Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend at Caban gone!,Zambales

It was a rainy weekend getaway at Cabangan, Zambales. A planned weekend escape at Ej's place, A house at the countryside with swimming pool and nature overload. We left the city at 1pm with the not so good weather to think that this weekend was supposed to be a summer fun with the group. We hit the road and arrived there before 3pm-ish. We stopped by this bakeshop to buy some pandesal

_the photo was actually the 2nd batch of Pandesal + putok we bought 100pesos worth.

_our house for the weekend, check out the pool at the backyard... <3 wee!

_We decided to walk late the afternoon and check out the Beach... it was raining and cold brrr...

_chooks along our way.

_hanging fish nets, trying to dry up or rinsing out with rain water?

 _photo by Maky Meru
_the creaking bamboo bridge we crossed, I was so brave at first but when I felt the shakiness and how the bamboo squeak that you would think It will collapse any minute, it made me think and shout to back out. haha.. It made me perspire like it was my last perspiration ever! lol.. Thinking the water was 4ft deep (what's up with that huh?) Tom was strapped on my neck + i was holding him dearly. So, this was the end of the bridge. It was a success!

_finally after a few minutes of trek we reached the seashore, it was so foggy and cloudy.
_photo courtesy of Dong Andres

_strong waves due to high winds and bad weather condition.
 _photo by Dong Andres

_we stayed there for a few took some photos and went back home... again, we need to cross that bridge again. haha!                                    _photo by Dong Andres

_the next morning BRUNCH! ang sarap! you can say that you are Human once again ! 

_the backyard treasures... :)

_the "8" shape pool that served as our playground that morning.. weee that was FUN!

_finally our sumptuous lunch! yumyumyum!