Wednesday, October 28, 2015

On Dips & Sauces From Lea &Perrins Philippines

Dips and sauces are part of my grocery must haves. You can bring out the flavorful taste of your cooked meals by adding dips and sauces. Although, some of the brands in the market can be expensive and can hurt your budget, there are packets and sachets that you can try. And to my surprise, a package full of bottles of dips and sauces came yesterday. These are free bottles of sauces and dips!

Lea & Perrins sent us our prize from their Facebook contest last month and the pack consists of:
  • 1- 300ml Lea & Perrins The Original & Geniune Worcestershire Sauce 
  • 1- 150 ml Lea & Perrins Worlds Famous Brand Hot Pepper Sauce 
  • 1- 225grams The Original HP Sauce 
  • 1- 300grams Heinz Tomato Ketchup 
  • 1- Lea & Perrin canvas tote bag.
I think I just saved nearly around Php500 for these goodies from Lea & Perrins. 
Check out their Facebook page for more updates and contest which you can join and who knows you might win some bottles of goodness. :)

What is your favorite dips or sauce from Lea Perrins? 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Birthday Treat! Win $20 Paypal Cash WW or Php500 Cash or CellphoneLoad

My social media world surprised me with opportunities I could not imagine and last August 2015 I stepped a notch by purchasing my own domain name. 
Blogging became my official online diary and with my baby it opened opportunities and I know there are a lot more to come, just be patient and enjoy writing. My blog doesn't have much but I will be there, filling up all interesting stories of every bits and pieces the world can offer us. 

I am thankful to Mommy Blogger friends who introduces me to different groups of bloggers on different social media accounts I have. I was contacted by companies who offered me to do sponsored post projects which I am still working on, some were applications and got approved. I also looped 35 bloggers to work on a sponsored post and it was a successful one. If you are interested to work for a sponsored post check here  for details. I would be glad to assist you. 
Until this day I am learning every corners while I enjoy the fun and incredible things in blogging.

But wait, I will never forget the contest junkie in is still there. I won some good contest giveaways this year and received sample products that I shared with my co-employees and to my family as well. The blessings I am getting online is just over-whelming!

On this note, here is my birthday treat giveaway I am hosting for you and your friends can join. 
It's my Birthday Giveaway...woohoo! 

Win $20 Paypal cash worldwide or Php500 Cash or Cellphone Load.
I will send the $20 to your Paypal email address. 
or Php500 cash will be sent in a local courier or Php500 cellphone to any network. 

Giveaway will close a week after my birthday (Dec13) the winner will be contacted by email, posted here as an update and an announcement in Twitter. Winner need to reply within 48 hours. I will verify all the entries and make sure you don't unfollow social media accounts. 

Send in your entries in the Rafflecopter below. and hit me up with some birthday cheers? :D

Thanks for joining! :)

Foss Coffee To Go!

Coffee has always been a hit beverage for me and my son, as for my daughter sometimes I allow her to take a few sip just to taste and be familiar with coffee taste. 
There is a new coffee stall inside Harbor Point mall that named Foss Coffee. It's a to go coffee stall that serves ice blended coffee and ice blended cream.
All their blended drinks are priced at P55.00 each.
There was a line of people ordering for their drinks when we went there and we got our orders around 15-20 minutes.

We've tried the Caramel Machiato, Java Chips and the Chocolate Chips. 

All the drinks we ordered was too sweet to taste, specially when the ice melted. The coffee taste was just right, I was expecting more caffeine taste but the sweetness over powered the taste of the coffee. 
My kids did not finish the whole cup because they complain the same thing. 
I guess the time I visit the store I can request to lessen the sugar syrup if possible. 

Check out Foss Coffee
Harbor Point Mall-Subic
2nd floor of the Activity Center. or to any of their 60 branches nationwide.

***this is not a paid post, the drink was purchased by me. 

Surprise Pantene Goodies from Belle de Jour

Pantene #DoItAllHair #DoItAllBellaPantene's New Pro-V Core Active formula
penetrates deeper into the core and gives you STRONGER,SHINIER hair inside out!
With stronger, shinier hair from core, you can DO IT ALL.

