Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim Samples From EverydayMe.Ph

I received another sample from EverydayMe.Ph and this time it's the new line of feminine pads from Whisper. 
Whisper Skin Love™ Ultra Slim Day/Night.
3x More absorbency, with soft air dry cushion. 
The sample consist of two pads with a silk-pink color reusable pouch with the brand name on it. The handy pouch can be brought anywhere when you travel and for emergency use. 
  • Unique Odor Control Molecules
  • Only 1/3rd the thickness with magic gel that absorbs 40x its weight.
  • Soft Air Dry Cushion for soft cushiony comfort
  • 3x more absorbency -locks the fluid deep inside.
I love the powdery scent of the napkin, it smells fresh and clean. Although I am not a fan of this brand, I will try and maybe I can get a good experience when red days comes to visit. 

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