season, there are a lot of online shopping sites that offered items on discounts, to a sale and even free shipping with no minimum amount of purchase. I was one of the lucky customers of BeautyMNL who offered this amazing all-in-one deal! 

BeautyMNL gave their customers to shop items from cosmetics, bath products, and even beauty tools on a discounted price plus free shipping anywhere in the Philippines with no minimum amount of purchase.

I made orders right away after I saw the deal. I searched and browsed through their catalogs and picked items that I needed, the most exciting part of online shopping!

From the items I ordered, four bottles of  Shokubutsu Hana 380 ml and one tube of Maybelline mascara placed in a personalized BeautyMNL box tightly sealed in cling wrap and the brand packaging tape and also the courier service packaging tape with added more to the already sealed box. It took me a few minutes using the tip of the scissor just to removed the outer packaging. 
When the box was exposed it is again sealed with the brand packaging tape as shown in the photo above. 
Now, for the unboxing of my BeautyMNL Christmas goodies. 

My BeautyMNL box came just about the time I expected. I made the purchase last December 28 and orders made during the holiday season especially on the last days of December were on hold because of BeautyMNL staff were on holiday break too. I think the packaging and delivery resumed last Monday, January 4 got mine today January 7.
Bath products like shampoo and conditioner to bath gels and bath soaps are one of my favorite items to shop online because it is our primary things needed at home. 
The inside of the box was tightly compact with crumpled paper so the items inside would bump into each other.  
I chose Shokubutsu Hana anti-hair fall shampoo that was a buy one take one deal. I got two bottles of  380ml for the price of one. I ordered two, that is about P60+ per bottle. Now, who wouldn't want this kind of deal, right? :)
Btw, during that season when you purchase any item from the store they give out this offer of a coupon for free facial which the customer can avail by presenting it at Greenbelt 5. I cannot use it because I am too far from the place...sayang! 
Although each shampoo bottles were sealed and packed individually with bubble wrap sealed with packaging tape around it... even the flip cover of the shampoo bottles were sealed properly. The other item is the new Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara in black, it was on sale at P199 per tube. Although I still do have my Lancòme mascara mini black in my office makeup bag plus the Pop Beauty twistable mascara in dark blue in my makeup dresser at home I still need a spare one. This Maybelline Volum' Hypercurl is perfect because two good reason I love the brand and I never have tried this before. 
Unwrapping each shampoo bottle took some time but I really did not mind, I did like how they took the time to wrap and seal making sure that the items will be delivered in good condition. 
These are the items inside my BeautyMNL holiday shopping with free-shipping covered. This is my third time to shop at their store and I am still a happy customer indeed!
Have you tried shopping from BeautyMNL last month? Let me know your experience by dropping a comment below. 

Thanks, BeautyMNL and see u again soon on my next shopping date.