I am a fan of Pantene hair care line, from shampoo to conditioners specially this Pantene PRO-3 minute miracle conditioner. It really works wonder and the tag line 3-minute miracle says it all. 
For the past several weeks I have seen this Pantene set all-over my feed on all my social media accounts with the campaign #DoItAllHair , #DoItAllBella.
Yesterday, I received a package and what's inside these lovely bottles of Pantene! 
  • 1-70ml Pantene PRO-V Shampoo
  • 1-75ml Pantene PRO-V Conditioner
  • 1-70ml Pantene PRO-V 3minute miracle Conditioner

I have tried and tested the product some the sample tubes and bottles I got online and also from my purchases from stores and supermarkets. 

Definitely a hair care line that match the Filipina and Asian hair type. Compared to other brand of hair care in the market, Pantene is a little expensive, their shampoo and conditioners can be bought in single sachets if you are in a budget. For this tubes I received it can last for a week, plus it came with a reusable white zipper-mesh bag. I am excited to again experience the miracle of Pantene. Thank you BDJ and Pantene!

Have you tried this Pantene hair care line, specially the 3-minute miracle? What do you love about it? Hit me a comment below and let's share experience with Pantene. :) 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Excessive Black/Noir Review

Opening a new brand of make-up always excites me, even more when trying it for the first time. 
My friend B from the US sent me a care package including a kit of Lancôme products. This includes Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Excessive Black/Noir. Since my Shawill mascara dried and died out already after several months of use, time to open a new tube. 
Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Excessive Black/Noir (4ml- 0.135fl.oz tube)

The brush is a little angled unlike the usual straight brush mascara. It also has a distinct smell which is very tolerable. The content is not to shiny and it is not so watery in texture.

Since, I have thin and short eye lashes (yep I was not so blessed with beautiful long eye lashes... poor me.), I always have a tube of mascara in my make-up kit, whether a full size mascara tube or a sample size tube like this one. 
Below are the photos using Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Excessive Black/Noir. 
(My first time to blog about mascara so excuse me for being a newbie.;)) 

Using an eye curler I applied a single coat of Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Excessive Black/Noir on top lashes and also a little on the bottom lashes. 
It glides smoothly leaving every strand of lashes coated. 
It dries up quickly and gave a thick lashes as a result.
I am impressed how it really gives instant full body on my lashes without flaking. It really works!
And the best part is that it never smudge and can be washed off easily by using make-up remover or even a simple facial wash. 
What do you think?

Have you tried using this product before? Hit me a comment below. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Metrodeal Live Your City for Less x Wendy's Baconator Vouchers

How do we love deals specially when it is food related?
Raising hand here! ;)
I love food deals specially when it is from our favorite restaurant or even fast food chain around the city. 
This is my third and fourth consecutive time to purchase food deal voucher at Metrodeal and so far I did not have any problem with it. At first I was hesitant in purchasing but no pain no deal right? :D
My recent was this Wendy's Baconator deal.
The meal was Wendy's Baconator with 16 oz. Signature iced tea and Natural-cut fries for P199 instead of P313. I got P114 savings on each voucher. And again, what's the best part? I paid my order vouchers using my paypal credits which I earned from my trusted earn money online sites. 
I got free food!

Ordered 6 Metrodeal vouchers for Wendy's. 
I chose Wendy's Harbor Point Mall for the branch.
I purchased right away because the voucher can be use that day too.
The redeemable dates are from October 12-31st. 

From time to time I visit and check out their latest deals.
Register and create an account and they will send you emails with the latest deals they offer. 

My second Wendy's food voucher purchase at Wendy's Harbor Point Mall. 
I presented six copies of print out voucher from my account in Metrodeal and presented it to the store. The manager at Wendy's is always accommodating accepting vouchers, they don't ask for anything else aside from an identification card. 

The food was great, my kids enjoyed the burger and also my brother and parents.
And, with the discount I got I couldn't ask for more.
It's Free! 

