Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pork Sinigang using Del Monte Tomato Sauce

Before I got off work yesterday I planned on what to cook for dinner, and since it was a bit cold and gloomy Sinigang is the best dish we can have last night and also it is our old time favorite dish.

I bought a kilo of Pork Kasim( back portion of the pig).
1kilo of Pork Kasim cut into cubes, boiled in rice water wash until tender with the onion cut in
quarters P170.00
1 large piece of radish P21.00
10 pieces okra P5.50
KangKong stalks and leaves P9.50
1 large red onion P6.00
4 pieces finger chilis P6.00
1 pack Knorr Sinigang mix with gabi (taro) P18.50
1/2 cup Del Monte tomato sauce P10.00
salt and pepper to taste.

When the pork cube slices become tender dumped in the radish, next is okra, the chili, and cover. Lastly, pour in the sinigang powder mix and the tomato sauce then the salt and pepper. Then last is the kangkong stalks and leaves and cover, remove from heat and viola dinner is ready. Paired with steaming white rice with pandan.
Total expenses: P250.00 good for 8person.

A new twist from the traditional way of cooking, experimenting is cool especially when you can get something healthy out of it. My kids enjoyed it even more and knowing they get the rich and benefit of lycopene... I am a happy Mommy.

Try using Del Monte tomato sauce in every cooking dishes.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Greenwich Full Pan Lasagna Prize

A couple of weeks ago I received a notification on Twitter about me winning in the RT Greenwich twitter post of Annalyn.net.

I am one of the three lucky twitter winners who re-twitted the Greenwich Video tweet.

The message said that I won a full pan Lasagna from Greenwich. Informing the text message that I will be claiming the prize at their store in Harbor Point mall yesterday.

Upon the coordination I made with Mr. Kael we had the lasagna for dinner last night. A full pan size of Greenwich Lasagna Supreme cost about P749.00 and it was good. The taste was yummy although we had it ordered ahead of time, the pasta was a little cold. Full pan size can serve 8-10 people. My kids enjoyed last night's dinner, which made me happy.

Have you tried Greenwich Lasagna... did you like it too?


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My day with Caronia Kwik-Dry Cuticle Conditioner

Hi there!

Today I am posting about this awesome beauty product I have and been using for more than months now.
It's the Caronia Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner. This small bottle of beauty goodness can bring glorious beauty nail care for just a single drop.

A couple of days ago I removed my tan shade nail polish and decided to give my nails some rest to breathe and left it unpolished. This morning after taking a shower I saw my nail beds all of them were dry and flaky. The not so beauty situation!

Here comes the Caronia Cuticle Conditioner, a single dip in the solution using the brush can moisturize all of your nails. The liquid solution is like an oil-based solution with no smell, no stingy feel, very light and works fast. See the before and after photos for comparison.

A 30ml bottle of Caronia Kwik-Dry Cuticle conditioner cost P44.95 in the market, but this one I got for free as a prize in one of the giveaways I joined.
So cool!


  • Very useful for a nail care
  • economical
  • handy
  • no mess