Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boy Bawang Puto Seko- ( rice cookies )

Yes! You read it right.. Boy bawang product name has a new variety of snack that I discovered last weekend. Bought a pack for my daughter's snack and she refused to bring it to school. I guess the name Puto Seko is not a hit for her. 
Boy Bawang Puto seko (30 grams) and cost around P6.00 in the grocery. 

The twist of having puto seko ( rice cookies ) in a foil pack plus in chocolate flavor is really new to me. I was used to having that puto seko wrapped in a white japanese paper and sold in our school canteen. ( travelling back to time). 

I am surprise how light and how each cookie melts while you munch it and how the sweetness is just right. I will check it next time if they have a bigger bag because i liked it. 

I tell you check this one out on your next grocery shopping. ;)