Monday, January 6, 2014

M&M's Chocolate Varieties

How much do you love chocolates? From the simple chocolate bits and bars to the most luscious variety of chocolate, I confess my love for chocolates! 
Chocolate can cure my negative vibes and can always lift up my mood when I am not feeling as great as a Sunday morning breeze. 

Over the holidays which was totally celebrated with family and food, we got some bags of M&M's... Yep so common is the chocolate brand right? What got me excited was the variety of M&M's. 
First up, 

M&M's mint! 
This is a minty variety of M&M's each piece is a bit larger than the regular size pieces of plain M&M's (sorry forgot to take picture of the inside) :)
The assorted shade of green coat is where the excitement of minty taste flavor can be discovered with the usual chocolate taste of M&M's inside. 
This got much the approval from all of us.

Second bag,

M&M's Raspberry with dark chocolate. 
The nicest color! Assorted raspberry shade coated dark M&M's chocolate was a hit!
We love how the raspberry flavor plus the dark chocolate combined. Though the dark chocolate was mild and subtle to taste. I was expecting a more dark chocolate flavor from the first dib but it wasn't. 

Last and final bag,

M&M's White chocolate candy corn bag
We opened this one yesterday, the yellow and orange color can bright up your senses but the flavor inside was not too exciting. Since it was a white chocolate for a M&M brand this is something new for us. Assortment of orange, white and yellow candy coated white chocolate which is the same color as the cady corn treat can be seen inside with almost the size of the regular M&M peanuts pieces. The white chocolate is not that good as the usual brown chocolate we are use to. After a few pieces the bag was kept in a ziplock (guess for later consumption hehe). 

Over all having the most likes from us... M&M's raspberry in dark chocolate holds the first place, next is the M&M's mint then last is the candy corn variety.

Have you tried these varieties yet? Do we have the same taste?

***My views is solely personal, no compensation was made.