*** Update.
Purchase two more vouchers and on queue for use before October 31st.:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim Samples From EverydayMe.Ph

I received another sample from EverydayMe.Ph and this time it's the new line of feminine pads from Whisper. 
Whisper Skin Love™ Ultra Slim Day/Night.
3x More absorbency, with soft air dry cushion. 
The sample consist of two pads with a silk-pink color reusable pouch with the brand name on it. The handy pouch can be brought anywhere when you travel and for emergency use. 
  • Unique Odor Control Molecules
  • Only 1/3rd the thickness with magic gel that absorbs 40x its weight.
  • Soft Air Dry Cushion for soft cushiony comfort
  • 3x more absorbency -locks the fluid deep inside.
I love the powdery scent of the napkin, it smells fresh and clean. Although I am not a fan of this brand, I will try and maybe I can get a good experience when red days comes to visit. 

Register at and get sample products you can try on before purchasing, and all samples will be delivered to your doorsteps for FREE!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Will I Not Consider In Buying Another Samsung Appliance

With the modern technology we have such as telecommunications, entertainment and home -living comfort and leisure are just one click away. It will vary on what brand will you trust in getting that service you need depending on your lifestyle.

Imagine life without the comfort of not having a working or owning a refrigerator with stocked frozen food, cold drinks and even block of butter to use as a spread?

Me and my kids are experiencing that right now, I cannot cook right! 

Last March 2014 exactly 19 months from today, we purchase this Samsung 2-door refrigerator after scouting different brands in market. Abenson's Harbor Point gave us the best deal that time. Also, the design was sleek and modern and from my thinking that this brand Samsung can last years and years of service. But I was very WRONG! 
Btw, my first fridge lasted 9 years with no defect and it was sold as used but in good condition. 

Samsung Refrigerator  2-door Model RT22FARBDSA/TC
Purchased March 15, 2014.
at Abenson's Harbor Point Mall
Amount P17,500
"with 2-year warranty on parts and services
10-year warranty on the digitalinverter compressor"

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

Last October 3, I did my regular market day every weekend and stocked up food in the fridge. The usual frozen food to fresh food items, vegetables and milk plus some dairy products that will be consume for the rest of the week. Excluding some cooking ingredients I have inside.  The next morning Sunday October 4, I noticed the freezer temperature is not that cool than the usual cooling temp. And some of my frozen items starting to melt. I thought maybe it's the weather. Until the late afternoon which the cold temperature got lessen even more.

We informed the store (Abenson's Harbor Point) where we bought the ref they demanded for the receipt of purchase for the warranty. At first they were hesitant to credit us the warranty told that it was only for a year... meaning it lapsed already. A Samsung rep in that store acknowledged the two-year warranty. Literally, I only have 5 months left to avail the said warranty.

October 7, two days after the unit was reported in Abenson's, a couple of repair men from New Dans Olongapo (Samsung branch repair service) came to our house to check on the fridge, with a note on their job order stated : Physical condition- Freezer not cooling, Findings: With LEAK UNIT SCITED FOR PULL-OUT. 

Contacted New Dans the next day telling us that the defective part was ordered in Manila but they were informed that the part they needed is not available. So we were given an option for repair or for replacement. 
So the waiting game started here. 

October 14, Joyce of New Dans requested for a photo as an email attachment of the serial number sticker on the side of the unit. I provided the photo after office hours when I got home and texted her to kindly speed up the process. 

October 15, 5pm. I called New Dans again and asked for an update. Joyce told me that the email was forwarded to Samsung Head Office and they are the one who will call me and their decision is up to them. Will it be a replacement of unit or a refund. I asked for the refund condition. Joyce told me that she thinks that if in case the refund condition will be applied it will be less the amount the unit has been used. This is NOT acceptable on my part. (Parang luging-lugi naman ako nun!). I asked Joyce on where can I reach Samsung Head Office and she instructed me to look for the toll-free number in the job order form copy we have. I called the hotline and talked to the customer service, with a limited information she can give me she assured me that a personnel from Samsung will call me within 3-5 working days. 

