Saturday, January 4, 2014

MOM 24/7 2014 Planner

Yesterday I got a text from Manong guard that a package was waiting for me here at the office. My Mom planner from The Mommy Journey  which was my prize from her blog giveaway several weeks ago came at the right time. 

My lovely Mom 24/7 planner with psychedelic print.

I was so excited to browse all the pages of the planner and checked on the birthdates of my family members on which day it fall to. 

Another nice thing about this planner is has this several discount coupons which a Mommy can avail and purchse item with discounts. 
I have a co-worker that is preggo right now and gave her some coupons which she can use to buy at SM malls or even at Harbor Point mall. 

My girl started to doodle art on some of the pages 💖

I am just happy right now with my Mom planner... Thank you Ms.Christine of The Mommy Journey!
Happy New Year to all.