Monday, August 1, 2011

FREE: Mc Cafe coffee at Mc Donald's

Get a free 8 oz. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee from August 8 to 12
at any McDonald's breakfast store from 4:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Be on the lookout for the McDonald’s crew who will distribute the coupons in selected offices, universities, colleges, terminals, churches and even outside the McDonald’s stores nationwide starting August 5!

1. Present the "Free Coffee" coupon at any McDonald's breakfast store from
4:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., from August 8 to 12 to get an 8oz McCafe Premium Roast Coffee.

2. Only one (1) 8oz. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee can be claimed per coupon.
No purchase requirement.

3. Coupon will be surrendered at the counter upon redemption of the free coffee.
Redemption will be within the promo period only. No coupon, no free coffee.

4. Promo is available for Dine-in, Take-out and Drive-Thru only.
Not available for any McDelivery service.

5. Coupon cannot be used to upsize/upgrade a drink of any value meal.
6. The free coffee is non-refillable.
7. Coupon is not exchangeable for cash and/or other McDonald's products.
8. McDonald's reserves the right to refuse redemption of coupon if it was found to be
tampered with. Only original coupons or McDonald's issued coupons will be accepted.

9. Only one coupon can be redeemed in a single transaction.
10. McDonald's reserves the right to replace the free item printed on the coupon at its
discretion without any prior notice. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Meatshop at Monterey

Coupons! Who wouldn't want free stuff and discounts, especially Mommies who need to stretch their budget. Well here is a good deal from Monterey... (click on the link for their FB page)

I used up the P50 discount coupon.
I got half a kilo of Longganisa

+ Country Style Tocino

*thank you to the staff of Monterey-Olongapo for assisting me and they gave me more coupons! 
Go visit your nearest Monterey Shop! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My new gadget from MINISTOP

For about half a year now, I am so fond of joining online contest most especially blog contest... and thankfully it's getting paid off... with a surprise. A month ago, got a call from  representative of Ministop informing me that i won...(omg!) as always.. haha... A Sony Cybershot camera (omg!) Grabe ang saya! So, introducing my newest toy/buddy in my photography world ...guys meet 'ONY! 

14.1mp it comes with a 4gb SD card (cool!)

black + shiny + the camera case

much smaller than my cellphone - so handy! (ganda-ganda!)
>>don't u think?  =) 

I am so lucky to have 'Ony with me... will take photos from him for my blog post. 

Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm still on the mood for my weekend... I can't believe it ended so fast!
As always my Saturday was divided with work + attended to my high school batch reunion preparation meeting. We were invited by Doc Bryan over his place for lunch.

high school batchmates

the super yumee avocado shake 
(think i had 3 glasses of that... :9 )

After wards I proceeded to KFC Rotonda and attended the general membership meeting with my camera clubm Subic Shutter Club, Inc.   
For the first time I was late... :/
went home and then Saturday was over....

Sunday: need to wake up early to prepare for the FPPF Orientation. Yep, I will be a student of FPPF guru's for the past 5 weeks of Sunday of July. EXCITED MUCH! 

Monday: I lack of sleep, but then again i am so thankful for today! I got to wake up with my kids next to me.. Them went to school and I was not late for work... I had time to change my nail polish.. from blue to nude Ashley I like it! 

Happy Monday to all! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

My 11 people for KFC Sogood Contest

If I were given a chance to make 11 people feel sogood by giving them each a bucket of KFC these would be them:

1. Mama - my Mama would be my first in the list. No one would go being the first in everything except for my Mama. She loves to prepare food for us her kids and Apo's. Even all of us are grown-ups and some have their family of their own still she still cooks for us, her "masarap na kare-kare, sinigang and adobo" In return, my 1st bucket is for Her. Love you Ma! 

2. Joel - my 2nd KFC bucket would be for him. When I was pregnant with my eldest he was the one who was with me until I gave birth. I can always rely to him especially when I need assistance like, when i bought a new air-condition unit he helped me with the installation. Right now, he was laid off work and still waiting for a call for work abroad. He can share the bucket of KFC with his wife May and my nephew Dwyane. 

3. Louckaz Edward - my 11 year old nephew. He is now at Grade- V at Saint Anne Academy-Olongapo  who was born with a Moebius Syndrome ( ). He underwent leg surgery to correct his club foot when he was around 2 years old. We were praying for him to learn how to walk and with God's grace he is now. Although not as perfect as other kids, facial paralysis and symptoms of the syndrome is very recognizable. But for us he is a perfect kid, who loves to eat fried chicken at KFC. He will feel sogood if he can get a bucket of KFC from Ninang Agnes :) xoxo

4. Olive - my friend and my kumare who migrated to the United States last year with her 3kids. After a long wait for her Immigrant status from her mother in the US she finally got it last year. It was a big adjustment for her when she arrive there. It was a rough time, looking for a job and taking care of her 3 kids. She's still on the process of looking for a job and it would make her feel sogood If i can send  her a bucket of goodness. I miss having tequilla with her! :) fun times! I miss her so much!

