Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cookies Bear Cookies

Last grocery shopping we discovered this pink flower pouch bag which contains bear shape butter cookies inside. So dainty is the packaging and the best part of it is it only cost P27.50 at Puregold supermarket. 

Pink foil pouch bag contains 70 grams of butter and chocolate cookies. 
Product of Thailand. 

My girl who loves cookies and chocolate gets so excited by the look of the bag and what's inside the bag. 

Cutest bear shape for snack while doing her Kumon Math. 

The cookie is not too sweet... It also has this smell of baby formula powder and it's crunchy!
I would buy this again once we do our grocery shopping this weekend. 
Have you try this product yet? 
Oh wait it's almost the weekend... Time just passed by and we are done with our holiday vacation. 
Have a good TGIF everyone.