October 16, mid-day. A call from Samsung HO called asking us to decide if we want to refund or to replace. 
I don't want a replacement anymore because I don't trust the brand up to this date, I want a refund but they cannot answer the refund process which was I asking. I want to get the FULL amount for refund. 

October 16 lunch time, Mr.Roman of Abenson's was asking us why we contacted Samsung HO first (as if they were blaming us for that action we made) I told him that I was referred to Samsung HO because Joyce told me that I can make a follow-up there. Mr.Roman was telling me that their store will decide and they have a unit exactly the one we purchased and they can replace it. He will contact New Dans to facilitate the replacement. 

October 17, Saturday morning. A call from Samsung HO by the name of Mr.Jojo was received. Now, informing me that the defective part is now available and unit is for repair. I told him how inconvenient the situation for me right now and the after sales customer service is so POOR. 
I asked for the time frame on when and how will the repair will take place. After our conversion he will called up New Dans regarding the repair and he will call me back for update. The assurance was given but the call was not made. (now, that is what you call an assurance huh?)

October 18 no call from Samsung HO. 
October 19 I called up New Dans spoke with Joyce , informing me the part will arrive today or Wednesday. 

I am the one who keeps on asking for update which irritates me even more. 

Up to this very minute WE DON'T HAVE A WORKING REFRIGERATOR! 17 days now and still nothing, We are caught in the middle with no options and the warranty service is running down. 

Do not go for the sleek and modern design, visit product reviews and as a customer I demand for a good service. I will NEVER BUY any SAMSUNG Appliance again... their service sucks 101% 

If you were in my shoes will you buy this brand? 

*** Update: 
October 20 The unit was pulled-out by technicians from New Dans. I requested for them to take care of the unit specially it does not have any scratches. From my conversation with Joyce of New Dans it will take anothe 3-4 days to repair and check if the system will work properly. 


October 21, 5pm. The unit was returned to us after replacement of the whole system including the compressor and everything else. I hope with all the replacement and the hassle that it gave us and to me personally the motor will last for years with no problem. 

Still I am not satisfied by this brand, If only we were given a refund of the whole amount of purchase I will accept that and buy another fridge with another brand. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

‘Tis the season of giving and "gift-ing" at SM Supermalls!

A merrier and longer Christmas awaits all of us as SM Supermalls
spreads the season of giving and joyfulness through its "Merry SM Christmas 2015" campaign that will run from
October 1, 2015 until January 10, 2016.

With gift-giving or "gift-ing" as our main campaign message,
gift boxes will be the inspiration for our mall decors
and holiday centerpiece displays across all malls nationwide.

Click here NOW to visit our #MerrySMChristmas2015 microsite!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Join Wyeth Nutrition and Mercury Drug's GIFT OF 7 AT 70 Promo!

Join Wyeth Nutrition and Mercury Drug's GIFT OF 7 AT 70 Promo! 

Text the keyword of the day from October 15 to November 14 11:59pm and earn a raffle entry. There will be 5 winners in the monthly raffle draw to receive P3000 worth of Mercury Drug Gift Certificates. What is best with this promo is that NO need to purchase any items! 

Watch out for the lucky keyword of the day in Mercury Drug's Facebook page and text in using the sample text format. 
Type the keyword<space>region<space>full name and send to 0917-819-9384 [81WYETH] or 0918-819-9384 [81WYETH] or 0922-819-9384
Regular text charges will apply depending on yhe senders subscription plan. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Yena's Kitchen, The Newest Kitchen In Town!

Tired of the same fast food meals with the same taste? Are you out of options on where to dine in the busy city of Olongapo? 

Check out the newly opened Yena's Kitchen

Yena's Kitchen soft opening set of choice meals ranges from P45.00 to P165.00 ($1-$3.50) with drinks. They serve value meals like:
  • Chicken Ala King
  • Chicken Teriyaki Korean Style (picture below)
  • Crispy fried chicken
  •  Katsudon
  • Tonkatsu
  • Lumpiang Shanghai 
  •  Fried siomai all served with special gulaman drinks. 