5. Henry - works in Manila, He would go crazy if I can send him a bucket of goodness from KFC. Henry is the person I can always contact when I need help If I need to pick up a prize from the online contest winnings. Last prize he got in my behalf was the Listerine gift pack from Glenn Ong's Listerine Challenge. Henry is a great hobbyist photographer too! I owe him ... a bucket of KFC to be exact... :)

6. Hannah - my batchmate and my kumare. A truly trusted friend. during high school days we weren't that close. We smile and nod at each other and that's it, not until we got to see and spend time end of 2005. We became close and became kumare's with her daughter. Every morning she sends me an inspiration text message to start my day with. We both live here in Olongapo , although we don't see each other very often, we know we are always there for each other. I always pray for the success of her Human Heart nature franchise business. And it would be so nice to text her that i will be sending a bucket of KFC to her. :) 

7. Luzy -  my online friend for more than 3years now. She is working in Singapore and came from Iloilo. Since then I haven't met her. We talked over the phone, chat over facebook or sometimes in yahoo messenger. We always laugh everytime we talk especially when we update each other regarding lovelife. A sogood feeling  if i can finally meet her and give her a bucket of KFC for a perfect meet up.

8. Subic Shutter Club Family - my photography club here in Olongapo-Subic Zambales. We celebrated our 1st year last month. It was a group formed because we Shoot as a hobby, we Share amongst others our talent and knowledge when it comes to taking photos. we Care to people and to Mother Earth.
 ( )

9. Kanawan Kids -  Mid last year we joined this contest for the KFC Krushers over facebook. Luckily we (SSC family) bagged the 3rd place. It was a "like" contest which we had a hard time, we were so newbie about this like contest nevertheless we were very grateful with the winning. We received P5,000 for it. And we decided to donate it as a feeding/outreach program. After weeks of planning with the group, we came up with. Outreach program for the Kanawan Kids in Morong, Bataan. It's an Aeta village situation in an uphill mountain. We contacted KFC the 5K in cash was converted to KFC food for 100kids + KFC doubled the food amount we got from the contest, San Miguel Philippines sent cartons of Magnolia juices and bottled water. KFC marketing staff travelled from Manila to Subic just to join us with the distribution of food. They arrived here in a bus load convoyed with some of their personal mode of transpo. It was a successful outreached program, and it was our FIRST. It would feel sogood If we can visit again and give them a bucket of KFC, although a bucket wont be enough for the whole village , a single family there which I met last year would be happy to get one from me. =)  Here is the link to the photos of the Outreach..( )

10. My kids - Angel & Mariel, a no-doubt avid fan of KFC chicken. My daughter Mariel loves the leg and wing part, my son Angel loves the breast part and he likes it hot and spicy. They love the gravy which they mix over their rice. They prefer gravy over ketchup. A feel sogood moment If i can get to tell them that I will give them a bucket of KFC. ohh excited much! haha! 

11. Anthony - my high school batchmate who also migrated to United States last year. I remember one time we were chatting about food, how he misses food from Pinas. He just had dinner that time and it was KFC chicken, and he complained.. "walang gravy ang KFC dito, kakainis, hindi katulad dyan sa aten pwede mong isabaw ung gravy! huhuhu"  I felt sorry for him, he is missing alot!!!  hahaha... I wonder why walang gravy and KFC chicken sa tate? hmm... It would feel sogood  if I can send him a bucket of KFC with tons and tons of gravy with it.

Honestly I had a hard time making my list, I wanted all my family and friends to receive a bucket of KFC. After 3hours.. of trimming down the list ... here is my 11 people... whew! Now, I am hungry... haha.. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend at Caban gone!,Zambales

It was a rainy weekend getaway at Cabangan, Zambales. A planned weekend escape at Ej's place, A house at the countryside with swimming pool and nature overload. We left the city at 1pm with the not so good weather to think that this weekend was supposed to be a summer fun with the group. We hit the road and arrived there before 3pm-ish. We stopped by this bakeshop to buy some Pandesal

_the photo was actually the 2nd batch of Pandesal + putok we bought 100pesos worth.

_our house for the weekend, check out the pool at the backyard... <3 wee!

_We decided to walk late the afternoon and check out the Beach... it was raining and cold brrr...

_chooks along our way.

_hanging fish nets, trying to dry up or rinsing out with rain water?

 _photo by Maky Meru
_the creaking bamboo bridge we crossed, I was so brave at first but when I felt the shakiness and how the bamboo squeak that you would think It will collapse any minute, it made me think and shout to back out. haha.. It made me perspire like it was my last perspiration ever! lol.. Thinking the water was 4ft deep (what's up with that huh?) Tom was strapped on my neck + i was holding him dearly. So, this was the end of the bridge. It was a success!

_finally after a few minutes of trek we reached the seashore, it was so foggy and cloudy.
_photo courtesy of Dong Andres

_strong waves due to high winds and bad weather condition.
 _photo by Dong Andres

_we stayed there for a few took some photos and went back home... again, we need to cross that bridge again. haha!                                    _photo by Dong Andres

_the next morning BRUNCH! ang sarap! you can say that you are Human once again ! 

_the backyard treasures... :)

_the "8" shape pool that served as our playground that morning.. weee that was FUN!

_finally our sumptuous lunch! yumyumyum!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Selecta Hershey's Collection : Reese's Peanut butter cup Ice cream

Summer is so IN right now.. anything to give u relief would do good! A tub of this super yummy indulgence is one of the thing you cannot resist. I would love to have one of this again sooooon... maybe today??? photo credit: Dong Sernda

... yumyumyum!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Slimmer's World Int'l- Ms. Bikini Philippines 2011

I was tagged along with my Photography friends last tuesday April 12, 2011 for the Ms. Bikini Philippines 2011 @  Resort World. It was my first time to cover and shoot an event like that. 
Sharing  you photos I took. 

Congratulations Ms. Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes from Olongapo City.
Ms. Bikini Philippines 2011
you can visit my facebook album page for more photos. ( )