Monday, January 5, 2015

And We Are Back + Congratulations to my Birthday Giveaway Winner!

After a couple of weeks on vacation and the festivity of the Holiday season ended... we are back! 
It was a difficult Monday morning for me and my kids and I know to some of you guys, the late night sleep and waking up late in the morning just ended. But I am very much thankful that we were able to spent time with the family and friends. How did you celebrate you Holidays? Dami bang gifts na nareceive? :)

Also, my birthday giveaway ended weeks ago but I have been busy with lots of things and I had no time picking up the winner on-time (sorry!).
To start the Monday right here the announcement for my birthday giveaway.
I will be sending you an email for the shipping of your prize.

Congratulations! :)

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(PM bitsenpieces with your contact details )
*** another winner was picked due to non-compliance.