Short order dishes are the exciting dishes to try out. 
  • Out-size taco ( Yena's specialty)
  • Pancit guisado with a twist
  •  Potato chips with variety of dips
  •  Korean spicy ramyun. 
Drinks and other beverages such as house blend Iced Tea, Special Gulaman and soda in cans are available too. 

Soon they will offer breakfast, all you can eat snacks/lunch/dinner and mixed cuisine.

Yena's Kitchen Specialties.
Out-size taco (Yena's specialty) P120.00
Craving for tacos? You don't need to go far to satisfy your cravings. 
Perfectly spiced creamy ground beef taco filling with crispy taco shell combined with crunchy veggies tossed with handful grated cheese... just perfect!
Chicken Teriyaki Korean Style P79.00 with drink.
Crispy in the outside juicy in the inside. Chicken breast fillet teriyaki topping rice is the perfect on-the-go meal. This chicken teriyaki korean style is yum!

Photos of Yena's Kitchen to follow. :) 

Yena's Kitchen 
located at 1770 Rizal Avenue
East Bajac-Bajac Olongapo City
for inquiries: 09434628079

landmark: the kitchen is beside Petra and Pepita Salon. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles Using Red Lipstick Technique

Ohh...the dreaded dark circles around your eyes that goes with ageing. 
I came across this article from Good HouseKeeping , and I tried it. 

The red lipstick technique to get rid of those dark circles around your eyes including those dark blemishes and dark spots from chemical and physical cause. 
Collage photo of the before and after the red lipstick technique. 

Please forgive my no make-up, no-filter and not so good looking morning selfie! 
(Another photo of not so-good selfie up next... haha!) Few years back dark spots started to appear around my cheek bone, on the side of my nose and some on my forehead. The genetics plus the ageing which we cannot stop by we can slow it down.
For this red lipstick technique I used my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Wine with Everything  No.525. I rarely use this shade it is almost full. This is my first time to try this technique so don't hate please. 
The next selfie- it's not even Halloween i know... apologies! haha.
Using my extra make-up brush I blotted the area around my eyes including the dark spots, pimple marks and even dark spots all over my face. I did not go drastic as because frankly I do find it weird to blot my face with red lipstick or lipstick around eyes. At first it looked like I am painting my eyes with clown-make up but it really works wonder. 

After a thin layer of Revlon 525 shade, I applied Etude House BB cream cotton fit with spf30 covering the entire layer of red lipstick and I did my usual morning routine make-up. This video by Deepica Mutyala explains everything about this technique. You can check the full version of what I was trying to copy. :)
Eyebrow: Crayon-touch Me, Avon 12-in-1 eye palette, Shawill mascara in black.
Cheek: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess soft matte bronzer.
Lips: Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by Colorsensational  REB06
My no-filter selfie after the red lipstick technique. I can say that it worked.. just to practice more to get the perfect blend and use concealer next time as what the professional beauty vloggers advised. I need to work on next time those puffy eye bags for another beauty hack edition here on bitsenpieces.  
Thank you for reading.

'til next

Monday, October 5, 2015

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I like 'em both actually. I am a self-confessed coffee lover. The aroma of the coffee is my spirit booster. I love the smell and most specially the taste. I think I got my coffee addiction from my father. When I was in grade school I learn how to mix and blend his preferred instant coffee taste ( a kid barista from the past lol! ). I can sleep through the night even I had cups and cups of coffee the whole day. ( a little trivia there!).

In today's post, I am featuring this Nescafe French Vanilla RTD 200ml pouch. Manufactured by: Nestle Philippines Inc. Cabuyao, Laguna. 

I was expecting a much stronger coffee taste with this Nescafe French Vanilla, but the vanilla taste over powered the taste of the coffee. It is more creamier that what I expected. I guess the taste was affected because this product is about to expire. Check the below photos. 
The ingredients labelled at the side: Water, Sugar, Skimmed milk powder, Coffee creamer, vegetable oil and more. It also has milk protein and Nescafe Coffee powder, Artifical and nature-identical flavors, Stabilizers and emulsifier, etc. 
Nescafe French Vanilla RTD coffee was bought at 7-Eleven convenience store. I got the Nescafe French Vanilla RTD pack paired with a hotdog sandwich at P49. If you buy it in single it is price at P24 with a savings of P4. 
I guess that's why they included it in their breakfast combo with a few pesos less because it is almost expiring. See best before stamp in the photo. 
Nescafe claims that each 200ml of Nescafe french vanilla ready-to-drink coffee contains energy 98kcal , 4% RENI.  
Have you tried this blend of coffee from Nescafe? Did it suits your caffeine thirst? For me, it did NOT. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

It's the SM 3-Day SALE at SM City Olongapo!

