Thursday, July 11, 2013

Choochoo Cake pies

It is my first time to have a taste of this ChooChoo choco cake pies with vanilla fillinh by Lemon Square.
Single pack contains two pies and you can buy it in 10 packs per bag. This is actually my kids favorite and I sneak a pack :).
The taste is quiet good, the chocolatey feel and the taste it's a thumbs up for me. Although a pack is a bit "bitin" I could have enjoy two or three packs for a snack.
I know now why my kids love this brand of choco pie, i sometime see them having it as a dessert after dinner.
Good job for Lemon Square for adding this variety to their line.

A bag of 10 pack cost about P55-p60 depending on the grocery shop you will buy it. We normally go to Puregold Harbor Point Mall.