Thursday, July 25, 2013

Philippine Red Cross "Every Blood Donation is a Gift of Life"

A month ago I contacted the Philippine Red Cross Olongapo Chapter to ask for an update regarding the upcoming Blood Donors campaign and I was able to get some posters and invitation letter for us here at work to join and participate in the said event.

After my room to room campaign dissemination I was able to encourage some students and co-workers who committed their willingness to donate blood.

Today, July 25,2014 was the day of the blood donation at the Olongapo City Convention Center across the Philippine Red Cross Olongapo Chapter.

Hundreds of people lined-up to participate, including people from my work. I was supposed to donate this year but due to some technicalities I was not qualified this year, maybe next year... depending on my hormones.

A certificate was given to all who participated and a photo souvenir at the PRC Blood donor photo booth and also some snacks were given too.

Too everyone who participated Kudos to all of you... for saving someone's Life that in need of blood!

Good Job Philippine Red Cross Olongapo Chapter and to Chairman Dick Gordon.