Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm still on the mood for my weekend... I can't believe it ended so fast!
As always my Saturday was divided with work + attended to my high school batch reunion preparation meeting. We were invited by Doc Bryan over his place for lunch.

high school batchmates

the super yumee avocado shake 
(think i had 3 glasses of that... :9 )

After wards I proceeded to KFC Rotonda and attended the general membership meeting with my camera clubm Subic Shutter Club, Inc.   
For the first time I was late... :/
went home and then Saturday was over....

Sunday: need to wake up early to prepare for the FPPF Orientation. Yep, I will be a student of FPPF guru's for the past 5 weeks of Sunday of July. EXCITED MUCH! 

Monday: I lack of sleep, but then again i am so thankful for today! I got to wake up with my kids next to me.. Them went to school and I was not late for work... I had time to change my nail polish.. from blue to nude Ashley I like it! 

Happy Monday to all! :)