Starting to day October 2,3 and 4 SM City Olongapo is up for another customer treat! 
It's the SM 3-Day SALE! Mall hours 9am - 12mn of Oct 2 and 10am-11pm of Oct 3-4 you can get as much as 70% off discount on selected items. You can also win a brand new Suzuki Celerio for every P1,000 shopping accumulated amount. 

Good Morning Zambales, Bataan and Olongapo!
Get ready to shop non-stop starting TODAY at SM City Olongapo's 3 Day Sale. Enjoy ADDITIONAL 10% OFF during the 2 Hour Special at The SM Store Olongapo, Ace Express and Watsons and 5% Discount at SM Appliance Center.
See you all at SM City Olongapo smile emoticon‪#‎SMCityOlongapo3DaySale‬

Since my daughter is due for a new pair of sneakers and she eyed for this pair last night. I bought her this World Balance rubber shoes it comes with a free pair of black shoe laces. We got a total of 20% less the amount from the sale and using my SMAC card.

I also got a pair of Chelsea wedge black office shoes and my coworker got her pair of Chelsea nude strappy sandals. We got there two pairs for only P399 buy 1-take 1 shoes. 

If you have some budget and wish to buy something grab the chance to score some items with a few less of the original price, and might win some prizes too!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Beautiful Me with Olay!

Two weeks ago I checked on What Tina Loves - BDJ and Olay giveaway. I joined in and I was one of the lucky girls who will enjoy these Olay Beautiful Deep Moisture with Honey + Olay Total Effects 7in1 Day Cream. 

How confident are you? Confidence can really take a big toll on someone on how you present yourself. With the busy schedule I have all I want to do when I get home and done finishing my Mommy duties with the kids and at home. All I want is to take care of my skin and body. I always anticipate a good bath to cap my day. I love using body washes and Olay has always been one of the brands I dearly love. In my bath my corner of body washes varies and my usage depends on my mood. 

I started using Olay Deep Moisture body wash last night I enjoyed every bubble from the loofah and the scent from every scrub. The fruity and honey scent combines makes it so sweet to smell. 
And with Olay body wash it has SPF 15 makes your skin protected from harmful sun rays when you get yourself expose to sun. 
My skin was moisturized after my bath that i don't need to apply body lotion after. 

I will be editing this post for my personal take on the Olay 7in1 Total Effects Day Cream. 
I hope all my co-winners are enjoying their Olay stash and the mini-white mesh pouch that comes with beautiful Olays.

Thank you What Tina Loves and also BDJ! 

PAUSED PROJECT: Looking for Bloggers for Sponsored Post!

Update: To date 21 Bloggers got paid, thank you for your support. This campaign still up and going. Kindly READ on the details below. :)

***Paypal payment proof 

Hello all! I am looking for bloggers who are willing to do a sponsored post for a client of mine. I got paid writing for them and I am sharing this opportunity to every one who loves to write and also earn some money for their work. My friends and other bloggers got their projects yesterday and payments are on queue already. Check the below for details:

  1. Website with Alexa Rank of less than 10million are welcome to apply.
  2. Website with first class-domain name is a must.
  3. Home, beauty, pet, decors and kitchen tools are the products for writing. 
  4. Minimum of 300 words total.
  5. Linking to social media site is a must.
  6. Average of  $8-$30 blog post. (client will assess your website and make an offer)
  7. For PAYPAL payment after 3 days of approved work submission.

I will be sending the template for the blog post ( product links and product categories) through email. 
If interested loop me with an email at [], subject: Sponsored Post, also indicate your name and location plus your website URL on the email text.