Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Birthday Treat! Win $20 Paypal Cash WW or Php500 Cash or CellphoneLoad

My social media world surprised me with opportunities I could not imagine and last August 2015 I stepped a notch by purchasing my own domain name. 
Blogging became my official online diary and with my baby www.bitsenpieces.com it opened opportunities and I know there are a lot more to come, just be patient and enjoy writing. My blog doesn't have much but I will be there, filling up all interesting stories of every bits and pieces the world can offer us. 

I am thankful to Mommy Blogger friends who introduces me to different groups of bloggers on different social media accounts I have. I was contacted by companies who offered me to do sponsored post projects which I am still working on, some were applications and got approved. I also looped 35 bloggers to work on a sponsored post and it was a successful one. If you are interested to work for a sponsored post check here  for details. I would be glad to assist you. 
Until this day I am learning every corners while I enjoy the fun and incredible things in blogging.

But wait, I will never forget the contest junkie in me...it is still there. I won some good contest giveaways this year and received sample products that I shared with my co-employees and to my family as well. The blessings I am getting online is just over-whelming!

On this note, here is my birthday treat giveaway I am hosting for you and your friends can join. 
It's my Birthday Giveaway...woohoo! 

Win $20 Paypal cash worldwide or Php500 Cash or Cellphone Load.
I will send the $20 to your Paypal email address. 
or Php500 cash will be sent in a local courier or Php500 cellphone to any network. 

Giveaway will close a week after my birthday (Dec13) the winner will be contacted by email, posted here as an update and an announcement in Twitter. Winner need to reply within 48 hours. I will verify all the entries and make sure you don't unfollow social media accounts. 

Send in your entries in the Rafflecopter below. and hit me up with some birthday cheers? :D

Thanks for joining! :)